4TH STIMULUS CHECK 3 DAYS AWAY! $2000 4th Stimulus Check Update + $200 SSI Increase Unemployment PUA

4TH STIMULUS CHECK 3 DAYS AWAY! $2000 4th Stimulus Check Update + $200 SSI Increase Unemployment PUA

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A recent report from National Taxpayer Advocate Erin Collins found that the IRS is still in the weeds regarding millions of tax refunds and stimulus checks for struggling Americans.

In fact, it’s estimated that the IRS currently has upwards of 35 million unprocessed and pending tax returns, as they struggle to handle not only these taxes and stimulus checks, but also the upcoming Child Tax Credits and the delayed end date to tax season.

Collins explained: “most taxpayers overpay their tax during the year by way of wage withholding or estimated tax payments and are entitled to receive refunds when they file their returns. Moreover, the government uses the tax system to distribute other financial benefits.”

She also stated: “The IRS’s historically high number of returns requiring manual review means that most individual taxpayers in this group and many business taxpayers will not receive timely refunds and will have to wait until the IRS eventually processes their returns.”

I know the IRS is doing everything they can to process these millions of tax returns and stimulus checks, but hopefully they can pick up the pace and get these vital disaster relief funds to the struggling Americans still in need of fiscal assistance.

Meanwhile, Governor Jim Justice, from the great state of West Virginia, is asking the state’s citizens how they would like to see the $1.4 billion in federal stimulus funds spent in the Mountain Mama State.

With the state set to receive $1.3 billion from the American Rescue Plan, he aims to “make more goodness” happen for thousands of West Virginians thanks to these vital disaster relief stimulus funds.

Justice explained: “Now we’ll move on to handling the stimulus dollars. We’ll dial in to broadband and things like that that are high on the priority list for me.”

He continued: “The same with the legislators, we’re going to work with them and try to get through it. We’ll try to set buckets and everything to where we direct dollars and do them prudently.”

This is great news for all of my viewers in West Virginia, and hopefully you can talk to your political leaders and let them know where you would like to see these disaster relief stimulus checks spent.

Finally, with the Child Tax Credit monthly stimulus checks set to hit bank accounts as soon as this Thursday, July 15th, retail stores across America are gearing up for a boost in sales, which could occur by the end of this month.

Jim Sullivan, an economics professor at the University of Notre Dame, stated: “It’s a good thing for Walmart and grocery stores. The retail sectors where middle- and lower-income families spend money are likely to benefit some from this.”

Michael Lasser, a retail analyst for UBS, said: “This will fill a void with some of the other payments being no longer distributed. It’s going to continue to support consumer spending.”

This is amazing news for millions of American families, and hopefully these monthly $250 or $300 stimulus checks per child can help you and your loved ones get through the rest of this rocky 2021.

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Source: https://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2021/07/11/tax-refund-delay-2021-status-irs-backlog/



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