Why NFTs are the biggest opportunity of the decade


In this video I provide a roadmap for how NFTs will become the biggest opportunity of the 2020s. Specifically, I talk about how NFT technology will solve a massive problem that we currently face on the internet, how NFT collectibles (Bored Ape Yacht Club, Cryptopunks, Cool Cats etc.) are so much more powerful than traditional collectibles, which is already a multi billion dollar market, and the major groups of buyers that are going to pour money into this asset class in the coming years.

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0:00 intro
1:26 important chapters
2:13 there’s a huge problem…
4:01 NFTs explained in 30 secs
4:35 two major developments
5:47 NFT future timeline
6:10 Bored Ape Yacht Club vs Spiderman
7:06 the flex is strong
8:23 NFT utility
10:19 right click saving
10:54 the opportunity today
11:41 group #1 that will buy NFTs
13:01 group #2 that will buy NFTs
14:18 group #3 that will buy NFTs
15:25 group #4 that will buy NFTs
17:30 NFT secret weapon


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  1. the party continues on twitter – follow me here WAGMI @giancarlochaux

  2. Thanks that was fabulous Very easy to listen to

  3. Seriously underrated video

  4. Laughs in Right Click > Save Image

  5. great channel, great video!

  6. Brother the way you explain stuff is really good!!! Subscribing and definitely going to watch all your videos

  7. hey how to get in touch with you for a collab!?

  8. Could you try to produce a similar video about web3? Would be even more time consuming for viewers and creator but worth it 1000

  9. I have been looking a looong time for such a video to share with my peeps. Big thx

  10. I am just gonna screenshot it

  11. lol I'm already laughing, let's talk about this in a few years, let see how it ages.

  12. This is Epic. Your content is revolutionary in this space. Exquisite observations AND teaching skills 🙏🙏🙏 #creator

  13. really well explained, thanks

  14. Bitcoin isn't anonymous lmao it's the exact opposite every transaction is recorded and stored on the blockchain and is traceable.

  15. Having to blow $300000 on an image of monkey to get into a "free" party isn't exactly free.

  16. Blockchain is solving the problem of internet anonymity (which is horrible). Moreover, you don't own the URL for the NFT link the owner of the domain does. Just copy the image and you own the data. You don't own the unique asset you own the thing that points to it lmao. Y'all are finessed.

  17. Expensive blockchain hyperlinks that lead to a URL


  19. You keep talking about watches, theyre the NFT I want to make as I am a watchmaker.

  20. what with the bot comments?

  21. Daam really good explanation! Subscribed, please keep up the good work!

  22. Great video 👏🏻

  23. What about the environmental impact of nfts

  24. Listen to this twice if you have to!

    I think the most creative NFTs are the ones that will make it. Pay attention and stay safe.

  25. Who else is here because of Southpark?

  26. hello. Where do I find an email or private means of contact with you?

  27. Love your reseach for that video!

  28. how do you evaluate a subjective piece of art? Mainly, this question drives me to see the real value in NFT to be in the community, idea, and person running the project

  29. I agree that NFT’s will facilitate assets but to say online ownership is lacking is true for creative elements but domains and data is very saleable and not reliant on social networks etc.

  30. Hello! How could I get you to check out our project?

  31. thing is you don't know though, do you? Just because you were an analyst once, I watered my girlfriends kitchen Croton once, doesn't make me a landscaper. These things could very much fall out of relevancy completely, I'm not saying they will, but what motivation is there to keep the ball rolling, especially when it's consolidated to a chance few exuberantly priced pieces? Yall just sound goofy and you should be more overt about your intentions, which while are morally dubious will actually sound better in a couples years from now then suggesting you ever gave a shit about the NFT's themselves.

  32. This is beyond interesting! Thank you 🙂

  33. 9:16 0.4564 ETH = 98 USD 🙂

  34. im here learning more and the more i learn the more i love nfts