$30k in 6 Days Trading Crypto + Worldcore ICO Unwrapped

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  1. HEY Keith! I'm a new young investor looking to get started! Super inspired and looking to trade on Bitfinex.  Apparently I need a invitation to join!  SO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can you you PM a invitation code? That would be so awesome! I LIKED and SUBSCRIBED too!  THANKS MAN!!!

  2. I think you say it's 1 billion in this video? I think worldcore is about 100-200 million, which is a lot sure but still 1/10 the Amount stated here, and I believe they're now burning like 1/2 of them. Anyway, I agree, should at leasttttt get a 4x here.

  3. worldcore is promising i want to invest but good lord, i joined their telegram and the investors were ripping them apart and i guess people are dumping WRC on etherDelta. its a fucking mess. Theyre angry that worldcore pushed the ICO another month.


    Gotta lov u 2BLOCKHEADS, lol Love that I have been riding a similar train & then find 2Very Awesome "Blockheads" I have awesomely subscribed to One today*Keith Wareing & Last Month BlckchainBrad … the Vids are Really Great Guys! Cheers *Here's to Looking up Fingers X'd for thr Long term hold

  5. Made 6x my investment on Gold Rewards already.. This platform is UNLIKE any other lending platform. It combines all the lending platforms TOGETHER and allows you to invest, trade, and stake in ALL of them simply from one website….. I see LENDCONNECT, bitconnect, and ethconnect as the top players in the lending platform space. Their white paper looks very solid and they are the most transparent of ALL the lending platforms. If you registered under me I would greatly appreciate it! The presale is in 2 days for .50 cents! http://www.dashboard.lendconnect.io/ref/Gwall22

  6. SuperStevejack

    for f#cks sake why do you have to f#cking swear all the time. no f#cking need for it, if you f#cking ask me. having f#cking said that i like your f#cking videos

  7. Great vdo

  8. Bae & Gary the Guinea

    worldcore is a scam? i've send some btc to the adress they told me to send them to. i've never got an e mail from worldcore telling me they have my btc. they don't respond to my messages.

  9. This is so much bs, paid promotion everywhere

  10. Brussel Sprout

    This is worth reading before making your mind up on these.
    I found it on ICO Bench sounded really good until the above filled me with doubt. Really loving you channel by the way. Hope this works out for you.

  11. Whats concrete usage of ETP Coins in the future?


    thats funny when your freaking out when it gos down i couldnt stop laughing from ur reactions

  13. Otherwise looks good just like answer to that Keith

  14. HI Keith , How come on page 16 it says this company has a value of roughly 30 million usd and then they turn around to a customer on the website and tell them they have an ICO avaluation of 100 million . Thats 3.5 times more than the company is said to be worth in value . Were does that extra money come from?? Sounds like this coin is inflated does it not.?

  15. The Graffitti on the door!

  16. I want to join this coin buisness, but i can't. I f*cking hate being underage… 🙁

  17. 19:04 "that's a P*nis" lol

  18. I love your videos. I read info Sean on Linkedln. But I want to know more info Sean Patterson. Do you share info him with me pls? Thanks

  19. Keith would you suggest freezing my ETP for one year? Its gives 20% ROI, but one year in crypto world is like eternity.

  20. John Carroll

    That intro video, I can't breath hahaha!

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