Why are Americans choosing to quit their jobs in record numbers?


 The United States is seeing its highest “quit rate” since the government started keeping track two decades ago. Bill Whitaker speaks with employers who are scrambling to find help and people who left their jobs and aren’t looking back.

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Responses (35)

  1. Because they have sat down in the pandemic and tapped into their creativity and dreams again. Starting their own business.

  2. What the problem is is that you know intuitively when you're getting paid minimum wage and the company is making billions that you're supposed to be making like $30 an hour or $100 an hour you're the one doing all the work that's what it really is that's creeped from the back of the brain closer to the front

  3. I quit my job to buy a somewhere else. Makes sense to me

  4. Once again all these lazy worthless people dumping all the work on the millennials that's all it is

    In all honesty a few people were smarter you would have never got these jobs let alone have to quit them now I've been saying for well over 20 years you all need to strike

  5. Employees looks at a job that treats them as replaceable and they pay that way people can leave ton of openings after all for bad jobs.

  6. We want handouts just like the Biden administration is given to illegal aliens.

  7. Because we're tired of working to make everyone but us wealthy

  8. It’s dangerous, how stupid can u be when u ask? Why , when the government first addressed the pandemic, they addressed the pandemic now they have huge number off illnesses and government doesn’t care , people r struggling , thinking illness/the government is wrapped up in a big knot , not helping anyone , and more sick than ever, r they crazy, there r no checks ( is it rich people – out in society is also illness, people r choosing not too notice because of the pandemic and illness

  9. After being so loyal to a company and never getting a raise but have have to work more hours just to make living for their family and force to work a 2nd jobs of course people gonna look for other opportunities. Politics are adding more taxes and cause the American people to suffer basic on their stupidity and greed! This is consequences of greed! Now it time for politicians to pay the price.

  10. I recently quit also to own my own business and it’s honestly been the best choice I’ve ever made. This video was wholesome.

  11. This piece is off the mark. Complete miss of crowd-in psychology. People have braced for an extended period of chaos.

  12. Don’t forget this beautiful thing called the stock market or you can make money with money beats having a boss any day…. Stock market is life 🇺🇸 #1 Merica 🇺🇸

  13. I've worked in the food industry since I was 16, I am 30 now. I've never been offered a management position or any other kind of supervisory role so I opened my own restaurant in 2020. I got tired of being overlooked so I took my fellow co-workers and gave them a job at my restaurant with great pay, great benefits and I really did for them what my former jobs refused to do which is giving them "respect". So far I've had not one employee leave my business.

  14. Glad I work for small town construction company. Good family values and caring bosses!

  15. Many more would quit or retire if their health insurance was not tied to their job. Having your health insurance tied to your job is like being a political prisoner.

  16. I've been applying for medical Billing Positions. I am Certified. Currently enrolled in a CPC Program and I keep getting the run around and I dont understand it. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  17. No more rich CEO’s and struggling employees!!! Pay people a fair wage!!! WE ARE IN CHARGE!!!! … also making a living on social media is very possible so a lot of us don’t need no BOSS!

  18. Trading, retail arbitrage, gig jobs, etc… are all better than having an dousche boss!

  19. Get rid of the welfare state and then they will have to work.

  20. Outside of corporations and business' treating employees like absolute trash, I really think a lot of people just don't want to participate in this workforce/economy because of Joe Biden. Everyone knows the election was rigged and he didn't win. I've heard Democrats laugh and joke about it. We've reached a crossroads. The old ways are dead. The corruption has been exposed and now it's on full display. This isn't going to end well. Especially with the usurper calling over half the country domestic terrorists.

  21. I feel like this show portrays a small portion of the work force in that these folks all have careers. The lesser paying jobs have been hit hardest or lower income families. My questions surrounding this, how are bills being paid? How are people living? Of course your participants have money to make those decisions. How about the 15-25 dollar an hour workers? Employees can not find them. I would like to hear your thoughts on these people as they make up a much larger portion of the work force.

  22. Lack of employee problem??? 😂 😂 😂 No No No don’t try to flip it , it’s an employer and pay problem. Period!!! 👊🏽

  23. Friends and relatives are dying because of COVID. It makes people realize to pursue their dream and live the life.

  24. Has anyone compared the job loss – to – new hires – and rehired. How many left industry they worked in – vs – new people in other industry? How many relocated? I think america is unhappy, and is trying to find a better life.

  25. Why quit , Are they all millionaires now ?

  26. Lets bring back the immigrants

  27. may be we need to try on the job training some people wants to work but do not have the training especially young people the qualifications are to much for someone they need to train someone who wants to learn the job at 18 on up to 25 or 26 dont have the experience. i think also its about having to wear the mask especially if you have breathing issues. But i believe they will come back when those bills start comming in

  28. Too many independent job openings now where workers can work their own hours

  29. What did you get from this. I saw a lot of smiling people. Not reality. They turned the scare volume too high and people are afraid. Reality.

  30. They lied

  31. Better start calling it the great negotiation.

  32. Because in the US it's ok to absolutely prey on the disadvantages of others. Unless it's on tv.

  33. It's called I can't breathe!!!!!!!!!! This mask mandate needs to end for people going to work!!!!!!!

  34. This is a bs piece. It was the federal stimulus that caused the big quit. Big government sucks. Their policies are causing laziness and hyperinflation. Inflation will rob all of us of any wealth we have tried to accumulate over the years.

  35. Pandemic gave time to think what people want and find out the pay is not enough