A Public Apology… Million Crypto Hacked. (Status update and post mortem)

Million Crypto was hacked last night through a code exploit. I didn’t know, I am just another victim and I am sorry.
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Million Discord: https://discord.gg/million

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  1. Million Crypto Official: https://milliontoken.org/
    Join the Million Discord: https://discord.gg/million

  2. Arturio Vilanova

    Is this really the guy who started million token? Can't tell with the sarcasm


    Keep up the good work

  4. Thanks for the .25 Million token. I really wasn't expecting that. It's been sitting in my wallet for 4 days. I just realized. 🤯🥳🚀🤷‍♂️🤑🙏🦧

  5. Helen Blakes

    I recommend you all larryhacks101 on Telegram his profits methods are real

  6. Akinyemi Boluwatife

    Appreciation to larryhacks101* on Telegram his profits method are genuine

  7. Huver Sanchez

    Damn ETH are very volatile right now. I want something that can change the game. StrongNode has a lot of potential to do that. Bullish!

  8. Pangkabuhayang Online

    StrongNode.io Co-founder and CEO, DANIEL SATO are #Database and #Node Networks forerunners, having orchestrated the MySQL Database exit to Sun MicroSystems for $1B+ while previously growing SEGA and its globally growing node networks.

  9. freddy orland

    Wonderful script from millyhack101 telegram, keep that good work sir

  10. James Taylor

    Thanks to millyhack101 on telegram, his service is safe and secure

  11. James Taylor

    Thanks to millyhack101 on telegram, his service is safe and secure


    Rename to Sarcastic Coin or Big Ego Coin.

  13. Ahmad Alabed Almhimed - أحمد العبد المحيمد

    Nice content

  14. You crack me up.

  15. Donggkyeun Kim

    Hope this goes 10x 20x 30x, im very much hoping this rlly happens

  16. despite continuous promo the price is failing to hold
    people are selling and this coin has massively dropped from its all time high
    all the hype about this token being the future are just to make sure people dont sell
    people get greedy and have a fear of missing out
    remember you dont need to attend every party in town

  17. Umesh Kapoor

    from 220 to 45..even a sh*t coin like doge has a better use case

  18. TheNext Prive

    Techleader coded an exploited/bug to rip us in future comeone he is ex Google/Facebook devolper

  19. just found your channel man your filled with wisdom. Can you make a video on if you should get married

  20. "Million token was hacked"
    Is the correct grammar

  21. Thanks for making it super easy to purchase! I will support you and your token. Please sell some of your milliontoken nfts for reasonable prices, you can afford to sell a few for cheaper, and that way you most loyal supporters can get some, remember, making your fans super happy makes them more dedicated and excited, which is good for you long term and the community.

  22. The biggest lesson l've learned about trading Cryptos lately is they are very hard to predict and I suck at it 🙁 One thing to keep in mind is that money or really currency is never created on cryptos, this means you have to be in the top half of traders just to make a profit and it's not really the top half because the professional traders control well over half the currency in the market. Seeing a crypto has tanked and predicting there is a greater chance of it rising before it has passed the day moving average has failed for me on several occasions, finding the right entry and exit point on my own did not workout for me I got better and My actual portfolio was multiplied by 5 In two months After getting in touch with Cameron Fous a personal coach showed me how to navigate and exploit crypto to my advantage despite the volatility. Cameron can be reached on [email protected] there is the realism of winning and losing but the losing does not hurt too bad because I recover quickly by making smarter decisions.

  23. Kimberly Torie


  24. Kimberly Torie


  25. Kimberly Torie

    All the praise goes to👍🤧@GREATHACK01 ON TELEGRAM!!!!!!
    for bringing my live back up when I taught everything is gone🥳🤩🥰……,

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