What is a NFT? is it the future of Pokemon cards?


I wanted to dive into the world of NFT. They’re a growing open market for digital art. There is already a NFT for Pokemon just it’s not attached to cryptocurrency or the block chain. This can be in the near future where Logan Paul sold his own NFT as well. Here is the two links used in the small intro, please check out their videos explaining more about NFT’s.


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  1. Diggin this vid yo

  2. Thanks for sharing this info, definitely something that needs to be looked into!

  3. Hey great video mate!

  4. I like the video, cool. Thank you

  5. I have the TCG online and I have a marnie full art but I think The real cards are better

  6. I’m not interested in nft as a collector but as an investor. Digital art does nothing for me but the future generations will definitely dig it