3 REASONS Why Bitcoin and Crypto Dipped // What To Do???

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Here are three reasons why Bitcoin and Crypto market dipped today and what to do about it. Bitcoin’s fall today is no dump and far different from what has happened in the past.

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  1. 1:29 hey muy bueno video lo disfrute espero el proximo éxito los dejo les mando besitos agradecido

  2. Bitcoin and Litecoin reward halving supply shock coming down the track 🚴‍♂️

    Last ‘round of halvings’ ignited the 2015 – 2017 price surge⛱

  3. Prepare for dead cat bounce, never catch the falling knife. Always love your stop lost. Bitcoin's HODL sees that DeFi has diluted the BTC, ETH.

  4. have you heard about unifi defi? my friends talking about it and other defi.

  5. Good information , many people in Rekt city . September 19th is the beginning of the bull run .

  6. It crashed also due to SP&500 index falling down,gold and silver and due to DXY getting stronger. We will see what happens after the weekend when the stock market is open.

  7. I am wrecked right now should have sold when I had profit. I am still holding hope everything goes up

  8. It’s those financial advisors that caused this mess.
    It’s like Neo and the vase, if the Oracle didn’t say anything, would he have broke the vase?
    If that CEO and other financial advisors never mentioned a market crash before Labor Day, would that self-fulfilled prophecy have come true? Probably not.

  9. Fast forward 10 years from now. People are freaking out because bitcoin dropped from $1 million all the way down to $900,000!

  10. lol I saw all that red and ran around town a few hrs looking for an atm that would my card. Bought the dips and considering it may drop more I may average into them.

  11. It's harvest season. Everything gets cut down, and planted anew in the new year. It's all about the investment cycle. 7k btc, 165 eth

  12. So tired of bitcoin being weak! Apple, amazon and Tesla hit all time highs. What the hell is bitcoin waiting for?

  13. Bought some noodlesfinance at .0031 $ .0025 is it a good idea? It had 99% fall

  14. I see these retraces as opportunities to accumulate. My long term bags are ready. So, upon a dip, I buy. I put half of what I buy on top of my long term bags,(accumulate), and sell the other half as soon as I make 15% to 20% (take profits). It has worked like a charm for 2 years now. $$$

  15. Now is a great time to buy more crypto that you have done your own research on and you know that they are being used in real world application

  16. Glad you got your channel back. Started watching you in 2017. I can tell you’re more grounded now. Back in the day we’d see a Jameson bottle out when the market is this red. Oh yeah, go Lakers.

  17. I wish we would just fill the dam CME gap already we came so dam close 9800

  18. I don't say it often enough, but I appreciate all of your content and hard work, George.