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  1. Which free antivirus are you currently using and why? And don't forget to like this video to support our channel 🙂

  2. skip first 5 min of that video, there is nothing useful there, just water

  3. your such an underrated creator your videos are so good! how u only 11k subs :/

  4. 3:33 3 Minutes and 33 seconds of introduction. Damn I fell asleep even before number 5 was introduced and have to rewatch the video.

  5. 360 Total Security with ku-peng engine enabled – super powerful and a fairly lightweight antivirus for the system! I don't understand why he is not in the top in this video. in the diversity of antiviruses, even paid ones, testing 360TS fights with a hundred backdoors and trojans and encryptions – Total Security coped perfectly! He will neutralize all of them, and those that remain – in a modified form will not harm the system. Malicious programs do not get into startup after restarting the system, that is, full working.

    Of the minuses – you need to be careful when installing and configuring, it includes various advertising search bars (near the Start menu), you can easily disable it, but still …Sometimes advertising integrations in the interface, but unobtrusively and absolutely do not affect the mode of operation.

    Antivirus 360TS has four modes of operation (which many others do not have, for example Bitdefender, which is much larger in size and resource), so 360 has Optimal (basic protection), Advanced (with the Kupeng engine, My personal choice ✔️), Protection (the most maximum protection) and Manual settings (you turn on what you want manually).

    Also here is the Whitelist for folders and executable files, the Blacklist, browser integration (optional), the scan schedule, and so on. Great product even in a free version!

  6. Can you be my personal tutor? I would be listening to your lectures all day long. haha. You are the best!

  7. I was using BitDefender paid version. When I first installed it I was very happy! It worked well and I could start a scan on my fairly large system before I went to bed and it would be done by the time I was ready to get going again. A few months went by and suddenly this changed. BitDefender would not keep my desktop awake to finish the scan. I contacted their customer service and after a few months of checking and trying different things, the answer I received was that the change was due to a software update. That change made it so instead of completing my scan overnight, it now took 3 or 4 days depending on how much time I had to sit there and keep waking it up.

  8. Avast sucks I won’t let me turn of any shield even tho I want to download something

  9. On all my PC's and smartphone I use Premium AVG unlimited PC's for $29.95 a year for over 3 years and they all run smoothly without spammy access baggage. Also, I use Bitdefender 2019 FREE on my other smartphone which works very well. Beats paying Norton $119 a year for a service that bogs down your PC with junk files to run it's programs!

  10. three and a half minutes in and still nothing about any free software, all advertisement, and self-promotion.

  11. The narrator is a sponsor for Bit Defender. Lol. I am currently on 3 year subscription. BD SUX and i have a good system.. BIT DEFENDER IS A RESOURCE HOG.. SLOWS PC.. HOWEVER this is an excellent video explaining / detailing the differences of free vs premium and what you get for free versions best on the tube. GREAT WORK and many thanks for the help and the links in description.. I am a believer in this channels work and I did subscribe after watching this

  12. I have used Kaspersky and it is good in performance of the computer, also all types of virus detection.

  13. Imagine Searching up on google Free AntiVirus protection and when you find one you download it and get everything set and then it says that it was a virus

  14. i installed avira like 12 years ago and it crashed hard couldn't open so i unistalled after 20 min

  15. i use AVG and its great free premium for 60 days damn just wow i dont even have to pay

  16. ​ @The Cyber Lab You just want a new suscriber, well done, and thanks for this cool video and valuable information.

  17. Hi i have been using avast for past 10 years, but today it totaly failed me. I showed it a file i wanted to test, which i know had a virus in it, Avast told me that file was safe to use and doesn´t detect any abnormality. I then opened a good uncle google and typed the name of the file, and look, first link says beware this file contains Troy Horse, and Avast let it through no one time during download, not two times while it was in my computer during 2 seperate tests (I test my Pc every day before turn off), not even when i regullalry feed it to it. So what is conclusion Avast doesn´t deserve number two or even be on this list, and it comes from person who only used Avast for all my PC time, will try some other antivirus a hope for the best.

  18. i liked the video but they do be lying with the video coming out in 2020 and it being advertised for 2021

  19. Gyys please help me which is the best antivirus u use and didn't get hacked or scared plz say I need it and congrats i subbed and liked and I'm going to support you

  20. I have a quick question. I currently have a windows 10 with a windows defender in it. And I saw reviews that there are much more antivirus softwares that are far better than the windows defender. So I went and downloaded one like the mcafee. Should I disable the windows defender or thats not necessary?