Will robots take our jobs and if so which ones? BBC News


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It’s very clear by now that technology has automated many of tasks we once had to labour through – but what about your job? According to a survey of 1,900 experts by the Pew Research Center, an overwhelming majority believe artificial intelligence will have a very big part in our lives by 2025. Some experts, however, say this might not be totally to our advantage. The BBC’s David Botti looks at the survey and other studies to find out what the future may hold.

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  1. Jodi Magne


  2. Cosmology Bey

    The robots-the aliens , and other cultures are fighting back with original people and driving the oppressors off Earth, forcing them to retreat to colonies on Mars.?😲🔥
    @cosmology bey

    Don't think that genetically modified people are not walking among you. A Chinese researcher by the name of He Jiankui modified the genes of twins .

    Yes. It's real "Jiankui" engineered twin girls—offspring of a healthy mother and an HIV-positive father. The twin girls were born to be resistant to HIV, the virus that causes AIDS- by using a nascent gene-editing technology called Crispr-Cas9 stunning the global scientific community… Look it up!

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  3. Yanchi Yang

    Why should people make sure their kids master the pitch instead of the keyboard to prevent the condition of robots taking over the jobs?

  4. Ben Jamin

    Hell no, I don't want the robots to take over people's jobs

  5. Alex Stewart

    Most delivery drivers will be unemployable once tech finishes automating vehicles.

  6. Mustafi Mohamed

    We being scammed out of minimum wage, after that is no money and go home for which u can’t pay so in fact it is no money and go somewhere anywhere

  7. Charlie Brown678

    if there are robots replacing humans at everyday places then go to a different place

  8. Joserpa

    Si estás leyendo esto debes darle 1€ al Jose más cercano

  9. Jyz Gång

    Merci pour le bac

  10. Incognito 27

    I just heard robots will now be taking 12 million jobs away, what is the government doing! I have just paid to get my commercial pilots license, if my job gets taken I swear I want a lot of money!

  11. Engineers?

  12. bolsh smith

    we need guaranteed income so we can move into a resource based economy.
    new jobs rrrriiiigggghhhhtttt. just keep waiting for that its not going to happen

  13. VvVincent

    right, lets advocate sports where less than 1% go on to a professional career.  dafuq is wrong wit u, bbc?

  14. hey zues

    a bbc, Russia report by olga ivshina which features witnesses to fighter jets tailing MH17 … the report was taken down from the bbc site by officials, because it did not meet bbc editorial standards. take a look …
    MH17 Ukrainan military aircraft witnessed flying near MH17 before crush BBC InRuss (ENG SUBT)

  15. ely1camb

    i said this for years that robots will put many of unskill people out of work.. just like the self service at your supermarkets 

  16. Stephen Kong

    Does you need people to maintain the robots?

  17. Hernán Ubaldo

    in spanish please, my inglish is poor!

  18. jufri rayyan

    "Make sure ur kids are stupid and dont learn the uses of a computer, instead learn to be brainless football players" fucking amercican govt propaganda now showing up on bbc! Fyi, curators at museums have mostly been replaced already by automated systems, often using touch pad sensors to initiate the programming…. shitty news, shitty info, completely false with no evidence backing… bbc reporting is really slipping.

  19. Daniel Greaves

    They took our jobs.

  20. Too many people and less and less jobs…what an equation.

  21. Bernardo Duran

    Robots will take the job of reporters. YOU SUCK

  22. Jerome Chan

    News reader?

  23. Damian Shaw

    I think "Bus Driver" is one of the most likely to get automated in the next 10 years, not one of the least likely.

  24. Club dei Cesari

    It'a genius thing

  25. Martin Rayner

    Any job that can be performed by a robot probably wasn't much of a worthwhile occupation in the first place.

  26. the500mphtortoise

    someones been watching cgp grey

  27. BBC News

    What's the chance a robot will take your job?  http://bbc.in/1Aj8ymH