5 life lessons I gained from my twenties

Here are some of the dumbest things I’ve purchased in my 20’s. I’ll mostly likely make more mistakes in the future although let’s hope they’re not the same.

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  1. My largest financial immature mistake I ever made was when I was in my mid 20s. I was dating a woman that made twice as much as me but I felt I had to break the bank for her to make myself on the same level as her. I spent thousands of dollars on trips and restaurants trying to impress her all for it to end in a train wreck. Man. Yep. Lost a lot of money being immature in that relationship. Lesson learned, don't try to keep up with the Jones.

  2. Robert Emilian

    Yup. Nothing to learn here

  3. Excellent video! Appreciate the share

  4. entertainer for everyone

    Sheldon how old are you ?😀

  5. I bought the same camera not too long ago! What lens do you like with it to shoot more macro images? The Sony package came with a 28-75mm lens but it doesn’t seem to work well at the extremes (or I don’t know how to use it properly yet). Thank you for all of your videos by the way 🙂

  6. Made all of these mistakes, same car too 😂

  7. TechnikZeugs

    No Tesla?

  8. matthieu 2020

    Hi ! Love your videos.
    What do you think of buying a Tesla M3 ? (Elon says it's an appreciating asset)
    Thanks and looking forward to your future videos !

  9. I Uber every where too, love being chauffeured. I can rent a Escalade or a convertible sports car when ever I want without buying a car. Much better for me in my situation.

  10. Have you learned to cook yet?

  11. Thanks man

  12. Angelika Gajek

    I can't believe you said BMW… I am in my 20s.. bought a BMW and let me say no more

  13. Bruce Strauss

    I hate miserable losers that purposely key scratch cars.

  14. The first mistake I made- buying a BMW
    Love it xD
    It's always a mistake…

  15. Mohit Narang

    Honestly is on top
    Great content on bro 👍 keep it up

  16. My first BEST purchase in Cape Town was a tiny house in Houtbay.
    And my 2nd best a 40-year-old JAGUAR, built (and restored) in South Africa.
    I moved back to Europe, and still miss some friends and the climate.

  17. I was spending a lot of money on takeout and coffee, but I managed to not spend so much on it anymore 🙂 I budget for it now instead of of just buying it all nilly willy

  18. Laura Hompus

    Okay wait a minute… You're not even 30 yet and somehow worked for your money that earned you enough to buy a BMW, 15k on 3 months rent, a bunch of photography gear, and more expensive stuff…. Holy cow! I don't know how you did it, but that's impressive! Here I am at 31, also always worked for my money even during university, and am now starting out as a professional photographer and I am no whete near being able to such a spending pattern, lol!

    Kudos to you for following your passions, your impulses, and doing it convincingly! Must be doing something right!

  19. Kaiwan Shaban

    Great tips bro! I needed this!!

  20. Karma Rayshar

    Love it, will watch ur rest video too.

  21. Why did a p*** site thew me here?

  22. I did the same! I bought a bmw lol then drove a Nissan Sentra and …not driving an Audi 😔

  23. 1.buying an expensive car.
    2.making last minute travel plans.
    3.unnecessary rent.
    4.buying cameras you don't need.
    5.ordering take-out daily.
    ( Thank me later😘 )

  24. Gin Yamaguchi

    Weird flex but Okay…

  25. 3:25. Insurance.

  26. Noealz - Seoul Photowalks

    and here I am getting upset I spent an extra dollar on the wrong yogurt

  27. David Fanyane

    Was all this money acquired from your photography business alone ? and any tips on gaining lots of clients especially in CT

  28. I feel you bro

  29. After all now i have follow you on Instagram 📸

  30. Anthony Mandanici

    really enjoyed the new video!!!!!

  31. Why do you repost?

  32. In your thirties, it's a whole new kind of dumb. 😉

  33. Whoa I am early!
    Just taking the time to say your photography and instagram videos have helped me so much, you have no idea!

  34. Technical Topi

    Reply bro…

  35. Technical Topi

    Am the first…

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