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The Stock Moe Tesla prediction is a bit more conservative than some of the analysts out there. Stock Moe Tesla stock price Information is done. Tesla stock price prediction and Tesla stock will be good. The Tesla stock price prediction 2021 will be huge. This Tesla price will run nicely higher. TESLA MODEL 3 is rolling higher. EV growth stocks are good. TSLA stock price prediction is good.

This is all about the NIO deliveries and the NIO Day update for what I see in the NIO stock price prediction changing over the next few days. I can see big things moving forward and would like to see some big time movement higher. The NIO stock price prediction is getting back down to the base that was formed last year. I can see the NIO stock price moving higher later in the quarter or the beginning of Q2. I have been through this before with the NIO stock and it is never a fun ride. I can see the NIO stock price prediction moving up in 2022. The NIO stock price has been under pressure over the last few weeks and hopefully it is over. I don’t expect a stock market crash for NIO going forward from this point.

The CCIV stock price prediction is out there and I do see an opportunity with the lower prices right now. I can see the CCIV stock price moving forward getting a good run up. I am hopeful that we do well soon. The CCIV stock is at some lows right now. A good EV stock in your portfolio is a solid way to go.

The best ev stocks to buy now are the best electric vehicle stocks to buy for the future. We will see how the top ev stocks to buy now. EV stocks are ones to look into for everyones portfolios. Electric vehicle stocks should outperform. A good EV stock analysis should help with the due diligence.

The Lucid stock price prediction or the CCIV stock price prediction should bounce up once they start delivering. I can see the Lucid stock price or the CCIV stock price moving up slowly until then. We will see the CCIV stock or the Lucid stock start to take some EV market share.

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  1. Join our private community over at http://www.patreon.com/stockmoe to talk
    stocks that could grow your portfolio to new levels. We have our
    private Discord up and running as well. My affiliate link to Webull
    for the two free stocks with a $100 deposit.

  2. NIO Options Only

    NIO has so much potential

  3. Lindrit Matoshi

    What do you think will happen to TSLA its very low atm

  4. Cooking con 3

    $32.75 special? Or crashing?

  5. Hold or sell NIO?

  6. Juho Käyhkö

    Thanks moe for doing great job. No one else keeps us this up to date in this ev play. Greetings from Finland

  7. Aaron Petterson

    Been in stocks since feb/march with all my savings (EVs, charging, ark etc) and I'm 11000 down (half of my savings). Been holding on tight.. but man this is hard. Been averaging down every step of the way… but this is scary/painful. I know the second i sell is when its gonna rebound. Ugg. This is horrible. Hope you right tesla cat.

  8. abdulrahman gad


  9. Moneygood Mauri

    Too much bloody RED! DO NOT PANIC SELL!!

  10. wrong again on nio

  11. Johnny Stock

    these stocks are being trashed so much there is nothing left to hold

  12. Toys Play & Learn

    Stop tell people buy the deep , it keep deeper everyday

  13. Evan Northey


  14. LI AUTO???

  15. CLII 🔥🚀🚀🚀

  16. JustCallMeDope

    $RLC to the moon on Coinbase. Currently at $14, gonna pass $20 tonight! Thank me later. 🚀💰🤑💰💰🚀🚀💰🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑💰💰🚀🚀

  17. NIO/TSLA/CCIV all will do well… EV is the future. 😎

  18. Chaquip Herrera

    Nio next year is gona be 100

  19. He's still pumping nio?

  20. Hi moe I think you need to look into strikecoin they doing something different and interesting make new platform where you can buy carpto and stokes both in one they hard working team

  21. More Alive - Relaxing

    Moe, I want to thank you for being you! <3 <3

  22. kuban mangos

    What about HCMC 🤷‍♂️

  23. Investing Sensei

    What do you think if Safemoon? I'm long on NIO and Tesla 🚀

  24. FinanceInvestNetwork

    Nice review on these 5 EV stocks!

  25. What’s about li motors ?. I hope Nio. Under. 28 dollar than buy extra. Stocks

  26. George David

    Moe Thanks, please review SKLZ, DKNG and PENN

  27. Precious Israel

    Thank goodness, I’m still below what nio has been falling to-but, I’m in it for the long haul anyway.

  28. Push that Neo

  29. Pinoy electricians Bay Area

    I live 5miles away from lucid headquarters just saw lucid air driving around interstate 880 beautiful car. Cciv to lcid June 15 to the moon right now i have 280 shares my goal 300 almost there.

  30. Great intel 🙌🏾🙌🏾!! Let's go Nio 🚀🚀🚀

  31. Pinoy electricians Bay Area

    Just saw ford truck making lots truck. There also waiting for chips. Parking lots is full of truck without chips.

  32. You are number 1 analyst. Thank you for the video

  33. Samuel Canet

    300 shares of CCIV

  34. Hi Moe,
    Any idea on whether the Tesla Toyota partnership, was legit or fake news?

  35. Your my mentor for a few months now Moe. Watching just about all your video's daily and trading in similar direction as you discuss in your video's. I'm very confident that I will thank you in a couple of years for being patient and aiming for the long term!

  36. Hey Moe, any thoughts on Pdac/Li-Cycle?

  37. Hello Stockmoe, Wish Mrs Moe, Happy Mothers Day! 💐💐

    Hope that EV sector has hit the bottom, I’m holding! ☺️😊😮

    Happy with Ethereum, wish that I made the moves like you though I’m grateful they I did buy some coins. 🚀🚀

  38. Carlos Cabrera

    Hey Moe! Thoughts on Plug Power? I was hoping that would be your 5th choice.

  39. I like Xpeng.

  40. Love NIO. But I think we will drop to $30 area before we run. With chip shortages, and fact that Nasdaq is at all time highs makes me nervous. Think we will hit 30 when inflation hits, and Nasdaq sells off. Then I will be adding

  41. What do you think about ENPH Moe?

  42. Michael Moran

    Infrastructure pkg passage time estimate moved from May to July. Poor jobs report last week helped ev stocks. I'm waiting till June to buy more. hoping to get NIO at $35.__. I own all covered here. I also like BYDDF and CLII which will market faster charging stations. Could you cover those?

  43. Lorenzo Cirilo

    Hey Moe where do you buy your Ethereum from ?

  44. Great analysis as always Moe! Once the hedge funds are done destroying anything that comes out with positive news, we'll be off!

  45. Marc Filotas

    Thoughts on Li?

  46. Ethereum forever holding strong for long term

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