Volume Profile Trading Examples – How Do You Use Volume Profiles?


In this video we want to show you some ways you can use Volume Profiles to make better decisions, manage risk, and study markets. This is one of our most requested videos from everyone here on Youtube. We hope this helps you get started with Volume Profiles.

More importantly, we want to hear from you in the comments below: how do you use Volume Profiles? Feel free to share your videos or articles to help others.

Remember – there is no such thing as something that works 100% of the time in markets. It’s more about studying, backtesting, and creating a plan that helps you achieve your goals. These tools can do that. They can also unlock new insights and improve your decision making. In addition, risk and reward is an essential component of markets and hopefully volume profiles help you express more patience and set better entry and exit points.

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Responses (45)

  1. Can't we volume profile in free?

  2. You are not explaining what volume means. And why does chase volume? Does this volume indicator show the short positions taken too?

  3. Could not find the volume profile, but on the web version it is now located at "indicators" , "Built-Ins" and then at the top you will see "volume profile" , cheers and thanks for this vid!

  4. What is interesting about this video is that if you look back from now (2022), you will see that the price in this video (Jan-March 2021) did fall back to the high volume profile area of around 117-119 before running back up. Great video.

  5. Thanks a lot, that's very inspirational!

  6. How do you know wjen to buy or sell

  7. Thank you for the video. But just because there is high vol at a certain price, doesn't tell you which direction the market will go.

  8. Hello
    I can't find volume profile in my trading view indiocator's list
    where could it be?

  9. I use VP to find quality Supply & Demand ZONES.
    Do You guys plan to add a Supply & Demand Indicator in the future?
    Very Good video, thank you for making and sharing!
    #Trading #TradingView #Stocks #Futures #FOREX #Crypto #TA

  10. volume profile is not available on free plan of trading view rigth?

  11. How to decide / when to look at, what range of chart to look at? D / W / M ?

  12. what are the yellow and blue bar mean?

  13. That guy makes among the clearest and valuable videos on trading on youtube, even if he's working for the software.
    One really has to swim through garbage upon garbage channels on youtube, the most valuable like this one having not yet 4000 likes a whole year after published….
    While stupid, main stream videos for the ignorant internet troll make 400 k's….

  14. Would you plz introduce more resources about how to professionally trade with volume profile?

  15. thanks tradingview

  16. Why don't you explained what is the statistical or mathematical approach behind that. You just talk about strategy.
    And always remember fun or entertainment never could be the education.
    I have a question How many of you starts making profit using this so called strategy?

  17. thanks for all the info. i just want to say that, if you have explained what is different from standart volume it would be perfect. but i learned how to use it, thanks a lot!

  18. I'm having a hard time looking for the same version of VPVR you use, also, what would be a good setting for this indicator? thanks.

  19. can we have a delta footprint chart?

  20. thanks for the insight.. game changer

  21. Can we use this on lower time frame like 1-5-15 minutes??

  22. Is it a pro version tradingview?

  23. a very good educational video on volume profile,thanks

  24. What is the meaning of yellow and blue colour in volume Bar?

  25. Could someone pls help which charting software and data feed is the best way to see forex order flow and volume profile information? MT4-5 and Tradingview volume info is useless because
    indicators show only the tick volume, but I would like to see the real data. thx!

  26. Sorry maybe a stupid question but I am looking out for this indicator and cant find it. Is it only for premium customers? Anyone knows what I am doing wrong?

  27. Great detailed explanation

  28. You're awesome now understand much better. Hope you also indicate the take profit should place. Thanks

  29. Hello! Is there any posibility to have Sesion Volume HD placed on the right side of the chart( close to the price range) like is Visible range volume? If I have Session Volume HD on the right it's one on top of the other, price bars with Volume.

  30. Amazing video thank you!!

  31. Wow excellent, this is a video with a precious treasure, really really thank you very much

  32. One more comment. Wait for the trade don't chase you don't have to trade. A. You'll feel better about the trade. B you've increase your your profit potential. Stop loss? i personally never show the market my SL. But it will be outside the where everyone is placing them. I'm always risking max 1% so I'm using a 1 to 3 risk. Again a sensible video which I will share to my young guys

  33. Use vwap with time and sales and you have a powerful edge. Good video will share this with my young guys thanks

  34. what is yellow and blue color represent in vpvr ?

  35. Thank you for video

  36. I'd probably ladder my bids down from 115, all the way to that gap and then place a stop just below it 👍

  37. VP is a cloning version of Market Profile, honestly. It's not original idea..
    Didn't say it's not good, it's just a cloning idea

  38. The best! Hope it works constantly

  39. wj.gats the difference between the yellow and the blue?

  40. Thank you for video but I didn't get a point, It would be great if you can explain me . as you know we can see the price volumes only for a specific broker so if I'm not mistaken we can't view the price volumes for other brokers, considering this, how we can use this strategy to make a better decisions in the forex market? thank you

  41. Please let know what does actually yellow and blue candle indicates in volume profile…..

  42. so is it right that with this, we'll be able to know where the "big fish" buy / sell in stock market?