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  1. I applied for this card Sunday night right after watching this video . I put a $1,000 deposit and i was just told I was approved they do deny ppl I’m happy I wasn’t. I got the approval news right after U.S. Bank notified me of my approval for their secured card . Currently have Apple Card $4500 CL , Verizon Visa $1500 CL , Credit One PLT Visa $600 CL, Citibank shell MC $800 CL , WS Bank unicorn card , Capitol one secured $300 CL , Citibank Home Depot card $4,000 CL , Barclays JetBlue business card $1,000 CL

  2. Whenever I remember this dude he’s a blessing to me and my family he saved us from being homeless Techcode001 on iG you are the best

  3. CP, Called this bank, the guy on the phone tells me there is a "HArd Pull" to 1 credit agency, $40 annual Fee (non refundable); at least $300 deposit; and NO Guarantee to graduate into UNSECURE after 1 Year….There is a lot info missing from the website !!

  4. Credit plug= credit GOAT 🐐
    Thank you. My score is up 74 points in 9 months with 2 credit builder loans. Just signed up for and sable one. Gonna do this one today!! Ty!!❤️🙏

  5. This video came at the perfect time! 😁🙌🏽 I will be getting this ASAP! I’m so done with open sky! 🙅🏽‍♂️

  6. Great I was looking for a secured visa that graduates to an unsecured that doesn’t do a hard inquiry! I was just about to do a secured Discover but didn’t want the hard pool! Thanks CP!

  7. CP, do u know if after the card graduates, will there still be a annual fee?

  8. If you're going to do a secured card wouldn't it be a better idea to do it through a top teir lender like Chase or A good Credit union 🤷🏼‍♂️
    Just wondering ✌🏼

  9. You always put out very helpful info. Please don't forget about us "business" credit building folks though. Those videos are coming out very few and far between. I know you have more personal credit folks that need help though.

  10. I was allowed to graduate from a secured credit card, to a top tier card (AMEX PLATINUM) in one year’s timeframe. I agree that using a secured card strategy can be a fast way to strengthen one’s credit profile.

  11. I’ve seen a posting in forums that you can’t use this card for car rentals

  12. Very interesting … How’s there unsecured credit cards & other products for prime credit individuals ?

  13. My State Department FCU secured card graduated today on my birthday one year and one week after opening. No credit limit increase and I'm nervous about asking for one because it might require a hard pull. Right now my FICO score is 724.

  14. I’ll come back to this in December I’m gardening! Learn this from you!

  15. You could say that this is a "Better" version of the Open Sky secured card! Nice 👌🏾

  16. Armed forces bank also allows you to fund their secure credit card with a credit or debit card and does graduate eventually 🤔

  17. So let me get this straight 🤔 Use an unsecured credit card to fund another secured that eventually graduates to unsecured. Brilliant!

  18. My question would then be if the account is funded with a credit card is it considered a cash advance with the funded card issuer therefore causing cash advance fees and interest