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Crush debt and build wealth with the education and tips shared in this live stream. No matter what part of the journey to financial independence you’re on everyone is welcome.

0:00 – $300 A Week Unemployment Benefit, PUA/PEUC, Saving and Investing Money
3:52 – Sign the petition to extend covid unemployment benefits here: http://chng.it/BtmCDnyNw9
7:00 – Dad’s status for unemployment claim delay?
9:30 – More states ending pandemic unemployment benefits early
10:50 – I haven’t got a payment in 7 weeks, because of cybersecurity. Did everything GDOL asked, but still no payment, BYE 6/5/21.
13:06 – Is UI the same as PUA?
14:36 – Which office is your dad registered? I wonder if there is a correlation with the office location and timeliness of new claims being approved.
16:08 – Where is all the PUA $ going?
16:32 – If I’ve been approved for my new UI and can see the new benefits and have been certifying, but no pay yet, what can that mean?
21:06 – I haven’t received anything since December. How long does it take and will I get back pay?
25:35 – Do you think GDOL will pay out what has already been certified even if they end it?
26:55 – When searching for a job on Employ Georgia, will this show the DOL proof that I’m looking for work?
38:07 – Where do I go on the GDOL website to upload my files?
43:27 – Make sure to check junk/spam email for approval letters.
44:19 – I lost my job due to a plant closing, after 22 years of service. When will the GDOL open their doors?
47:55 – Check out https://habeshafinance.com and sign up for my email list that will give you a free financial independence checklist.
55:28 – Are there any numbers or emails I can use to reach out to someone?
59:32 – Are other states requiring their people to reapply or is it automatic?
1:00:00 – I made a mistake and started another UI claim, didn’t finish it though. Will it be voided soon?
1:05:46 – Will I be moved to PUA after my PEUC claim BYE date passed and I reapplied?
1:07:13 – When uploading documents do I select each file, open and click continue for each file?
1:08:40 – Do you assist in investing in cryptocurrency for beginners?

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  1. Can anyone lmk how long it takes to get your benefits after your year end date is due I been waiting 7 weeks

  2. What’s crazy is the fact they don’t answer emails calls and appointments are booked. GDOL has employees whom are still working from home and earning so much overtime but yet they are not doing what they are supposed to. Also these clowns in office are not hurting and still are getting paid while we do our part and sit wait while bills get behind and no payment. They need to get rid of all them and hire people like us whom are ready to work and make a difference. I will say it’s very hard but let’s keep faith.

  3. Hi Matt I’m also in the state of Georgia. I’ve been received unemployment since the pandemic. My bye week was 4/11. I did reapply and followed all of your instructions. I did work during the pandemic and reported that information every week when I certified. On 5/9 I received on email stating that my claim was processed. On 5/11 I received a determination letter in the stating that I was eligible for $365 for 26 weeks , I had until 5/26 to appeal the decision &&&& the gdol deposited all the back pay into my account from 4/11 on 5/11. I tried to apply for week 5/15 and this Sunday but now my account is stating that it’s pending an decision. Have you ever heard of this before??? Thanks!

  4. I just received my reacceptance letter and this go around I chose to go with the gdol pay card. On my UI portal what should it say my method of payment will be for the gdol payment card?

    (Note) I have not received my payment card yet and portal is showing I'll receive a payment in the morning 5/27

  5. Got mine yesterday by suprise and they paid backpay from my bye date which was March 30th.

  6. Matt how do I upload identification on id.me? I don’t see anywhere on the Id.me site where I can upload documents such as Id or passport for them to verify

  7. Has anyone received their funds from the unemployment tax correction the IRS was supposed to do automatically?

  8. Ask our president to give an executive order to stop the Republicans from taking away the 300 week federal unemployment boost.

  9. I'm locked out of my account I can't unlock cuz I forgot one of my security questions answers so I don't know what to do I forgot my username also so I just don't know what to do now

  10. Update from 5/26: I was contacted by the GDOL and instructed to complete a profile for identity verification at id.me. I did complete the verification process after confirming the GDOL is affiliated with id.me. Just another thing to look out for in the process.

  11. I never had to upload documents to get the benefits. And I never get directions from them to do anything. But I continually file every week. Got a letter of determination but not a letter stating I didn't get approved for UI. I'm confused

  12. Just at the dying moment when I thought all was gone already, I was recommended to shevzyhack on !G… he’s the best so far

  13. Your support and encouragement has always been driving factors in my life. Thanks so much shevzyhack on iG

  14. Bless your generosity shevzyhack on !G you’re the only one I can trust when it comes to grant and approval on EIDL

  15. Bless your generosity shevzyhack on !G you’re the only one I can trust when it comes to grant and approval on EIDL

  16. When I started counting my blessings my whole life turned around after meeting shevzyhack on !G

  17. When I started counting my blessings my whole life turned around after meeting shevzyhack on !G

  18. Whenever I remember this team, there are the blessing to me and my family they save me from been homeless, grateful to shevzyhack on iG

  19. Whenever I remember this team, there are the blessing to me and my family they save me from been homeless, grateful to shevzyhack on iG

  20. They say that when your confirmation number comes up they all take care of everything who out there has recertified and receive their benefits and what was your Certification Number?

  21. Have a disable child who has to be looked after with no money for childcare now how do we go back to work, school is almost out,, these ppl are ruthless, its not good to be an American.

  22. Don't waste your time trying to book an appointment. They will not call you back

  23. On peuc it says it's waiting on my determination but I received a determination letter with the wrong bye date? I have already been receiving payments.

  24. Does anyone know if you're required to apply for jobs on Employ GA, if you're on PUA?

  25. Please advise… What number do I call to get an appointment or do I need to request an appointment online?

  26. How can invest money I saved for my Dauther she still baby so I have sometime

  27. If you don't recieve your back pay before June 26 ,do you think GDOL will pay ?

  28. It's crazy how the government continues to make the rich richer and decline to help the people in need…just shameful how the contradicted themselves by proven minimum wage is unacceptable

  29. In Ga. no payments for the last 2 months even if my UI portal was updated to 2022. Is there anyone has this kind of issue? What solution can overcome this?

  30. I hv been waiting since last June And was able to speak with someone at GDOL And now my BYE IS ABOUT TO COME UP ! And I was approved to get benefits And 12 months later still no money. Thy claim I was going to be scheduled A hearing that is why I haven’t been paid yet. But I filled for A hearing in December after I got no answer why I had not been paid. No one can tell me Whn my hearing is tho.