What are Parallel NFT Cards and How to Participate in a Pack Drop


Parallel is a sci-fi franchise, currently developing a trading card game (TCG), where the cards are powered by NFTs on Ethereum. These cards are digitally scarce, with only a certain number of copies minted during each pack drop. The cards and in-game assets will all have unique strengths and abilities that allow players/collectors to play Parallel but we’re still waiting on future details when the game releases. For now, Parallel represents one of the most exciting projects built with NFTs on Ethereum, due to its growing community and notable designs by renowned artists such as the CoFounder and Art Director of Parallel, Oscar Mar (twitter.com/oscarmarstudio).

According to OpenSea, Parallel has the 3rd highest number of unique wallets owning its NFTs, with almost 42,000 ETH of trade volume (~$180.6M USD) since March 2021.

Parallel is about to release PD2 (Pack Drop 2) on October 30th at 5 pm EST and so this is a guide meant to help anyone quickly understand Parallel trading cards (NFTs) and how to prepare and participate in PD2 later today and/or future pack drops, which will continue to happen hopefully every few months.

// What is Parallel
// What is the Story of Parallel
// What we know about card types and their rarity
// What are Prime Keys
// What you need to prep for PD2
// What to expect when reserving packs during PD2
// Tips for first time MetaMask users during PD2

Helpful Resources:

// Sign up for a Parallel account at:
// Follow Parallel on Twitter at:
// Join Parallel Discord at:
// Where to set up a MetaMask wallet:
// How to deposit into MetaMask:
// Parallel Pack Drop 2 Guide by Yunt Capital:
// WTF is Parallel Guide by Yunt Capital:

// Explore Parallel cards at:
// Explore the secondary markets of Parallel Cards on OpenSea at:
// A huge wealth of knowledge is Life in Parallel podcast hosted by the Parallel CoFounders:
// Why Parallel? Medium post by Fitch at:
// What is a Prime Key? by 0xCod:
// What is a Galaxy Key? by 0xCod:
// ParaSets GSheet Tracker by Dior:
// Parallel Tools for checking/tracking ParaSets:

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Disclaimer & Risks: No one paid me to produce this video. This is not a recommendation or endorsement to buy any Parallel NFT or any future token, if Parallel ever releases one. This is not financial advice and you should approach all DeFi/NFT applications, wallets, protocols, and tools with caution. Please be aware there is always risk in using DeFi, including technical risks (ie smart contracts hacks), financial risks (ie liquidity crises), and potentially admin risk (admin key compromise, governance vulnerabilities). There’s risk of any pegged asset failing. Please watch all the risks I recap in the video carefully.


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    Hey Dad, (haha I'm probably close to twice your age) THANK YOU for providing so much information in one place about II Alpha. As a Noob who has been reading/watching/studying NFTs for a couple of months now, I have decided on II Alpha as my first investments in the space. Your resources and presentation here are helping me get up to speed on the project in a helluva hurry. Thanks for not forgetting about us Noobs and linking to the basics on getting started. Keep up the good, no, GREAT work!

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    Thanks for your video and all the passion you’re giving to all these projects about Parallel NFT Cards

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    Hi. Should I be waiting for pack drops or buy off the secondary market?

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    nice info, but it's too risky to invest on all this speculation, can't get any gameplay info yet…

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    Thanks for this video, it was very good for an introduction to Parallel, I managed to cop 3 enhanced packs 🙂

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