Where's the Sports Card Market Going? Inserts, Fanatics, NFT's


The sports card market is going through a maturing stage, and we break down all of the different moves currently. Are insert cards the next wave? Will the Fanatics deal create more innovation? Will NFT’s stick around?

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Responses (5)

  1. Going into the dumpster.

  2. Panini has no incentive to innovate. Cut every corner you can. Everyone would do the same thing being out on that situation. People still buying wax which surprises me. I'd rather drop 2k on a good card rather than a hobby box that has slim pickings. Especially lately with all these trashy releases. Even high end products have sticker autos which didn't the prior year. Panini is squeezing us before fanatics does. Good news for older cards. I'm definitely not selling any of my high end cards and just selling the trash until the next bull run. Miles bridges was my best investment this far. I always saw something in him. Glad my gut feeling is paying off now.

  3. I kinda heard of some of the Qbs in football, but im not interested..I heard of a couple of NBA draft picks but I really dont care about buyin them or prospecting rookies in these draft classes..Product get released and the value plumets 2 weeks after release..Panini will drag there feet on releasing new draft class products so they can make due with there limited time they have the NBA NFL license. PAnini will print as much as they can and sell as much as they can before there licensing dooms day comes

  4. This is a hobby the sports card collecting. There are many things that come with the hobby. Prospecting grading collecting opening packs are all parts people love. Fanatics wants to corner the market and take many aspects away from each individual part of collecting, alienating more people in the hobby will hurt the market tremendously. The hobby logic has no sense of new they are still stuck in nostalgic. PSA people said oh I cant do this anymore they left, retail flippers and breakers. Oh they cant get product anymore they are done in the hobby. Ebay managed payments pushed out anyone under 18 who doesnt have a bank acct, boom they are all gone never comin back. Panini redemptions fiasco People not buyin product at lcs. Panini didnt return there redemption of biggest card they own so they are out of the hobby,,,Then all these 30-50 year old and woman are gonna have fanatics take over and they are gonna be gone…Death by 1000 cuts