Who’s paying MILLIONS for digital cards? 💰💰💰 🤔 BBC


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Digital-only trading cards are being bought and sold as non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

An NFT uses blockchain technology to create a unique digital certificate which states who owns it. There is no physical item and it can still be reproduced or seen by others.

The technology has recently been used to purchase digital art, video clips, tweets and memes.

But in the last year, Pokémon cards have also experienced a revival – with many cards originating from the 1990s now fetching high prices.

So will these trading cards eventually be phased out by digital ones?

BBC Click’s Omar Mehtab finds out more.

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Responses (24)

  1. What’s funny is everybody who is complaining/sour about why he paid are the guys who missed out on btc/Eth in 2013 lol . I dumped 300k on Digital Brady, Curry, Lebron, and Ohtani. I’ll be back in 10 years to see how this plays out. Hopefully your all right on this bc I have no worries. It’s an investment on future generations of blockchain cards. Zero Carbon footprint and limited numbers all sound good to me.

  2. The world is getting more stupid 😂 give me the money and I will make you a card lol

  3. I wish people with too much money would try to help people , children in their community who were not so lucky .

  4. This won’t end well lol

  5. "Latst comment but i watch this video until the end"

  6. Things like this are unimaginable if you don't like them but if you ever like them you will get what people are talking about

  7. It's not Jyif, it's Gyif. Hard G, like the word, "graphic". HARD G. Yer welcome. Also, the people paying for NFTs are complete, and infinitely delusional, fukpotatos. hashTag notSmartPeople

  8. Spending 208k and then making lame excuse comparing to mona lisa only shows that you have too much money and don't know what to do with them 🤷‍♂️😂

  9. I'm minting an NFT of my guy pronouncing it jiff

  10. When you got enough money to spend on cards but not enough to spend it to feed the hunger….. The world's getting closer to it's stupidity

  11. Bc children became adults with credit cards. Wait until generation z starts getting old . They are 24 yrs old now?
    The guy that got bored buying houses has the money to spend on nothing, just for the thrill of saying he did it. Look at his face he gets excited to say he spend money on that. Good for him. Weather you got dollar or thousands of dollars spend it on your happiness

  12. I’m sorry can bbc have an actual MC not weebs

  13. Pixel ponzi scheme.

    Love it and money separated from those who have too much of it for their own good.

  14. I just can't believe how somebody could spend that amount of money letterly on NO THING. 😑

  15. Every time joe opens his mouth, ONLY LIES are spoken. At this time, he and most democrats don’t know what truth is anymore.


    .Build a wall and throw Joe Biden over it, damn shame how this man has destroyed this country in less than 2 months. .. ……….

  16. Next: How Can The License Fee be Worth £155 A Year?!?! 🤔🤨🧐

  17. I don't get the craze, if its only bytes why so expensive.

  18. First comment!