Why Apes In Space NFT Should NOT Have Launched | Takeoff, Do THIS Instead


In this episode of No Nonsense Music Marketing, we dive into why Takeoff should not have launched his Apes In Space NFT.

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Responses (21)

  1. It looking like Apes in Space are looking like as a soft rug as of now

  2. no one in the NFT space uses Instagram. its discord and twitter…..

  3. typical speculators ! yall sound real smart giving advise ! ill give yah that

  4. Got to understand these social coins are about popularity. If the apes work then do it

  5. This nft blowing up

  6. We’re doing just fine

  7. You are makin some good arguments. So you think he should have done token first, and then he could release NFT with utility within that project? How do you feel about NFTs as a combination with the creator coin concept?

  8. Could it be a rug just like rich the kids ?

  9. Please don't buy this NFT cause you clearly don't have a clue what the project is doing, and your suggestions are awful. Go buy some tokens instead & stop cussing a solid idea.

  10. What does he think of it now??

  11. I bought my nft for .28 the floor is now .475 the project just reached 10000. What coin can do that in 3 days? I can stake the nft for etherum. If this NFT moves like other I can sell for 10x to 50x the price I paid …. most people who are buying NFT's stopped buying coins. They now focus on mining, nodes, and NFTs

  12. Great segment very informative.

  13. Was doing research for apesinspace, love your honest opinion keep up the good work 🔥

  14. It’s a scam. Definitely a rug pull they banned me from discord for asking for the doxxing of the devs

  15. Look at your interviewer he’s not even listening to you 🤣he’s just saying “mmmm” “yup” bruh do your right research before you talk down on his project

  16. You just trying to knock down take offs project

  17. In 2days 85 sold out 🤣🚀🚀🚀🚀

  18. Bruhh your du** asf🤣he does have a coin

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