$600 + $1,400 Stimulus Check Update [Jan 11]

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Nancy Pelosi AGREES to do $2,000 stimulus checks.
Chuck Schumer AGREES to $2,000 stimulus checks and $4,000 for couples.
Steny Hoyer AGREES to do $2,000 stimulus checks.
Bernie Sanders agrees to do $2,000 stimulus checks.
Roy Blunt does NOT believe there are enough votes to get $2,000 stimulus checks passed.

Second Stimulus check update as of January 11, 2021 Monday.
The New Omnibus and Covid Relief (Stimulus Check) Package includes the following:
-$600 stimulus checks to adults.
-$600 stimulus checks to child dependents.
-$75k single phase out for checks / $150k married filing jointly phase out (reduces $5 per $1000 extra you make).
-No cap on dependents.
-$300/wk Unemployment (11 week extension for all unemployment including PUA / PEUC).
-SSDI/SSI Stimulus Checks
-A deal between Pelosi, democrats, and republicans with Toomey on the Fed’s 13-3 facilities.
-Business meals tax deductible.
-Second PPP round with 25% decline in revenue. New first PPP round.
-New “targeted” EIDL Grants. Emergency Injury Disaster Loan Grants.
-Rental relief with state governments.
Stimulus check update as of January 11, 2021 Monday.

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Biden stimulus check plan and infrastructure spending plan.

Steve Mnuchin, Nancy Pelosi, Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, Chuck Schumer, and Kevin McCarthy have finally managed to get the $900 billion dollar stimulus package agreed upon. This is a smaller stimulus check bill than the Cares Act, but it’s very much needed.

This video provides an update on stimulus check distribution, stimulus check deposits and mailing, stimulus check timing, unemployment support help, EIDL stimulus help, renter relief help, rental relief help, state-run rental relief programs, unemployment programs, restaurant support, PPP support, first draw of PPP money, second draw of PPP money, forgivable loan, unemployment funding and timing, stimulus package 2, second stimulus check. Third stimulus check. Third stimulus check package. January stimulus check package. Biden stimulus check package. State and local stimulus. Covid liability. New covid stream. 13-3 Federal Reserve Programs. Stimulus check update as of Monday January 11, 2021. The Second Stimulus check should arrive via direct deposit the week of December 28, 2020. Possibly December 30, 2020. Foreign aid spending in new stimulus bill. Stimulus checks instead of foreign aid. Pork in bill. Slush funds in new stimulus bill. Omnibus.

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  1. Georgianna Houle

    OH yes, my 2 older boy's haven't received their second $600 dollars stimulus checks either. 🙄🤦😖😖😖

  2. Georgianna Houle

    How can I report someone claiming my grandchildrens stimulus checks? A man has been collecting taxes and he's now taking they're stimulus checks. And me and my granddaughter's are caring for my grandchildren. Not the man who is frauding and stealing their money!! 😡😡😡😥💔👎👎

  3. Without Limits AarynLynn

    Claim is that the checks said was mailed out 6-January-2021 yet not come yet they say it will tkae 2-3 weeks to get them n the mail .. never takes this long to send mail from one side to the other of the country 3-4 days any other time .. whats the hold up for how long it takes ?

  4. Supernatural Unknown

    I don't want their money or socialism open our country back up goofballs stop with the lies your on borrowed time.

    Oh wait now all the sudden they are opening things up in New York Chicago filthy liers.

  5. ֆքɛǟӄɨռɢ ȶʀʊȶɦ

    🌎 What if there is a God and he has made his will known to his creation through his word? What if in his word you find the complete opposite is true to your ideology. What if because you rejected his word by your own free will to rebel, are judged according to the words of God that you rejected🤔 Does this make God that evil or unjust God you speak of because of your own decision to reject him 🤔


    If you are here and are not a believer in Christ Jesus, your only concern should be your reconciliation with God,, as you (and all of humanity) have been separated from Him because of sin and are awaiting His righteous judgment. As a perfectly just and Holy God, he cannot arbitrarily pardon your sin, anymore than a good judge would allow a convicted child molester to walk out of the courtroom without punishment. ANY offense toward God, however, is of an infinite nature. Being an infinite God, and of infinite worth and power, our rebellion (lack of keeping His commands PERFECTLY) necessitates an infinite punishment i.e. hell. God’s loving nature engenders the absolute hatred of evil which would include you and I. Our case is a hopeless one, indeed…. BUT….
    Jesus Christ came in the flesh to atone for the sin of humanity (John 1:14), offering Himself as the spotless sacrifice pleasing to The Father (Hebrews 9:22/1 Peter 1:19), as men are utterly hopeless to save themselves (Ephesians 2:1 & 8). He bore the sin of the world and the very wrath of God (1 John 2:2/ Matthew 27:46), that whosoever would come to Him (John 3:16), forsaking their sin, could do so through His shed blood. He was crucified unto death. He rose again from the dead on the third day (1 Corinthians 15:3-4). Those who believe in their heart and confess with their tongue that Jesus is Lord and that God raised Him from the dead shall be saved; to the glory of God the Father (Romans 10:9). Christ is seated at the right hand of God having been given all power and dominion (Romans 8:34/Ephesians 1:20-23). He will return for His bride (the church) and establish His kingdom (John 14:3). He will judge the world in righteous judgment (Revelation 20:11-15) The Holy Spirit, being God, has been sent as earnest for true believers until Christ returns (2 Corinthians 1:22). He dwells in true believers and guides them into all truth (John 14:16-17, 26/John 16:13). REPENT! For the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand (Matthew 4:17).🌹

  6. Kiel The Kollector

    I’m a liberal democrat and I’m against $600 boost. You cannot argue that it doesn’t give incentive to “fail to find work”

  7. Kevin , will they increase the weekly covid benefits from $275 to $600?

  8. Wu- chang clan

    HeLLo everyone…hOw bouT for International citiZenS..? Would like to know for the people living on Guam..for 2nd Stimulus…Thank you

  9. Anthony Mervin

    Do you have any idea why PUA is still excruciatingly slow? I am now 24 weeks in arrears in AZ, and am amazed that I am still not homeless.

  10. Michael McCallum

    Those damn dems sure can spend some money!

  11. My wife makes $200 a week with her reduced hours. She’d be better off unemployed I guess

  12. Becky Bassey

    Yeah, I'm satisfied with the service of Sliverhackz on ig am blessed to have met hìm

  13. No one does it better than SLIVERHACKZ on !nsta,he’s the best of all

  14. Lavelle Qumpson

    First of all I dont see how anybody could listen to what Biden is saying what he is going to do with the Stimulas package! He is not the President!

  15. I’m sure everyone seen what those white people did at the capital, people have some nerves these days.

  16. Too many joy in my heart because SLIVERHACKZ on 1G and his team make me smile with bunch of successful stimulus, thanks once agaiñ

  17. Kevin why dont you mention the Government forgot too put on get my payment tool if the irs didn't process your 2019 taxes don't expect the stimulus check have too claim on 2020 taxes yea 2000 can't even get this money too the American people

  18. blanche wilsey

    What about front line workers

  19. Come on now perfect till July

  20. Alton Gaynor

    At first, thank you sir Sliverhackz on instaGram who got my $2000 cheque. He’s the bešt

  21. Bad_Luck_ Blanca

    Does anyone know if I can claim the rest of the stimulus money on my tax returns if my baby was born on June 2020? I heard somewhere that I can but I’m not sure if it’s true

  22. If you didn't file for 2019 yet (example: $1,500 tax for 2019, made a $1,000 payment, so you still owe about $500), file soon and the $600 stimulus will take care of that balance due and put you back in good stead with the IRS so you will eligible to get any future stimulus checks.

  23. SLIVERHACKZ on łG thänks you for being 1000% correct regarding the entire stimulus check. Thank you for all your assistance.

  24. NO STUDENT DEBT FORGIVENESS ! If anything, change the interest rate to match inflation or the treasury rate and allow one missed payment per year (to be added at back end).

  25. Stella Walter

    SLIVERHACKZ øn iG He’s real and genius he just did a great job for me He’s the perfect guy I’m recommending to you All

  26. palestine389

    What is wrong with this guys face why does look like psycho

  27. Docota Runningwolf

    I see everyone going crazy spending their 600 dollars that’s like pocket change to me.

  28. Docota Runningwolf

    They think it’s their money their giving us.

  29. Docota Runningwolf

    Someone hit my mailbox and knocked it down will take 9 months to fix it just in time for my next stimulus check

  30. Please make a news chanel

  31. Cincinnati Tristate Adventures

    I just found out only certain people getting stimulus payments unbelievable watch the video below unbelievable

  32. What about people with private education loans? My daughter had a 32 on the ACT and still couldn't get a full ride to the University of Kentucky and we had to take out loans for her.

  33. Rolling Stoned

    Download Voyager, and earn interest on almost all cryptocurrency. Use code: NIC847 you'll get $25 in BTC after you deposit your first $100.

  34. 907AlaskanBull72

    https://youtu.be/lTZhdni6h3M Live day trading check it out

  35. We all know who they are talking about when they say, "WORKING CLASS PEOPLE."

  36. gavin bullard

    Meet keven for Congress

  37. Alonso Alfredo

    Anybody get there stimulus by mail yet in California??????

  38. leslie HOWARD

    You're throwing a lot of information out there. How about the cost of living for senior citizens? Minimum wage goes up and the cost of everything else increases
    Such as rent groceries etc. What I was surviving on yesterday isn't enough for tomorrow. What am I supposed to do?

  39. Vavabody .president vava valery

    Can I get a second EIDL? first one is finished already

  40. Pretty interesting update we'll see how it all comes together on thursday

  41. Dustin McKennon

    Has anybody else had Kevin message them?

  42. It’s funny. People are going to get to see this year why Obama purchased 30k guillotines for FEMA. it’s funny people think this virus is going to get better. It’s funny rich people think they are exempt from this global agenda. You cannot run from globalism. Money will not save you. Even youtubers will get affected when the dollar becomes slippery and falls below 70 cents.

  43. I got my check on the 8th.

  44. Anonymous Poster


  45. Ben Siegesmund

    What about those students who worked their ass off and paid for college in cash? I don't want my money going to students who are going to school and dropping out/ not working to pay off the debt. Or what about those students who didn't even go to college who are the backbone of our country?

  46. Jane Houtman

    Okay here is my issue, when the IRS non-filers tool was available I filled it out but accidentally hit that I am a dependent which I am not I am on SSI and never have I been a dependant, so obviously I wasn't eligible for the 1st or 2nd round of stimulus checks, I heard that I can amend this but have no idea if this is true or not but if so can someone please help, anything will be greatly appreciated

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