8 Reasons Why You Should Become a Software Engineer | Perks of Becoming a Software Engineer

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In this video, Parikh Jain, Founding member of Coding Ninjas, talks about the perks of being a Software Engineer. It is one of the most popular occupations among our generation and is considered evergreen as we move towards a digital world.
Software Engineers enjoy many perks in the job, like flexible working hours, good pay, convenient work from home setups etc. Make sure you watch the complete video and comment your opinion.

0:00 – Introduction
1:10 – Learning curve is exponential
2:11 – Have to learn new skills
2:41 – It’s a well-paid job
3:26 – Software engineer is the best job for remote work
4:35 – Flexible timings
5:33 – Software engineer is a highly secured job
6:54 – You will work on the best laptops
7:34 – You can impact millions of people
8:40 – It’s a very productive job

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  1. I showed this vedio to my mom…But she again said the same thing " Beta sarkari deklo inme kuch nahe rakha"..ab kon samjaye yar

  2. Hi Parikh,
    I'm from non technical background, working in Customer service from past 10 yrs, now I want to start my carrier in programming flied. How can coding ninjas can help me??
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

  3. Please consider adding English subtitles. Especially because your title is in English.

  4. Please share a video on opportunities in Machine Learning And Data Science and also share what are the opportunities in that field.

  5. One should become a software engineer only if he/she is passionate about tech, problem solving and coding. Definitely not for perks. Otherwise yours life will become very boring. If you love programming then only you will enjoy a black screen with coloured code lines, or else it will become a nightmare and you will end up in a boring support project with zero career growth. I am not discouraging, but this is harsh reality. And definitely have a strong base in mathematics (specially discreet math and regression) if you are thinking about machine learning and AI.

  6. Sir Please Reply I Am from commerce background i have very much intrest in this field i know the web development 50 % is Industry Accept
    How can i become software Enginere

  7. If anyone need document version of this video plzz follow parik sir on LinkedIn 😀😁

  8. Sir, could you make a video on career opportunities in Data Science and companies who hire data scientiest.

  9. Very motivating for someone learning or confused about what profession to choose.
    Thanks alot
    Keep uploading, I never miss any single video

  10. My favourite point about software engineer is the time flexibility🙂🙂🙂

  11. Yes sir you were exactly right for a software engineering learning curve is always exponential. Really well said about the advantages of being a software engineer sir. It is very important for a person to understand the importance of his own profession. Thankyou for this wonderful video sir💥💥

  12. Thankyou sir for motivating us with such a great video that being a software engineer is such a productive job and how we can impact others as well with our projects on which we can work remotely and with flexibility of time!!🤩🤩🤩
    keep sharing such content!!🙌🏻🙌🏻

    This page it genuinely awesome!
    Parikh Sir always explains everything so efficiently and beautifully .💯
    Do recommend sharing it to all Software Engineering buddies!!👍

  14. This video has motivated me to work hard and be always ready to learn new skills🤩
    Thank u Parikh Sir for this amazing Video🙌🏻😊
    Now Going to my Laptop to start coding….
    Afterall Engineers Rocks🔥💥

  15. Every point you have said, I totally agree with it but being a software engineer our health will be more compromised than others.

  16. Super sir. Make video on importance of DSA .why DSA, Application of DSA..??

  17. How you know my mind's requirement?? Mujhe jis ki jroorat hoyi h vo aapke channel pe upload ho jati h .🤗thank you very much sir and keep supporting us,i want to be a real software engineer not for show off.
    Sir can i get your wattsapp number? Promise i will not message on unneccesary things.

  18. Sir kya future me AI k through computer khude he coding kr sakta hai kya. Jaise aaj chess k 1 second me billions of moves soch pata hai. Please reply.

  19. you guys are really motivating me everyday. keep uploading such videos sir 😊