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  1. I’m
    Buying more… long term here

  2. Thomas Kerkhof

    I love your videos because they are very informative. can you please make a video about the solana nft game STAR ATLAS? the game is a combination of Axie Infinity and Starcraft and the STAR Atlas Token was listed on FTX a few days ago. the price has risen 100 percent within a few days.

  3. Sandesh Poudel

    Now there is no going back for sol 🤘

  4. Om Tat Sat Namaste

    Thanks for update and puting my buying limit at 160 and 163 to get more on the way back up. It is NOT too late. buy on dips!

  5. Connie Greenup

    I am new to the space. Please do another solano video this evening..

  6. Solana is 40% owned by the team. Its Scam money and mostly centralized. Why even push this shit coin. 2 months when Cardano has projects launching Solana will die as fast as it came on. Cheeky crypto has gone crazy and ever project is 400-1000%.

  7. Interstellar Dweller

    When a project like Solana starts to bring in this much money in this period of time, there are politicians that are involved too. Crypto has changed in the last year in that regard.

  8. Interstellar Dweller

    Depending on how New York opens on Monday there will be some large purchases otc again during next week. Three funds have already planned it. If it opens and has even a slight correction then they’ll be buying. Deleting this soon.

  9. Great analysis 👍

  10. shaka balboa

    Waiting for the next pump! Alot of new investors comming in!!

  11. Not buying this will always be my biggest regret☹️

  12. Excellent. Thanks. Do you think sail and gsail will follow Solana in the interim

  13. Great job guys! You re officially addictive 😄

  14. Absolute Kelvin

    Loving the constant updates

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