+$88k After Giving Back Some Profits | Day Trading Recap by Ross Cameron

Curious about my trades❓❓ If you have questions 🤷‍♂️👨‍💻😉❓❓ ask them below!  I respond to every question posted on my channel.

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  1. Phillip Schmidt

    We have gaps on IRNT about to get filled at 32.13 and 23.32. Gotta have a stop loss with a gap below also and wait for confirmation probably.


    God bless you, I've learned to much with you, your recaps and Mike

  3. Excellent Ross. Momentum is back. This a
    Autum will be great 😊

  4. maurices levines

    Thursday noon hour. IRNT looking good. 38 up to 42. AT 2:14 IRNT on Thursday with these 20 cent spreads isn't god for people with a heart condition. Dude, IRNT is whipsawing around like a rattlesnake. There goes a one dollar dump in one candle.

  5. Mohamed El-Feky

    Well done… keep it up

  6. Good job bro 🙂

  7. Lars Kilevold

    What happened to the live streaming in the mornings? Have you stopped doing it?

  8. Kostik Shabanov

    Nice recap, good play, was stepped out couple of entries, my stop loss was to low (20 to 30 cents was to low for this stock) then adjusted to 50c loss and its worked better.

  9. Awesome so happy for you!

  10. I saw the scanners and got in at the bell, but jumped out at too early…😩

  11. Tyronne Hamilton

    I got in when it was under $14 Wednesday morning what a monster.

  12. 👍👍👍👍

  13. Graham Bibby

    Why did u choose this stock over everything else such as wynn gap fill?

  14. Curiously, I am rewatching Ross's live stream from 4/14/21 and and 12 minutes in, INDP is in an image on a news article he's reading about LBPH. Such a small world.

  15. I'm glad to see you got a great green day. I got a couple of trades on INDP but with small shares size. I had to really downsize shares to match volatility of it, I couldn't take a flush wiping out my small account. I first got in at 12.79 with 25 shares lol I wish I would of left them longer but I got 3 green trades for 1.40 share. I did a few green PT for practice & I was telling myself to shut it down & take the win & stop. I shut it down & while at lunch I look at phone & it went to $28 I was like omg FOMO. I need green days no matter what size they are.

  16. Boom! Amazing day!!

  17. Hassan Sabere

    That was a good one. I could not believe how high it went. We did well.

  18. Wow! Trade like a warrior…great job Ross. I don’t day trade any more because of my new 9-5. I have been trading cryptos since last week. I started with 2K and in just under 7 days I have made a profit of slightly over $1200. These days especially when day trading is a bit off, I think cryptos are ok as an alternative especially if one doesn’t have lots of buying power.

  19. WOW ROSS what a great green day !!! Yipee

  20. Dang! Way to go sir!!

  21. Awesome trading today Rossman! I was totally out of sync and had a medium sized red day, I have a mental block when it comes to being long when something is up so much, risk points seem too arbitrary. I’m workin on it tho 🌵🌖

  22. Bruno Martins

    You have to update this recap 😜

  23. Derek Ketcher

    88k! 🤯 I was able to have a small position at 11.85 and got out at 17.20…i hate that i didnt go with a full position but a +40% gain in my small acct. was a real confidence booster after a +50% day on ATER monday

  24. Best Tours Enterprises

    Here is my question. Where are you getting your stock picks (selection) each day? Benzinga did not mention INDP, neither did Marketwatch, Stockbeep, Briefing, or Zacks…. If I had known INDP was going to take off, I would have watched it, and paper traded it. I might have even traded it in a cash account. The selections that you eventually chose to trade, are usually rare, and difficult to locate. I'm thinking of hiring you to select my stocks. Maybe you can make a video on how you find the stocks with huge potential to move.

  25. William Clark

    Just started doing real day trading last week. I made $525 this morning on IRNT. Got in at $26.55 and sold at $29.00. My account had about $2000 in it before. Love your videos!

  26. TradeSmart John

    I saw INDP this morning and price action on this one was pretty easy to trade in my opinion, I was all ready to jump on it at the open and 2 min to bell my internet went down so I missed it,
    got frustrated and so when my internet came back I just made a quick scalp instead of the way I want to trade, only @.40c a share and when this happens I just call it a day small green day, that is the way it goes sometimes, Jesus blessings on you all enjoy the day

  27. Michael Pabon

    Hey Ross. I’ve been trading confidently in the simulator. How accurate is the execution rate of filled orders with real live trading. I typically only trade 1000 shares at a time.

  28. Sem Daniyelyan

    Just yesterday you were saying you were waiting for the next momentum stock! Best trade all month :))

  29. Money Montee

    Got out of crypto today for ironnet $29.30 average. could reach 60 by open

  30. Goodbye Mr. Anderson

    Keep it green keep it mean

  31. I watch your channel every day b/c that is truly fantastic 👍

  32. Pre Market Breakout pattern. I love it 😍❤️

  33. Hopefully 2020 hot 🔥🥵 market will rush into 2022 ! Pls. Jesus !

  34. I can't wait to get my rig so I can start on the simulator. He just made in one day what I make in a year. Gives me hope for a bright future. Can't wait to learn from one of the best!

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