700% Incoming! $1 VET | VET Analysis & Update | Crypto News Today

700% Incoming! $1 VET | VET Analysis & Update | Crypto News Today

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  1. Man Vechain is just sitting there… Btc is, holding it back immensely..

  2. ivica cajavec

    You've been talking about a $ 1 price tag for 3 years, and see where we are …

  3. I’m holding on to vet until we get to a dollar!

  4. When I try to sell VET on Binance Lite the only currency I can choose is australian dollars. Does anyone know why? I’m in UK.

  5. Adrian Enad Barco

    Cardano is the best done this shit coin

  6. AkoTo Marjon

    1 usd in the year 2030 more likely

  7. KingPacavision

    around when do you think this cycle will end?

  8. Tamás Sallai

    Vet very weak

  9. ORHAN Çınar

    Vet (Vechain) go to $1 this month 🚀🚀🚀🚀

  10. Chris Adiadi

    Where??! I hear this so many times bevor and just nothing happend!

  11. Hahahaha idiot prediction

  12. I just realised that when btc hit 50k this year last time vechain was under 5pence . Now btc hit 50k now it’s just below 10pence

    If btc was to go back to all time high surely vechain will break all time high let me know nick

  13. VET is a great project 💪🏼👍🏼🙌🥰

  14. I’ve been holding VET for way over a year now and it seems everyone is focused on such short term gains and the numbers?! It’s a fantastic project and anyone who wants to make real money should be looking at it in terms of years not months. Too many people trying to hop on crypto like its a trend rather than an actual investment.

  15. when?

  16. Can it go up to $1?

  17. Hi @Cheeky Crypto, would 0.6 be a bit too conservative for $VET for end of this year?

  18. Northern Wing

    Shit coin will remain shit coin

  19. Awesome content! 🍻

  20. I love reading all of the bearish comments on different cryptos.

    If you clowns knew what you were talking about you'd be too rich to spread your negativity in YouTube comments. Realistically, your bearishness is probably a result of you buying the tops and FOMO'ing into rug pulls. Sit back, be quiet and make money. Nobody needs your misguided opinions.

    Vechain is the reason I'm retiring in February at 37 with no need to touch my other holdings.

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