Warren Buffett: Buying Bitcoin isn't Investing


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Warren Buffett: Buying Bitcoin isn’t Investing


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Responses (47)

  1. Cheongfx

    I work with a cryptocurrency investment company where you can invest a minimum amount of $200 and receive 5% every day for 7days and you can withdraw or re-invest.

  2. Sirius Black

    RIP to a very important person in my life

  3. Work Is Optional

    It’s the greater folk theory

  4. Gilly Puente

    Fuuuuuu*k cryptocurrency.

  5. Darren Jackson

    Sorry Buffet but every thing we own or invest into we are hoping that the person comes along and buys it for a higher price. It’s called making money.. like when Buffet sells his company will he sell it for less or more. 🤣

  6. All I gotta say to this guy is even a broken clock is right twice a day. If you’re against every emerging market you’re bound to be right. But flounders like Microsoft and Bitcoin will be remembered

  7. I’m buying more BTC.

  8. ricky revis jr

    So this is how the stock market works as well correct? Hoping the next man will pay more for the piece of the company we purchased… wonder why Buffet is so against crypto?

  9. zuri art

    Pure ignorance BTC uses GPU's for mining which is a commodity just like a "farm" he thinks its just digits added on a computer 😂😂

  10. Blake Williams

    I think the next guy will pay more for it because of its brand, P2P utility, and continuous upgrades to its network. I understand crypto currency and know why I own it. It’s not an investment because it doesn’t produce anything, sure. But, as a technology, and as a currency, I understand it. It’s to be used. It doesn’t exist to produce. I think BTC is useful for anyone with an internet connection. I’m just waiting for the world to realize how transparency(blockchain) in currencies is needed + a strong brand.

  11. Jonathan Rivera

    That was before staking and defi. You can generate income from the interest.

  12. Proxcrypto

    Guess he’s never herd of staking 🤷‍♂️

  13. Tucker Bearden

    This is true unless your crypto is being traded and bringing profits regardless of highs or lows

  14. zack alvey

    Crypto and nfts are just new wave pyramid schemes they only work if people keep putting money into them and they only profit when more people are convinced to put their money into it.

  15. He has no idea what he’s talking about lol it’s so funny

  16. matt bond

    We’re evolving, times change I can’t tell my kids how I was brought up and expecting them to do the same it doesn’t work they are growing up in a different time frame. Well done to you Warren for making sound investment in your time 👍

  17. liyans1

    He doesn’t see the future of crypto. That’s okay, he won’t be around for it so is not willing to bet on the long term future of it. He’s done brilliantly for himself in the economy the way it was during his time so kudos to him but I don’t think that means he knows for sure about the future of crypto.

  18. Asking him about crypto/technology, is like asking your great great grandfather about the internet

  19. King Kek

    In bull markets, even monkeys get amazing returns and think to themselves that they are geniuses. We’ll see who is left standing when the next recession and crash hits. Buffett is 91 years old, has seen multiple crashes throughout his lifetime, and remains undefeated.

  20. Horsti Δ

    Many people here discussing bitcoin

    All he is saying is that you should invest in something that gives steady returns and growth and not something that fluctuates and is prone to build a bubble.
    And Bitcoins success relies on it forming bubbles over and over again and always stopping the fall before it gets below the starting point.

    The modern stock market is nolonger about investments. It is about predicting bubbles and buying low selling high.
    Traditionally it was buy and hold and the real trick was predicting where to get the biggest growth in the shortest time and sell when the growth sloes down and reinvest your winnings into a stable stock for the future.

  21. Delio Agostinho

    He misses Google, he missed Facebook, he missed Bitcoin, why whold i lissen to him?

  22. rich man

    He’s right

  23. Dave Mariash

    And u ?


    I can't imagine this man is 90 years old
    .still speak like 30 years young man and energy… someone says correctly health is wealth

  25. M. von Hollen

    BitCoin is only accurate accounting.
    All countries currencies are laughably inaccurate and backed by military might.
    Accurate recording, just like with digital music, once experienced, …
    there’s no way the world will ever go back to the Buffet-Biden 20th century system.

  26. Glenda Black

    Joe is criminal and chief and the so called Democrats are organized crime and

  27. Awec Ballwin

    Value is perception. This guy can’t predict what a new generation will place value on.

  28. Juggie Bonebrain

    Apartment house, not department house.

  29. Well if you make money out of it… You are right anyway..

  30. Christopher Bachman

    It's called speculation…
    Like options…
    Can you leverage buy crypto?

  31. Except Crypto isn’t an investment. It’s a store of value that the government and banks do not have dominion over. If crypto is an investment, than so is the dollar, which produces nothing and yet WB holds billions in fiat that loses value year over year. So he is 1000% incorrect. He hit the lottery with coca-cola, that doesn’t make him infallible

  32. HealthVidsPnoy

    Bitcoin is not an investment. It's a scam 😂😂😂

  33. Warren oh warren. You never understood tech and never had a say on it but recently. You seem to be an expert but you aren't. He invested dozens of millions in apple after saying his whole life I don't invest in stocks some backroom shit going on here. Don't trust buffet and don't trust his investing advice anymore he's not a player anymore the world is changing in the market and he doesn't understand modern assets that are far superior like Bitcoin

  34. J Michael1837

    He made a ton of money old school and will not like change that alters the way he paved which is no longer king. He also hated the internet

  35. 泰德熊原版泰德熊原始人985

    Warren Buffet: Im Worth


    Respect but I think he doesn't understand block chain tech and crypto related to it….

  37. Uttam Gala

    Respect you sir but times are different today. Markets are just a representation of human psychology. People think very differently today than they did back when you started investing and technology has come an unfathomably far.

  38. Mike Garrison

    People like this man are buying Bitcoin en masse to ensure they make trillions once you realize that it's worth more than your currency.

  39. Micheal Leo

    Since the day I started flipping with you, I know I’ve changed a lot that really helped me to become a better person inside and out. You’re one of those reasons why I’m always trying my best. Thanks you so much you know I appreciate in so many ways.

  40. Lucas Miller

    Thanks for this amazing video. Online investments and trading have really helped many people achieved FINANCIAL FREEDOM, although many also had losses due to lack of knowledge and self trading. I recommend Maria Martinez for anyone who wishes to make huge profits from investing. She is selfless and reliable.

  41. Maxtreme

    Warren Buffet is perhaps the world's greatest investor. However, bitcoin is very divided amongst billionaires with billionaires like Elon Musk and Zuckerberg holding bitcoin and Bill Gates and Warren Buffett who oppose it.



  43. Crypto isn't about creating wealth, its about protecting wealth.

  44. Christian H

    All markets crash

  45. 3KBS Channel

    Thank you so much. Finally a man who hasn’t sold his opinion for some money


    I love cryptocurrency, but he has a good point😂

  47. Christopher Abbott

    He never heard of staking