Workers Are Leaving Manufacturing Jobs At Record Numbers


Washington Post columnist Heather Long and Detroit Free Press business reporter Adrienne Roberts join Stephanie Ruhle to discuss their reporting on how the manufacturing industry has changed during the pandemic and why workers are quitting their jobs at record rates.

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Workers Are Leaving Manufacturing Jobs At Record Numbers


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Responses (30)

  1. We will just hire Mexican immigrants to take their place.

  2. It’s also the fact that there’s NO stability in manufacturing. No one with all half a brain is going to try to build a life around a factory job in this day and age.

  3. We've also had over 800,000 deaths recently which diminished the workforce. Also, people aren't willing to work for scrimp-by wages anymore while the rich get richer off their hard work. They want a piece of the pie they've helped create. Workers attitudes have changed so that they are not as company focused as when I was younger.

  4. Workers are justified in leaving these jobs, but how many truly believe the manufacturers are going to have a come to Jesus moment, paying & treating their workers betters as opposed to just saying "screw it, them" and moving operations overseas? Yes, the unintended consequence of workers quitting manufacturing jobs is that more of those jobs will move to other countries.

  5. Some think that so many people are not working because they can make more money doing nothing on unemployment benefits. I call BS, but would like to have the professionals take a look at it and let us know if there's any truth to that or not.

  6. The workers are not leaving, the black workers can't get hired and the white workers are leaving, they don't want to work alongside black people

  7. People with little education use to go to manufacturing. Today it’s not worth it. The trades is where the money is if you don’t have a degree.

  8. Why do you think politicians are pushing an autocratic form of government? So you will be legally forced to do the slave work for corporations. In a democracy where our freedom are protected we have free choice, this free choice is standing in the way of profit. All I can say is vote to protect democracy or things will get much worse.

  9. The health benefits are so low that getting Covid and being out sick will not pay the bills. I've seen it and experienced it, so, once that happens, people do not go back, because the situation will be the same when you get sick or injured again. Many people are trying to get work and within a week or two, they realize that the time, effort, commuting, and other business costs they need to pay while working reduces their take home pay to either below minimum wage or in some cases you are actually paying the employer to work for them. Once you realize that the effort at a job is deteriorating your net cash and/or your health and other aspects of your life such as sleep is deteriorating then you know the obvious choice is to terminate employment in that situation.

  10. "Maybe some of that free cash flow all these CEO's are using for stock buy backs, to help themselves and their shareholders, maybe now they'll focus on their workers….".

    When has that ever been the case? That's the dumbest thing I've heard on MSNBC since all the anchors said the BBB bill would get passed later once they divorced the two bills at the end of the year. It's almost like they haven't been paying attention to anything on their own network these last 12 years.

  11. Pay them a living wage.
    That's what the minimum wage was supposed to be.
    Wtf is wrong with that?

  12. As I told an employer years ago when he asked why I was quitting. People quit either because they are getting paid poorly or because they are being treated poorly… have both covered.

  13. I'm still wondering why mslsd never Investigates Hunter Biden. Oh is it because China has Intrests in msdnc, like they do their Propaganda work for them.

  14. No benefits got to go.

  15. Maybe vaccine mandates or maybe manufacturing jobs are modern day slavery..oops did I say the quiet part out loud. Unbelievable that they cannot tell the truth.

  16. Because they are sucking the life out of people.
    They set it up so the worker pays more and more of their own benefits for a pittance in pay.
    The Corporations get the profit along this the CEOs, and the pandering stock holders.
    Automation makes it worse because one must be adaptive for less value pay, if one has a degree they get the perks and do less…no degree means no money no matter how well one performs their tasks and perform…it is all BS.

  17. Cummins motors pays less than McDonald's…. That's American corporations not the workers fault. Both companies have record profits.

  18. When you work alongside robots, you cannot keep up to their speed. Also, manufacturing jobs are low-paying jobs. They call it a sweat shop.

  19. If you are a new Ford employee working on the assembly line you cannot even afford the car you are working all day to help build. There was a time when Henry Ford, the founder of the company, made the decision to pay his workers enough so they could all afford the cars they were building, creating customers out of his employees.

    Corporate Amerika's leaders circa 2022 dont know the history of the USA.

  20. Live in the south. No unions in the factories here. Not where I live. You get minimum wage, a dollar or two over IF you are lucky.

  21. Good for them. American should be innovating, not assembling. Manufacturing jobs should be left for developing nations.

  22. The republicans party are causing people to quit there jobs in Washington we are loosing rights to health care and voters rights and workers don’t have any one trying to help them

  23. There is no true future in working in manufacturing. Long ago Union labor forced employers to pay for a much earlier retirement than in other sectors because as the workers got older their bodies started to fail them and they could not continue. This wholly deserved early retirement was phased out so how can workers see manufacturing as a career choice? Even the trades have this same problem much to the chagrin of PBS. Hard labor workers just do not have a guarantee that their bodies will be there to support them after 50!
    When I was 50 I was temporarily forced out of my career. I applied for a physical job, but the doctor disqualified me because my body was in such bad shape. Not from abuse, but from aging physical systems!

  24. Because of the cost of child care females are leaving the workforce

  25. This might work out as automation increases fewer workers will be needed. For some factories it's bad timing because they don't have the level of automation yet and the workers are already leaving. In the auto industry EVs should take far fewer workers to make because they are far less complex and have fewer parts. For those that can't automate there are not a lot of choices. Everyone hates unions, paying fair wages, and immigration until they run out of workers.

  26. I worked in an aerospace factory pre-pandemic They don't give a crap about workers. They had a hard time keeping people 3 months MAX. One supervisor told me statistically they get the best/most work out of people in the first 3 months anyway so it didn't matter they will always have people lining up to take those jobs in our small town. They closed down because they ran everyone into the ground. I worked 6 days a weeks 13 hour shifts 5 days 8 hours on Saturday and barley made enough to get by. The company was supposed to pay $13 PH but used a temp agency so we only got like $8 OH the agency pocket $5 PH of every hour we worked. Better off working at fast food or Walmart (They only want to hire EX CONs).

  27. It's the demands on labor intensive jobs that makes people quit. I know because that's the reason I quit a while back, micromanagement, always watched over, and higher and higher quotas broke my back so I rather not spend not have and work easy stuff than work hard for owning crap I don't need

  28. These jobs want to get everything from you and pay as little as possible…

  29. Unions are the problem for unproductive workers

  30. Unions are the problem for unproductive workers