What are NFT’s (Explained in 10 Minutes) | How to make money from NFT’s


What are NFT’s? This question is asked by many in this era of blockchain and crypto currency, NFT’s are relatively new phenomenon and because some NFT’s sold for insane amount of money , many want to invest in them. In this video, I will tell you What are NFT’s and How to make money from NFT’s.
Crypto art, digital art or nft art is explained in 10 minutes in this video. So Millionairo, here it is non fungible tokens explained for you people

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  1. GFX RaVeN

    What Bout halal Haram?

  2. #Learn_4_Life


  3. Amana Raja Rehman

    sir second part of creation of these nft samj ni aya…..🤔

  4. Manglo Twins


  5. Manglo Twins


  6. Kashmir

    Bht hi sada ilfaz Mai btaya..

  7. Follow Islam Official

    دنیا میں 206 ملک اور 4200 مذہب ہیں لیکن اللہ نے ہمیں دین اسلام اور محمد صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم کا امتی بنایا الحمدللہ

  8. Javed ahmed

    Thanks for your precious time Azad bhai main 3,4 baar video dekh chuka hun lekin samajh bilkul b nahin aayi

  9. Mirza Hamza

    Sir ap bht acha kam ker rhy he ALLAH apko or kamyabi ata kery ameen sum amee

  10. Being Usman

    Aslaam o alikum,

    Azad Bhai can you please make a video how can we buy or invest?

    And how can we make these NFT's and how we can sell them?

    What are thore platform we can use.

    Waiting for your response

    Thank you

  11. nawaz karamvi

    بھائی میں ایک تانگ سے معذور ہوں آپکو سون کے سیکھ رہا ہوں آپکے ہلپ کی ضرورت ہے

  12. Naveed Forex

    good explain

  13. very nice explanation, btw do you write on a transparent glass and mirror the video using video editing software !? I was just curious how can someone make such videos.

  14. Young Doctors Library - Dr. Joos

    good one

  15. Salmankhan Official

    Sir I am Correcting You

    $69.3 Million NFT was "Everydays: The First 5000 Days". While

    "Beeple's Human One" NFT was sold
    $28.98 million

  16. Muhammad Asif Iqbal Anjum

    A sincere person. Stay blessed!

  17. IOOO WaTT

    Interesting…Azad Bhai please make another video on this topic. It's not that much clear. I am 16. I wanna learn each and everything.

  18. I google nft many times, but never understand this completely like this. Thank you so much bhai,

  19. Mian Gulfam

    Azad bahi meet with u one day in sha allah❤️❤️

  20. Muhammad Abrar Khan

    Assalam O Alaikum. Azaad bhai i am 26 years old single. I am doing government job since 2016 in karachi. My father is doing the govt. job in same department. & mother is doing in federal govt. deparment. Right now i am tired of doing this repeating task again & again on daily basis. My question is that i don't pursue my career as a govt employee & I am looking forward you know online business is groing day by day & i want to leave my job. Need your suggestion i want to become like you inspiration & social media person. I don't have your email.

    Why Desi parents always force their childrens for govt. "Jab" specially in 21st century where technology revolution also came.

    I am sure we need your video on this topic & if possible for you answer my question in video.

  21. Nouman Tahir

    Recommend a platform for NFTs

  22. Carry on Video's

    Very Good information Azad Bhai 👍

  23. IshaaQ Janjua,Entertainmint

    Its unblieveble.azad bhai great speach .You defined NFT in a very simple way, Great Baha'i John

  24. Badshah

    i didnt saw any comment nor video nft means non fungible token

  25. Abdullah AbdurRauf

    NFT : NON Replacable Digital Asset !!!

  26. Life Advice

    Azaad Bhai Video was very helpful, but is kaam ko karnay ka thora sa detail mai bhi process bata den k kin platforms pe karna hai aur is kaam ko karnay k liye apkay paas kya cheezein available honi chaye. Thanks Alot. Allah Apko Jaza-e-Khair Ata Farmaaye. Ameen.

  27. ch noraiz69

    Jo b dekh rha aik dfaa drood perhoo apnay Nabi Paak ka naam( S.A.W)❣️❣️

  28. Syed Ali Raza

    you definitely done it

  29. Azad Bhai how to sell nft on blockchain?

  30. My Ideology

    In your last video you support government for banning crypto currency in Pakistan and now here you are talking about NFT, If crypto is banned then how a Pakistani can buy NFT?

  31. 4:00 bought by an Indian of worth 70 million dollars


    Well explained (y)

  33. Asim Umer

    Asalam.o.Alikum…Azad Bhai..May apki sari Vedios Deakhta Hoon…Sb Smj aajati Hain…But ye Vedio Smj nhi aai ..B's Itna hi Smj aaya k Kal ko Agr may koi Aisi harkat kr do Jo Social Media pr Viral ho jaey..Thk…
    Then mjy kia Pta k ab may Kaisey sell kro ga Apna Vo Vedio clip or pictures or something else…or Kaha ks Plate Form py ja k kro ga…Or Kon Buy kry ga Mj Sy or Kaisey …I don't know anything about This….
    Plz …Agr Mumkin ho to bta Dain…