We Sent The FIRST NFT to SPACE! | (PFP World's First!)


Back in May 2021 the Incognito team had a dream of sending the first PFP NFT to space. Together with the Sent Into Space team, we made this dream a reality. Our goals with the INCOGNITO project are far beyond space, this is just the completion of stage 1 of this amazing Incognito journey. #GoIncognito

We would like to thank the entire team over at for their great work.

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Responses (49)

  1. Was this event before dr Sian proctor piloted inspirational 4? Because she took a bunch up with her and circled the globe for 3 day's some PFP,there was a NFT auction after she landed that raised 500k for st Jude’s,and I don’t even think she was the first.you sending one into space is great but doubt looms over being the first as you claim.

  2. Well, you're not the first actually. That's an errant claim.

    Ultimo GG was the first:

  3. what a project ! i'm glad to be incognito

  4. to the fkin moon…… literally wow

  5. People ask when moon? This !!!!!!

  6. Wow this is sick

  7. Ultimo did it first, but this is a cool video, congratulatins!

  8. ULTGG was first and this seem like a mislead title

  9. That's f*cking crazy. Congrats to the team and the project; love the art, love the community, love everything!

  10. Next stop?! Moon.


  12. Sorry boys and girls ULTIMOgg did send a NFT into space on July 15 11.16am BST…that makes you 2nd or 3rd because there is another… something with a minidoge coin or something…..👋 stay safe!

  13. https://youtu.be/x1crQu7MMjo Ultimogg was the first NFT in space in July – have a look at the link here 👍

  14. Cool video! But seen it before, ULTGG did it first 👍

  15. 2nd nft to space. Look cool but ultimogg did it couple months ago

  16. BEST NFT EVER 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

  17. ultimogg came first, you guys made a very similar video.

  18. Ure kidding me, lol. Copycats. That's, who no.1 https://youtu.be/x1crQu7MMjo

  19. Lol, Ultimogg was first to send it NFT to space in July 2021. Copycat, hahaha

  20. You're not the first NFT in space. UltimoGG released an nft into space in August.

  21. Sooo sick congrats to the whole Team of dynasty and sent to space! The Quality of this Project is amazing. So glad i am in Board of the Mission to moon!

  22. AMAZING!!!! So coool. ICON to the MOON. Great job team, pioneering your way into NFT space travel!!:D:D:D:D

  23. 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

  24. i saw u @jakepaul

  25. Wow this is huge… ICON TO THE MOON🚀

  26. bro wtf….. this was so damn wicked ………………………………. damn incognito pushing the limits

  27. Why would you do that xD

  28. Coolest thing I've ever seen in the NFT Space!


  30. To the fucking moon, pioneers in NFT space

  31. TO THE MOON 🚀