What will Sue Gray's inquiry mean for UK PM Boris Johnson? – BBC News


Senior civil servant Sue Gray is carrying out an investigation into alleged Covid rule breaking in Downing Street and government departments.

The purpose of the investigation is to establish “a general understanding of the nature” of gatherings that took place and whether any “individual disciplinary action” should be taken, the inquiry’s terms of reference said.

Her report is likely to be a largely factual account of any gatherings, and she cannot rule on whether lockdown laws were broken.

The findings will be made public, but not necessarily the full report.

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Responses (30)

  1. No doubt 'robust' actions will be taken and 'lessons will be learnt'.
    Obviously everyone who was fined will have their money returned, otherwise it means one rule for us and another one for them.
    There has been a massive abuse of power and position and the truth is these vile people will not be punished.
    The media had a part in this, they must have known about it but chose to keep it quiet for some reason.

  2. Nothing, she will be doing absolutely NOTHING! They are all as bad as each other! It’s going to be nicely covered up! Can’t wait for election! The grovelling toerag!

  3. Isn't Boris her boss 😳🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. You watch Boris get away with it.

  5. Sue Grey inquiry…AKA a WhiteWash

  6. The police don't have to wait for an outcome to an internal inquiry no such thing is needed at all ,they can go on and find more now there is CCTV there , how can they break up a vigil on Sarah Everard's death over covid concerns but not go in when ITV news etc show an e mail and he admits being there ? They also know as it's got CCTV ? The good law project is going to be taking them to court for failing to investigate this ,aswell the outcome to said inquiry has already been leaked to the times newspaper and is conducted for someone who works for the levelling up office already

  7. The guardian "reports"

  8. boris the ego won't go quietly…this is good…shows how corrupt it all is

  9. This story is just a huge distraction. I believe he tried his hardest to disobey whatever small elite group that is trying to force these vaccine mandates across the globe. They gave him a target of the English population to 'boost' by a certain date and when he couldnt convince them out of choice, the evil elite (who control the media) pushed the narrative that he's bad and we need someone new. This new person will be in line with macron, trudeau and Dan Andrews, on forcing years of mandatory vaccination. The new pm will lead us into much much darker times than Boris ever would do. This is all a show, Boris until now has held off being half as strict as most other EU/ western countries, look how we now think someone else would do better for us….

  10. Sue Gray doesn't wear a watch. She decides what time it is.

  11. Sue Gray's dog is trained to pick up his own poop because Sue Gray will not take shit from anyone.

  12. Sue Gray votes Tory!!

  13. It is considered a great accomplishment to go over Niagara Falls in a wooden barrel. Sue Gray can go up Niagara Falls in a cardboard box.

  14. Boris and anyone who was at a party or knew about it should be sacked today end of. We don't need an expensive investigation paid for by the public to tell us something we already know

  15. You cannot investigate yourselves…this is utter cobblers….they should be utterly ashamed of themselves…but they wont be as they have no honour,no morals and no dignity. They simply seek to sweep it all under the carpet,even if Boris goes he will just be replaced by another obedient yes man/woman.😇

  16. Nothing, he's probably bribing Sue as we speak..

  17. Let's be realistic, Sue Gray is a member of narcissistic Boris Johnson's administration, she will do what he orders. The public are not fools & will see through this transparent charade. A proper investigator to investigate the breaking of laws within number 10, set by Boris Johnson, must come from outside his cabinet. One of the following, should be appointed to investigate the broken laws, lies, deception, & sleaze of irresponsible activities in the back garden of number 10, which also involved Boris Johnson, the leading instigator. Nigel Farage, Steve Baker, or Mark Harper, should be appointed to throughly investigate with transparency, this distasteful & farcical, black narcissistic episode. The Police should also investigate the breaking of laws at number 10.

  18. She will be very careful not to be the person who goes down in history as the one who lost BREXIT buy unsetting Boris Johnson from the prime ministership at this point in time…. given he's the only one whos driving the BREXIT BUS all on his own….the voters of the UK voted him in … it's only the voters who should kick hi out!!!.🤔🇬🇧🇬🇧

  19. WhiteWash Incoming.
    Tell me I'm wrong?

  20. The government probing itself using lots of lube being very gentle not touching the sides .

  21. Porn on the laptop isn’t quite the same as wine and cheese outside is it? Sure it’s bad form and does require an official enquiry, but REALLY! It’s all being given far more attention than it warrants. There are greater issues to focus on. Didn’t most people bend the COVID rules to one degree or another. The “party” didn’t change anything. It was a gathering of people who weren’t actually doing any harm to anyone else. It’s a minor misdemeanour.

  22. They dont think they have to follows the rules that they impose on us, an underling will probably fall on their sword but I doubt boris will be found guilty of lying or anything else!

  23. Fools!!! You think other countries elites obey rules? Let the elites handle the situation. Let the Knights Templars sort it out ! You lazy lazy complaining common people!!! When the going gets tough! The Tough gets going!!!

  24. It will prove they are all in on it together, lie in the inquiry and if they are guilty it will be the minimum they can get away with. Then it will be forgotten about.

  25. Nothing, it will say what fat boy slim says he wants it to say

  26. Communitarianism failed because we can't trust the government…yawn

  27. There are much bigger scandals for everyone to get upset about. Who blocked early treatment with repurposed but cheap and effective drugs (eg ivermectin could have saved, at a conservative estimate, 80% of the deaths)? Who pushed Remdesivir for covid in hospitals (so dangerous that its clinical trial had to be stopped)?

  28. Absolutely nothing .. A complete WHITE WASH .

  29. Oh please a report we all ready know what it will reveal no wrong doing what a load of 💩

  30. Boris will be So Grey, when Sue Grey finalises her findings.