Voters think Boris Johnson should resign


A poll has found that more than half of people want the Prime Minister to resign.

YouGov asked 5,931 British adults whether Mr Johnson should quit as PM.

56%: Yes
27%: No
17%: Don’t know

Sky’s Deputy Political Editor Sam Coates looks at what the data really tells us.

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Responses (44)

  1. I thought 100 percent of poeple would of said yes to his resignation.

  2. Whatt Public is saying must be produced and used factually by the MEDIA NOT HERESAY… !!!

  3. Personally think they should call another vote. Who did the vote, who voted and where has these figures come from?

  4. But don't forget the sir was also having drinks etc as the same time as Boris and co .

  5. The tories strategy for elections seem to be get rid of the previous PM, put a new guy in who no one voted for, so when they inevitably call for an early election, they can claim that they are gonna come in and fix the disastrous state of the UK right now, even though they have been the ones in power for twelve years.

  6. Some of the trash comments on here suggest problems way outside the scope of Westminster!
    But, I can assure that the adults asked by YouGov were not representative of those who voted for Brexit
    and do not want a Socialist government at any price!

  7. The public think Rupert Murdoch is a criminal.😆

  8. Will it be 20 24 think so

  9. Any one ends would of got arrested for having a party..Boris saying it was a work event..
    What a joke

  10. I'm going to be honest I think he should stay beacuse he has been punished by haveing covid but he also didn't rally kill someone even if he had a party the people who got covid could have got it from somewhere else not in downing street and boris Johnson should be suspended or fined

  11. Get Harold Saxon in charge

  12. If Theresa May was still PM Corona would've probably ended last year or we would've got lockdown rn
    Secondly if Boris didn't make Theresa May resign because of Brexit and saying he'll make the United Kingdom better and if he didn't make Allegra Stratton lose her job because of the Christmas party that wasn't socially distanced we wouldn't have voted him to resign

  13. So, who do these people think should be PM?


  15. Boris Johnson will never resign. Rather than resign, he is ready to take the risk of leading the Tory to election defeat than to resign.

  16. Resign and hire a stylist…..

  17. Just wondering how many people are in occupations that would result in dismissal if caught lying repeatedly? I would have been sacked by my regulatory body years ago even though I was in charge of my own business.
    Just like George Orewll's Animal Farm "Napoleon is always right." In this context – it's Boris.

  18. No need to resign..why happens 2020..your the best and suitable PM of other..only politicking

  19. Boris says “DO AS I SAY NOT AS I DO “ .

  20. prime minister's Boris Johnson enough stress out moments running current entire country university credit fed
    Upper hand.every evening downing street party gets away without liar Boris Johnson enough stress out telling living staying at home region prime minister's Boris Johnson left leaves Dowling street government boring guide coviid running current entire country message about government telling the Queen region miniter Boris Johnson left leave also leave downing street from catherine marie Susan Carrington

  21. Bet Theresa May having a little smile to herself this morning.

  22. Good morning nothing should happen it was 2 years ago FFS just drop it

  23. My view is if he's not gone by February we should have an election and let the public decide on this Nero Like PM.

  24. Sadly Boris Johnson's level of common sense and phenomenal degree of audacity and inconsideration for others is so bad that he was becoming delusional into thinking he could live at Downing Street permanently for free at the taxpayers expense! Yeah right, on your bike Peppa Pig, oh look here comes Tiddles the tortoise removals sitting outside the front door!! And with that the music got turned off and the party came to an abrupt stop!
    THE END 🐷🐢

  25. Hi Yes Boris Johnson should resign and other MPs should do the same

  26. Hi Yes Boris Johnson should resin and other MPs should do the same

  27. Who really care most of the country and most of parliment did the same around that time, the only people who care is the media and labour who have orchestrated and blown this all out of proportion.

  28. This seems a lot of nonsense. The public are terrified that there are anarchists in Great Britain trying to ban diesel engines and all the Government can talk about is a party

  29. Absolute fools for listening to this bafoon and the mainstream media from day 1.

  30. He should resign!! He is embarrasing look at the state of him looks like he has been dragged through a bush compared to other countrys prime ministers, absolute tramp.

  31. Boris resign please for the sake all those people who does

  32. Paint fumes did it! ….🖕

  33. Am I a yes, no or maybe if I think the whole lot of them should be taken out and shot and the government permanently dissolved?

  34. Mean while Boris at a hospital while he is selling off the NHS to the Yanks.

  35. Time has run out Boris .. Resign .

  36. Get rid of him been worse since they should get someone from the public who's legit and understands how everyone has been

  37. Only absolute idiots would expect him to resign.
    No one would have done any better with the situations he's had to face.
    So what they had a drink or two! No one can stand up and say they've followed every single bit of covid guidance from the start! People have abused the financial benefits put on by the government, and 99% never stuck to all the rules! We forget these are people too.

  38. mrs may will never do that

  39. What's this talk of resigning? He should be in prison!!!

  40. Shock horror

  41. All governments are corrupt and in it for themselves, look at Blair etc he needs to go NOW and everyone else who has attended parties at no 10….I can't believe the arrogant buffoons who are running this country, what a grovelling nitwit….my pup could do better and he's more loveable….