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Crypto News: Bitcoin [btc] Rally

NFT Tweet about Discovering F2pool: https://v.cent.co/tweet/1356042377077653505

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0:00 Intro
2:16 Relief Package
8:56 F2pool Outflow
10:34 Coinbase Outflow
13:29 Pattern Broken
15:11 Ethereum EIP 1559
19:19 Jack Dorsey NFT
22:10 Q&A

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  1. ⚠️Exclusive Crypto Content https://www.patreon.com/cryptosrus

    🚨 Bitcoin 101 Class https://cryptosrus.teachable.com/ Code YOUTUBE for 10% off

    🔴Get the latest CRU/George Merch https://www.youtube.com/c/CryptosRUs/store

    💰Voyager App Free $25 BTC Referral Code: GEOD68

    💰Safeguard Your Bitcoin with Ledger Hardware Wallet: https://bit.ly/2IgRywt

    💰 Buy Crypto on Kucoin: http://bit.ly/3qYWtn6

    💰 Buy Bitcoin on Gemini: https://bit.ly/3lTJIqq & Binance.US: https://bit.ly/3qwuUBx

  2. Doubt if this point is really good

    Hope to notice your opinion on Hugo soon

  3. Big boys bought all of coins you sold and…withdrawing out of exchanges. Supply on exchanges reaching new lows every day. Keep your funds safe in a non-custodial crypto wallet like Atomic Wallet and retire rich with the coming bullrun

  4. George, There are apprx 1.1Mil BTC traded a day. I don't see F2Pool's sales having the effect you keep talking about. Am I missing something?

  5. TERRA VIRTUA a great token for nft's x 20 ?👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  6. Hey George, Bitboy's most recent link video claims that a Link whale has been dumping 500k link aday and it's running out meaning there will be a mooning but he didn't give the dumper's wallet address, do you happen to know if this claim is legit or not? I trust you due to your F2pool info.

  7. Can you make a short versions of your video please? Never watching them because they’re so long.

  8. Maybe UNI rose because people are anticipating increased use when EIP1559 lowers ETH gas costs

  9. George – be a little careful. Almost had a heart attack when you said Ethereum was at 19 THOUSAND !!!!

  10. Missing out ORN your make more money than in BTC because of the growth % Increase 350 mill market cap going to 20 Billion Market Cap 😊💶💵💷💴💰This is going to be bigger than DOT, do your homework but basically links all exchanges in the world 🌍 so you can easily buy a billion of btc from the DeX and pay normal fees and not get over charged and has Staking 💡💰

  11. I wonder if some of the coins will ever hit their ATH from back in 2017? The big difference is the amount of coins/tokens. In 2017 we had about 2200 now way over 8000 so the money is spread thinner even if there is new money in or coming…

  12. are you not aware of avax working with flare?? they're killing it. just because you don't immediately see it in the price action doesn't mean nothing is happening.

  13. I luv waking up to 50% gains…. Law was recently passed in Mongolia no mining they still use fossil fuel and
    they have to meet a lower carbon output so all the mines have fled I would guess they will relocate to China where the use hydro for power

  14. I don't think it will pump as much as January. What everyone forgets to mention is that in January, college loans were dispersed.

  15. 16k? really? ETH? no. I don't think so I could be wrong, did you want to say 1600 hundred? maybe. Not everyone will alwasys understand. you speak perfect English. are you just trying to mislead your people or is it just an honest mistake? either way I do follow you everyday. cheers

  16. Look at the volume.. not out of the woods yet, after breaking 52650 with good volume we might be.