4 Reasons for the Bitcoin DIP

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4 Reasons for the Bitcoin DIP. Tune in and find out the latest Bitcoin news and the latest crypto news from today!

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  1. What do you do in Vegas? I travel there often and will be there next weekend. I usually stay at the Bellagio.

  2. Whales selling 93,000 BTC at 19,300 was the trigger for the dip. Everything else is just guessing. Always check exchange flows and sales data.

  3. Thanks my man, I’ve just come across your channel but you are rapidly becoming my favourite BTC YouTuber 👍

  4. Another great update! man i was thinking i should take profits at 1900. Wish i would have now lol. Hindsight is always 20/20.

  5. It’s a Thanksgiving sale! I never skip ads so George can accumulate Bitcoin!

  6. I would not think that being 'right' about bitcoin isn't about the price. is it? don't you crypto guys 'buy the dip?' Glad I don't own any. people of people I know say Ledgers suck.

  7. Mark Cuban
    Has already mentioned a long time ago that he owns some Bitcoin.. I think the interview was back in 2017.. I remember watching it..

  8. I live in Europe and I usually buy bitcoin on an exchange based in the netherlands. They have just implemented this rule. It is messy. They asked about what type of wallet you want to send coins to. It is divided in 3 categories : personnal, exchange or merchant. I chose personal then ledger and then I have been asked to provide a photo of my computerscreen with my wallet opened and the adress showing somewhere on the screen. I tried but never found how. As in ledger live the adress does not show… or i did not found it. In the end I decided to use the "receive" option to create an adress. Made a photo and sent it. And ofc their support refused it saying the adress in the middle of the screen was unreadable lol. So pretty bad first experience with this system… By the way I am not sure of why a photo of the wallet opened on the screen can prove it is yours… Someone can take a photo anywhere and send it to you. Anyway I hope it does not generalize. I will probably buy on binance until it is improved or removed.

  9. Could you comment on the fact that 70% of Chainlink is owned by 9 whales? Is this true or not and if it is, why would't you be hesitated to own any of it?

  10. Author, the best thing you can do is to invest in FBC fund and dont worry about rates

  11. $bird (Bird Money) is the right choice for now….. off-chain defi lending oracle as the likes of $oria and $octo but with a circ supply of only 50k and mc of 350k as of now. No whales and good promising project. Do your research and make your own mind and thank me later 🙂