Why are NFTs so Ugly?


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Responses (37)

  1. Because the people who think they can sell images of monkeys for $17,000 or something are too stupid to create good art?

  2. I do not care about crypto putting out carbon emissions

  3. Nfts are just the worst and ugly version of deviant art adoptables

  4. Normies call them "NFT"s.
    Furries call them "YCH"s.

  5. How to make your own NFT franchise:
    Step 1: Find a cheaply made character creator
    Step 2: Make a shit ton of characters using every combination
    Step 3: Turn them into NFTs
    Step 4: Profit

  6. I actually don't mind the "frat bro" tone of the bored apes too much; it adds the most minuscule spark of personality to a series that is otherwise incredibly homogenous for all its variation. They just look hideous. Great video btw.

  7. If the nfts all looked like those gifs but custom and wayyy cheaper I'd definitely do it lol (and obviously just commissions instead of nfts)

  8. Didn't NFTs start out in like 2014 or 15 in the form of "Rare Pepes"?

  9. Because so called artist turned up their nose when asked, so computer scientist did what they did best and automated the process. Now all you lot are doing is scrambling for excuses to hate the concept because for the first time in history, things like neural networks genuinely are starting to be able to replace your whinny, free spirit, woe is me annoying fucking ass. Note this applies to so called artists.

  10. Even after all of this, they still look like DA adoptables with more steps and pollution to me.

  11. loving the pilotredsun music in the background. i can always tell when pilotredsun comes on.

  12. whys everyone just copying the way the ape is drawn? aren’t nfts meant to be unique lmfao

  13. The only NFT I can respect is "everydays". Because it's one that took actual work and effort to make, while the rest are just shitty drawing organized by computers until there are no more "original" combinations of the ugliest or blandest characters in existence. You are better off looking through devianart or asking for a commision.

  14. Its a m8ney laundering scam

  15. Oh yeah yeah Oh yeah yeah Oh yeah yeah Oh yeah yeah Oh yeah yeah Oh yeah yeah

  16. I feel like NFT's is just gacha for real life.

  17. i hope nfts fail cause most of the cryptocurrencies used to buy them seriously harm the environment. I'm not gonna go in depth but just look it up.

  18. I personally think abovewongart is one the best nft artists you guys should check his work out it’s nicely drawn!

  19. Majority of the "ART" on NFT is not art. It is just a way for people to make money. As soon something new will come they will leave NFT just like VINE after the introduction of TIKTOK. Real artist "people who have something to say and express" have created art before this NFT and they will create art long after NFT.

  20. I just realized NFT collections are just… Picrews, Picrews that are generated via computer that make hundreds of dollars… the more I know about them, the more disgusting I find them

  21. I've seen NFTs made of Bob ross, Qinni, George Floyd and Freddie Mercury, I'm sure there's many more, but it is all so disgusting.

  22. They are so painfully ugly they make me feel better about myself.

  23. my screenshot folder went from 200MB to 10GB while watching this

  24. if i want art for my self, i comission someone who draws unique artwork for me. i like crypto, but i still dont understand NFT no matter how many people did try to explain it. i dont get the point besides NFTs being a thing to hype and scam people.

  25. I was actually offered to work for this company and what i can say they´re not people who really know nor care much about art, mostly marketing and the fact that the work can have A LOT of varieties. Also what happened was that they refused to tell me detail about the project- whats it for, how much people actually pay for NFTs, what is the company´s name… that´s how i found out about what NFTs are!

  26. I wouldn't mind them too much if they werent so amazingly resource wasteful to generate.
    oh, and the fact that they are stealing artists art apparantly willy nilly.

  27. They are a symptom of a deeper problem though. What problem? I don't know. I think NFTs irredeemably bad, and will continue to attract bad behaviour.

  28. Great video, objective and reasonable. I disagree with the environmental concern, maybe .2% or so of global energy usage. I see it as nitpicky.

  29. A lot of issues with NFT comes from the intent. A collection setup with deeper purpose, story and innovation will look very different from the average collectible pfp project. Have a look at Pak. Not once mentioned in this video, he is the biggest web3 artist. His art only functions on web3. You could argue what he does could be done physically but it would not nearly have the same effect. The reason his work works is because of the technology it is build on. People buy it for aesthetics, story, Innovation and community. And thus the result of this collection is very different.

    Same counts for Midnight Breeze. An generative banner project by Dutchtide. Which focuses on a lonely road. This road has countless variations, and has a lot of effort put into the art. At first glance you could not tell the rarity at all. And thus people stopped collecting for rarity and instead getting the ones they resonate with. This is very different from what you describe above.

    Just like in the real world, if you don't like the weird abstract painting in the museum and instead want something that resonates with you to put on your wall, you gotta look for it. It's out there, often a lot cheaper then whatever speculators are getting at the moment. And in the long term they have the potential to grow way beyond whatever the concencus is.

  30. NFTs are either incredibly ugly and low talent or absolutely gorgeous works of actual art.

    There never seems to be an in-between

  31. So you’re telling me that I can make profit off of the stupidity of other people? Like can I sell a pixel to someone as an NFT and make money?!?

  32. The problem with owning the rights to an NFT is that's not really how intellectual property law works, if I write an amazing story on Reddit and someone turns that story into a movie I could really hurt them in the court of public opinion but if I never sold my story (or didn't make much money doing so) they could rightly claim it wasn't the story that was successful, it was the cinematography, as evidenced by the fact their movie made money and my written story didn't. Likewise I could make a shirt of anyone's NFT and insofar as they're not already making a significant amount of money selling shirts with that design, because of course they aren't, I can rightly claim my profits are not due to their IP but rather the quality of my product or my salesmanship or whatever and their "ownership" wouldn't mean anything. Copyright and IP law in general exists to protect the interests of businesses, no money no business, no business no business interests, no business interests no credible claim to ownership.

  33. And now we Lost Troy to this shit

  34. What a terrible waste. This is not art. Valuable art is valuable for a few reasons nft's are not art and are only valuable because the internet is full of scams and garbage. A painting or a photograph are forms of art not this nft crap

  35. I have never liked the idea of NFTs, and I will never buy into it, as an artist nor as a customer.
    As a small, struggling artist it sucks to see others spew out all this soulless, ugly art as a quick cash grab. And actually SUCCEEDING in doing so! If you want to support an artist, then commission them!

    The fact that it affects the environment too, really doesn’t help either..