$500 for Low Income APPROVED, 4th Stimulus Check Update, Unemployment Refund Check, Daily News Bites

$500 for Low Income APPROVED, 4th Stimulus Check Update, Unemployment Refund Check, Daily News Bites. we have more local governments, offering $500 for low income earners. This can sometimes be referred to as UBI or Universal Basic Income. These $500 checks are either going to be provided as a physical check, or a direct deposit, or onto your EBT card. Either way, its still $500 that you didn’t have. But some states may be offering as much as $1000 per month. Also we want to talk about the Unemployment Refund Check that some people are still waiting on. And we have some news regarding lower Medicare drug prices coming soon. HOPE YOU ENJOY!!

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  1. I only received 1 child tax credit. Is this normal?

  2. Sheila Smith

    Here in Maryland Dept of social services done done some cruel and. Unthinkable things to Mothers here in. Maryland and this city should began to help the Drs to redeem themselves and try to at least help those mothers that they ruined their lives and tore apart families, at least
    Maryland could give Drs stimulus checks to all that have independent cards here in Maryland.automatically if they receive food stamps.you workers here in MD know who you are and Drs agencies also.but we in the Times where you can at least try to help those families back up on their feet.and it's time that you give back contact to those families that were tore apart due to no fault of their own.many of these mothers want to locate their children even if their grown they have the right to know who their mothet is so here's 2 chances to try to redeem yourselves as everything you believe was hidden not so hidden after all. And you may can't sleep knowing things you participated in to keep your job but if any workers feel that you are sorry for all the wrong you caused in the lives of innocent families now is the time state can make their wrongs right why? Covid19 and Says And Delta is out here killing people and theirs mothers not even sleeping nights not knowing where these kids stolen were placed.Have A Heart and help Maryland mothers Reunite with their children I know their are still some good in the state
    Y'all just have to stand up and show America yeah everybody done some shit but your willing to Make it right all know what I'm talking about.I grew up no matter my pain and suffering Loving this State of Maryland Hogan.and nothing any ever done to me made me loose the love for this City I always had and still have but y'all gotta turn those wrongs into a right.Foster Mothers I'm sorry but you have kids in your possession that belong to innocent mothers stolen from homes some as experiments some for control some unjustly and these mothers don't know where these kids are and love and need closure. If these kids been placed and are dead those real Parents need to know.and be Compensated by this very state of Maryland but please do the right thing Maryland get a 16 billion dollar stimulus and make these wrongs a right.and Save Some Lives Here.Delta has Names on it and let's turn this thing around.love and be loved. Help the Maryland Moms that suffer everyday and give closure to a growing Plague of theft.

  3. Hawaii won't do anything

  4. AOC and the rest of the progressives along with pelosi might vote against the stimulus package. And increase the infrastructure package spending.

  5. Not going to happen for people on SS/SSI/SSDI etc.

  6. Cathy McClardy

    What about oiho is we getting anything

  7. Cathy McClardy

    Wen we go get that $500

  8. Antonio Wilson


  9. Yolanda Davis

    Man wat abt texas

  10. what about singles in poverty? we need help also

  11. Don't have a house can't rent an apartment fighting to keep from being under a freeway but I am old so I am throwaway generations when I retired the money was enough but I am freeway bound trying to lived on 800.00 a month

  12. I'm a single mother who spent last year on unemployment. No check yet.

  13. Deshawn Hall

    God bless u budget bill

  14. Maxine Ezell

    Should put direct
    Deposit ,everyone does not have ebt
    This way ,buy what they need gas/food

  15. It got old the same story

  16. Darrell Adams

    Hell no i don't have 5 dollars

  17. Darrell Adams

    What about the elderly they keep going around us

  18. Loretta Booker

    Hey b budget Bill ☮️☮️☮️

  19. Linda Johnson

    That's what I need is 500 on stamps doesn't pay my late bills thanks but stupid.

  20. Jennifer Flores

    I am a single mom raising two boys me and my son the oldest are struggling and we're both on disability which is social security we need to help here in the Bronx so that way we can take care of our families but I cannot stress it enough that I am a single parent raising two boys on very little money and making everything by the skin of my teeth but I beg you if you can help us out I would appreciate it so much God bless you

  21. Hi

  22. wilfredo andino

    How can you get those $500 , what I have to do??

  23. I've been depressed and severally embarrassed until I got to know about antezhack on !g and they really help me

  24. Warren Raffensberger

    More covid bs. Im 71 it gave me a runny nose. Ive had worse colds

  25. So predictable, still not even one 4th stimulus check for single folks. low income, or retired singles. Multiple checks for everybody but singles even though singles will pay through inflation for the money being printed for everybody else. Thank you Mr. Sanders and Mr. Biden. You did not keep your promise to us and we will remember.

  26. Thank you for your updates. We all are anxiously waiting for stimulus checks.. an added 200.00 added to SSDI SSI and SA Va ect. Thank you again.

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