$300 California EDD Unemployment Benefits Extension: PUA & PEUC Update Self-Employed Start Paying.

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$300 California Unemployment Benefits Self-Employed. California EDD says people qualified for PUA & PEUC extensions will be able to continue or file new claims. The benefit extensions will offer 11 additional weeks of Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) and Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC).

Carelifornia covers topics like Health, Economic, Assistance, Liability protection and Schools (HEALS) act, second stimulus checks, the stimulus update, and also the next stimulus package. These stimulus packages come from bills like the HEREOS act, the HEALS act, the Family First Response act and the CARES act, that passed earlier in March of 2020. We discuss the stimulus check, the second stimulus check, stimulus unemployment, the SBA PPP Loan, the EIDL loan, the forgivable loan, and the upcoming stimulus package. We hope that you find our videos helpful, useful and interesting.

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On a day to day basis, we provide you with updates regarding the stimulus check from the stimulus bill authorized by the CARES Act. In addition, we will be also covering the HEROES Act and HEALS act proposal. Another aspect that we cover is the CARES Act unemployment provisions, Food Stamps (SNAP) benefits, Medicare, Health Insurance coverage and give you quality information and daily news updates. Hopefully, this will help you have more information to understand the world around you and help you secure your stimulus check, food benefits (SNAP) and healthcare that you are entitled to in addition to checking the status of your stimulus check money, when the 2nd stimulus checks come. Also, we will cover proposed bills like Health, Economic, Assistance, Liability protection and Schools (HEALS) act. This next stimulus package will hopefully offset the record high unemployment and support small business owners like us. One important thing that should be a priority of the next stimulus package or HEALS act is to support essential workers and a stimulus check 2.

Please take a look at our videos that covers stimulus check, Food Stamps (SNAP), Health Insurance coverage, Medicare, unemployment and stimulus bill information, stimulus check 2, as well as, small business forgivable loans (the PPP loan) with the small business administration and the EIDL loan and the Paycheck Protection Program loan (PPP) administered by the Small Business Administration (SBA). These forgivable loans were created by the stimulus bills from earlier this year. We will produce updates on the unemployment rate, health insurance coverage, Food Stamps (SNAP) and the stimulus loan money in the next Stimulus Package, HEALS act, for the CARES Act 2 Stimulus bill. Hopefully we are able to answer your questions about the second stimulus and the second stimulus check and food stamps (SNAP) and clarify some of the questions you have regarding the stimulus check second round and second stimulus payments and questions about will there be a second stimulus check.

Our most popular questions people are asking is about when the Senate will vote on the next stimulus package and if the Second Round of stimulus checks will ever come?

Thank you for joining this daily show that covers the status of HEALS act, stimulus payments, stimulus unemployment, and the second stimulus check amount, and more!

Thank you for joining this stimulus bill update and stimulus news. We will put out new information for the stimulus check 2 and HEALS act as soon as it becomes available! Weather it is for stimulus check 2 or even Stimulus check 3.

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  4. The American government put the unemployment benefits in the hands of a security app maker and now millions of Americans needing unemployment are stuck with absolutely no help what so ever!

  5. My regular unemployment ran out yesterday my claim balance is now at $0 will they automatically put me on the extension or do I need to do something? I'm home with my kids whose schools are closed due to covid.

  6. Of course!!!! people who got over paid get to keep it. I know people who have been overpaid by 20K

  7. Yo guy go text Cyberlurd on telegram for help.
    He helped me claim my unemployment when I has issues with them.
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  8. Can I still get unemployment if I am suspended from work? It’s been a month since I worked.

  9. I'm in California and on regular unemployment and have 6 weeks left am I eligible for the extended weeks of unemployment?

  10. Has anybody gotten the 300? My claim ended on the 26th of Dec. And I figured when it was time for me to certify on 1/24/21 that I would certify for either 4-5 weeks but they only had me certify for two weeks starting on 1/10/21 anybody know why? I'm in CA by the way.

  11. I need help I started receiving unemployment last year due to my job being shut down due to covid 19 and I started doing instacart shopper for 2 weeks as a side gig in december and recently when we got the extension on unemployment I reported the earnings and answered that I will not be working for instacart anymore and they set up a live phone interview and I am just confused , am I forced to work for instacart or can I voluntarily quit since its a side gig job and go back to my regular benefits? please help

  12. So what happens for people who have run out of their unemployment benefits, but are still within their benefit year?

  13. Had half a weeks worth left of a check left on my EDD account and tonight was only expecting to get 143 but i ended up getting 443$, so i got half a single check of the new unemployment package and now i have to re apply again… this is dreadful but so grateful for the extra 300…

  14. Hi,My claim just reached zero and edd page says maximum benefits paid..What should ı do for extension? Help please..

  15. don't get so hype yet guys I have friends that have to pay back nearly 16.000$ regardless you being honest or not with your edd…so I know this coming…yall need to be ready…at this situation is better to get a jobs instead taking unemployment…

  16. please include me in ANY Lawsuits against dol or unemployment. pua in illinois still hasn't updated for claimants who exhausted benefits on or prior to 12/26/20

  17. EDD IS NOT WORKING!!!! The system removed the chance of millions of people on federal extension benefits( and other programs) to certified their claims by phone. People who can't access their claims on line over their website (another disgrace! So many people stuck over their glitches and unable to access their claim) after over 100 attempt calls per day, no one picks up, no information from them by mail or email or text message, no one to help… it's a DISGRACE! Where should one go for help? 3 Weeks delay is not reasonable…

  18. help…I am in regular UI my benefits ends 12-20-2020 should i be in PEUC by now? EDD says automatic transition however still no payments here? my UI online account says “NOT PAID” WHY????? WAHH??? HELP WHAT HAPPEN?

  19. Hey guys I’m on the peuc extension and I certified but I didn’t receive the extra 300 did this happen to any one else?

  20. They suspended my edd account due to possible fraud I was told I had to verify my identity but I never got further instructions on Jan 6 now I have a glitch on my account that says to reopen claim .. what should I do next ??

  21. Can't certify till the 24th are they really going to make us wait that long? The bright side is $1800 at once that's still 11 days I need money now

  22. Okay no one's been getting paid EDD about 14 million claimants accounts have been frozen! Why is everybody saying that EDD is starting to pay out? That's all fine and dandy but when are they going to actually give it to us?

  23. I still have claim balance of 4 k and I did the re open without knowing and now it says do weeks on the 24th this sucks ass I been calling and they don’t answer

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