What is the future for Julius Randle and the Knicks? | The Putback | SNY


On The Putback with Ian Begley, Ian is joined by Mike Vorkunov of The Athletic, Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News, and Steve Popper of Newsday to discuss Julius Randle’s All-Star season and what his future holds with the New York Knicks.

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The Putback will star SNY NBA Insider Ian Begley, who will be joined each week by a different guest from the Knicks and the NBA, ranging from former players and coaches to national writers to Knicks celebrity fans. Meanwhile, Ian will also answer questions from “Knicks fans” who range in personality as well as opinions and philosophies on how to improve their beloved franchise.

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Responses (27)


  2. Keep Randle just add player's during offseason.💯

  3. Man let’s not entertain trading a player that blossomed with the team. Make him apart of what you are building going forward. As we get better more opportunities to get the right players will arrive. Just focus on being competitive season over season.

  4. Trade Randle? No thank you. Lock him up, he is the major piece on a rising team.

  5. Who are these clowns y would u want karl Anthony towns he makes noone better minny has worst record in the league this how i kno these dudes dont kno basketball

  6. Nope stick wit ours this happens w melo trade

  7. If your not Maxing Randle??? Sell High.. Its the buisness, nothing personal

  8. Don’t trade Randle. Wait till free agency see if you can pair him with a Beal and if not wait to see if IQ develops into a star which is very possible, RJ seems to be headed in the right direction as a third star. Randle is young and can wait a season or two.

  9. Randle is a all star GO KNICKS

  10. Knicks got into a real bad habit of just trading for the next best thing. GROW WHAT YOU GOT. Why would anyone want to play here long term if you just look at them for trade value

  11. You don’t trade Randle, you add a star to play with him. I would definitely include RJ in a trade, great guy but will never have shooting touch.

  12. How can say that you need to trade Randle for a star. Which star. Y’all need to chill with this Randle trade talk

  13. Whyyyyyyyy everyone is talking about trading ?

  14. The current version of Julius could be a star, a wait …..he is an All Star. Sign him now long term to a more team favorable deal and avoid a max. In 2-3 years, IQ, RJ, and Julius are more than enough to create the core of a perennial top 4 East playoff team. We need a legit 3 and D, and Mitch to be more than a rim runner offensively. We will be a great team very soon, believe it…..

  15. You guys are off on trading Randle. He is a piece in the rebuild. He's proven that. All we need is to add All-Stars, not addition by subtraction. Unless it's a deal that absolutely makes sense. Right now even for Karl Anthony Town I wouldn't trade Randle. The way Randle is playing now with the coaching he's receiving, the skies the limit. However, a player like Beal would be great next to him but he costs too much. I'd rather wait until he's a FA and come on his own

  16. Its Funny when the Knicks finalky get a player its like the Media has that Wait A Minute How Did This Happen Moment.

  17. Straight fire all these dudes smh we finally not a laughing stock of the league and here we are talking bout trading Randle and we wonder why knicks can't get the star players its cause of our Media and fans

  18. its remarkable how the media views team building. we've spent 11 years trading contracts for an all star caliber player. Moment we finally get one…and these guys are saying to trade him for a #1? why not draft, develop and make the playoffs and when that free agent is available. ADD him WITH Randle. not replace. Rings are won by MULTIPLE all stars. not 1.

  19. Is he help minny right now why would you want him?

  20. Def wouldn’t even consider trading him right now, next season maybe

  21. Randle doesn't have too pass so much like in the beginning of the season because Rose is there now and the younger players are finding their scoring rhythm now – let's go Knicks.

  22. No you don’t trade Randle. Add to him. Everybody can go except Randle, RJ & IQ.

  23. Trade him for a contender and get back some draft picks…. we gotta build for the future…. there’s noooo way we’re winning a championship in the near future… and if you do think that we are… your delusional!!!

  24. My Fans Are Amazing Lets Go Thank You Knicks And Should I Have My Braids Or My Hair On My Profile Answer In Comment.

  25. A number 4 standing in the east but also the Knicks know they are still rebuilding, he isn’t going anywhere, I don’t think they are gonna trade him and they will pick up his option to build around him, randle is now a guy that has multiple spots on the floor to shoot or have in impact Weather it’s rebounds,assists or just making the right play, also he’s still 26 he has a chance to even get better which is a scary part, this might not even be his peak. And also towns will never leave the timberwolves unless he demands a trade so until that happens I don’t see that happening, they still might not put randle in that offer cause they have many many picks and assets to trade as well.

  26. I have absolutely zero interest in dealing Randle. Not just any player can succeed in NY or play at the level he is demonstrating nightly.