4th Stimulus Check Happening!? Fourth Stimulus Check Update NEW Letter Package Bill SSI SSDI

4th Stimulus Check Happening!? Fourth Stimulus Check Update NEW Letter Package Bill SSI SSDI

In today’s fourth stimulus check and fourth stimulus package and unemployment benefits boost extension lwa pua peuc fpuc ssi fed-ed eb update, we’ll be exploring the current status of the 4th stimulus check and 4th stimulus package, including its many programs from the unemployment benefits extension lwa program to social security benefits ssi ssdi ssa, and other various stimulus bills and stimulus proposals. We’ll be talking about what to expect next week, the current status of stimulus negotiations, my personal thoughts, and the state of our country, with the coming end of the pua, peuc, eb, pandemic unemployment assistance, extended benefits, and several other government support programs, in order to approve and pass the next coming stimulus, unemployment benefits state boost extension, and government funding for various relief programs to help save our country!!

A new letter has been written to President Joe Biden, 80 Politicians have officially come out to support the 4th stimulus check, and with unemployment benefits programs set to end earlier than anticipated, an even greater push is now happening. Today’s update, will explore the current status of the 4th stimulus check negotiations, and potential events to happen from here.

Stay safe, wherever you are, whether in the US, California to NYC, or internationally outside the country, and may we hopefully recover soon from this health pandemic we’re all in right now together!!!

💌 Letter to Biden 📬: https://gomez.house.gov/uploadedfiles/letter_to_president_biden_regarding_automatic_stabilizers.pdf

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  1. Kevin's Journal

    Have a great weekend everyone!! This is the letter to Biden mentioned in the video, which is only 2 pages, so thankfully easy read, if interested!! 🤗🍹🌅💌💸 https://gomez.house.gov/uploadedfiles/letter_to_president_biden_regarding_automatic_stabilizers.pdf

  2. Priscilla Johnson

    There should be another one we are not out of the woods yet

  3. I worked like any other person and this is not right I should be able to get the same as the other person on ssdi

  4. I sure hope so I live on552 and it's verry hard

  5. Linda Benefield

    Update, needs to be approve. 4th stimulus check.

  6. kimberly johnson

    Sounds good 👌 we need help! $2000.00 really help us at this time. ASAP!

  7. We could really use that money and I would like to thank u for helping us out and have a blessed and wonderful day


  9. matthew adams

    Hey baby! Give me a grand, I’ll give you my 2k stimulus check. You can double your money. Any takers?

  10. Kevin's Drone Adventures

    A 4th stimulus check would be nice. However, people are still waiting on past stimulus checks.

  11. Glenda Landen


  12. Laura Stansbury


  13. Marie Caraza

    Thank you for the good news Kevin! Something to look forward to 😃 Take care!

  14. Don’t forget to swallow your spit. It’s all over your mouth.

  15. Sean D Weeks

    This better be about the $2000 monthly stimulus checks

  16. They give us free money but then now the gas prices are way up, so they take it right back!

  17. How long does it take to get to the point. These videos are a joke

  18. Jimmy Jennings

    Theres not going to be a fourth check, you shouldn't be getting these poor peoples hopes up.

  19. Chasen Brown

    You’re amazing! I hope you know that. 😁

  20. Chasen Brown

    Thank. You. Kevin. I appreciate you soooo friggin much. What would life be without you!!!

  21. Kevin's World of Prescott

    Great work Kevin! Thank You and have a Great weekend!

  22. Why can't you be original dude why do you have to try to copy the tax advise guy and his hustle lol

  23. Robert Christensen

    Here's another one of those fake news gigz

  24. Wyatt William

    Bitcoin is the future, Investing in it now will be the wisest thing to do especially with the current rise

  25. Gary McFarez

    Say maybe less shitter

  26. I’m not sure what the cap is but I’m praying the cap goes higher cz if the couple’s other partner is making $130 cz they’re working their butt off and doing lots of OT & Uncle Sam gets more cut out of that plus the other one is unemployed and got 21k that’s $151 so if the cap is $150 they’re doomed cz as if like they’re only making $75 each and when they filed their taxes they’re still going to end up paying!!! 😢

  27. will the people on ss get a check or not

  28. Sonia Yelverton

    Hoping for the best 👌🙏 thanks for all the updates and information 👍prayers everyone.

  29. Yes!!! The date!!!

  30. Kevin, you're fantastic. It's enough to make anyone's brains all scrambled, but you handle it all like the amazing pro you are!

  31. Thanks bro no one else is keepin us updated like u have

  32. Tonya Dobrinski

    Depending on one stream of income have never made anyone an earnings check don't put your hope on forbes.

  33. 🙏🏾

  34. Thank you Kevin so much I can sleep and rest a lot easier after watching your videos knowing that you have just posted some great information for us to look forward to thank you for all your wonderful videos and you're very good at giving us all the information you are definitely appreciated

  35. Fo Rilla Gorilla 3rd

    These little va stimulus don’t stimulate the economy , they go straight to bills , more like 5k each to boost economy for real not fake it

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