9/11: George Bush realises America is under attack – BBC

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9/11: George Bush Finds Out About the Attack on the South Tower

On September 11th 2001, the United States came under attack. The George Bush administration describe the morning that changed the world forever.

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  1. Starting war is was simply courage and when Ending war is was simply coward

  2. Everyone is gonna talk about what was there age and where they studied and their past story not be rude,no one gives a care about that. No one is gonna talk about the plane or the terrorists or the people who died

  3. Oh my! 🇺🇸🙏🙏😭

  4. People of the United States, please do not be fooled by these news broadcasts featuring these con artists with suits on. We have been warned 9/11 was to come way before it happened, by movies tv shows etc. please please don’t forget guys. These satanist who run the world aren’t “good” people. They aren’t people of god. Please you guys be safe and do not trust our government, they’ve screwed us in the past and will continue as long as we keep falling for their tricks. Much love to you all.

  5. He was the one behind it

  6. Cameron Clark

    I was 7 and my sister was 12 but we were at the same school, and our mom came to pick us up less than 30 minutes after dropping us off which was extremely odd. She said there had been a bad accident and our uncles may be hurt, we had 8 uncles so we didn't know what that meant. We got home she turned on the TV and it was unfortunately right in time to see the first tower collapse. Then we saw the second go not long after. Both my uncles were there, and never came back. But I know they were the strongest guys I know and know they saved lives that day. 1 was NYPD and 1 was NYFD. I've been terrified to go on a plane now for over 20 years, and still miss my uncles laughter and personalities. They both called my grandparents on the same call that day, and then went separate ways after saying their I love yous and good byes and saying they had to go to work. My grandparents remember that call and hurt till this day as do I.

  7. Saya setuju,

    Wow he looked so Surprized
    Its done flawlessly

  8. Mara Jade Skywalker

    We will NEVER forget. I will never forget. I was too young (6 years old and in class) So I don't remember it. I do however remember things being very different in America. Both my parent's watched Live as the towers fell and the second plane hit. The people jumping from the building and also falling… I never saw it but I've seen the Sep 11 recordings every year since and it's never been forgotten by the people who cared.

  9. You rose to the occasion Mr.President and did a great job for 20 years I’ve watched you and every time you’ve inspired me

  10. Walter Lopez

    It's hard to handle what he did,
    Im sure he did all he could and I'm sure he was worry but we see the tranquility he shows in every press moment , he managed the presidency as good as he could .
    The right man for that terrible moment
    He handle the tragedy the best he could

  11. Marilyn Coyne

    ^ realizes.

  12. The terrorists stole Newton's law of motion. Send the army to get it back fast !

  13. Edwinmoney 13

    🙏🏼🙏🏼 condolences to the families that lost a loved one.

  14. I was only 16 when 9/11 hit

  15. Buenos Aires

    its so cool that Americans are taught to be patriotic at a young age. Wish we had that spirit here in my country.

  16. Every single one of these people were behind it. War Criminals and KILLERS !

  17. Inside job

  18. Jose Gutierrez

    "The job of our president is to protect the American people from harm, and some presidents don't even worry about that, and some do" very true, today we have one that doesn't, leaving behind Americans, allies, etc in Afghanistan

  19. Shane’l Blount

    I would have done the same thing… he was in a classroom full of children. what would him freaking out have done? damage was done.

  20. shoewrapper 16

    idc about your political affiliations or what party you support, you gotta respect Bush for keeping his cool during those moments

  21. War on what?!?…Terror??? America’s infrastructure needs to be under a microscope especially with the shit going now.

  22. GoogleIsAPieceOfSh*t

    Bush did 911!

  23. Bush did 9/11

  24. George Bush realises his plan has worked.

  25. Julian Torres

    un=f = believable that he wouldnt move from that chair 20 years later another mummy is running the country. Useless.

  26. He stayed calm because his planned worked…

  27. Most people around the world who were over 12 years old at that time may remember what they were doing upon knowing the news.

  28. At the time the 9/11 attacks happened, he conveniently was reading books to children while a camera was filming him. I really hope Bush didn't order the attacks. He already killed 4000 american soldiers in Iraq. I think an extra 3000 would be too much.

  29. Being that I was 15 when the America was under attack I Couldn’t really understand President Bush calm demeanor when he got the news but now at 35 I totally understand now RIP to ALL LIVES LOST IN THIS TRAGEDY 🕊never forget 9/11

  30. He's too cool to don't know it

  31. SportsPrincess

    I did not like President Bush but I have to commend him for keeping his composure after hearing that.

  32. He should’ve been impeached for just SITTING THERE AFTER BEING TOLD THE COUNTRY IN UNDER ATTACK. That was a dereliction of duty. But no two wars and trillions later the war criminal is now a painter. America has been a joke.

  33. Fahad Javaid

    Officer:"Sir We Are Under Attack"

  34. He knew it was gonna happen

  35. Lo Mein Bullies

    This has been one of the greatest crimes committed against the governments own people sense Hitler. It was so successful. They put so much fear and racist hatred into Americans hearts. Made us want to go to war. And they still got us believing this shit 20 years later after a failed war. It’s because we were in there for Control of their opium and oil. It’s sad to see that people steal by this false narrative just because of how it made them feel 20 years ago when they were vulnerable innocent little children. It’s soo sad

  36. Lo Mein Bullies

    The only time a president has ever had the time to sit down and read a book to children coincidently happen to be on 9/11. Y’all know we stole Hitler‘s scientist and engineers to work for America right? Y’all think this is by design? Oh look how heartwarming and sad our president was reading to school kids and had no idea that we were under threat of attack by A family the Bush family literally had oil/opium/war ties with. Perfect excuse for us to invade. I remember how I felt as an innocently vulnerable middle school child who trust in my government. First thing I said was we should blow them up and nuke them. Yeah like war was ever the answer. like that was ever going to make anything better. That’s just how they wanted to make Americans feel. They still trying to pull this false narrative down our ear holes. Mannn GTFOH. It was designed for him to be reading to children when this happens. We’re watching a freaking reality show. Just watch they make up videos for when they get Clinton ready for the camera. This shit is extremely creepy

  37. Never forget, never forgive. The next time we go to the Middle East, may we raze it to the ground.

  38. DarkMasterCh1ef !

    Ruhet in Frieden.

  39. Inside job

  40. roman reigns biggest fan

    Black day for whole world

  41. He had to be told about the second plane publicly because the entire narrative is a lie.

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