ABC News Prime: Race to Evacuate Kabul; Pres. Biden Interview; Capitol bomb scare

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  1. On taxes, nearly everything that is said is wrong. The lower corporate tax rate isn't a loophole or a rebate, it's a lower rate. When salaries are reduced, more money is left in the company to invest. Surely, that's a good thing. This presentation is therefore biased and based on the false belief that more taxes paid beats more investments made. Rubbish.

  2. There is a case to be made that another vaccine booster isn't the way to go and that instead it's an exposure to the virus that would maintain protection throughout the epidemic. People who had two shots will generally not be sick when exposed to the virus. When they do, the virus combines with the effects of the vaccine to add protection. This is how many vaccines work. It means that people who had two shots shouldn't wear a mask unless they are at special risk. The challenge is getting people to have their two shots. This also means that fully vaccinated teachers who are exposed daily to the virus are the most projected from the disease.

  3. It's pretty ghastly that the US is unable to get their nationals out of Afghanistan. There isn't even a deal with the Britons to let Americans enter from their side of the airport. This is laughably strange. Biden doesn't make any sense trying to explain it's all the fault of Trump's commitment to leave. Why did he not plan for a NATO peace keeping mission to replace the troops? Why didn't he work with the Talibans to move out in an orderly fashion?

  4. Christopher White

    Horrible job Democrats! Yall have yourselves to blame for this too. This is what yall voted for!

  5. Joe Biden- "Don't worry, we have assembled the best election fraud team in history". That's what really happened, America did not vote for Biden.

  6. Kabullove Jangul

    The federal government should not invest millions of $ for a few hundreds of thousands of local workers in order to bring these people from Afghanistan to USA and integrate them. Everyone in Afghanistan is in danger, regardless of whether they have worked with USA and the West or not. because the Taliban doesn't respect human rights. My suggestion is to get as many people as possible to a third country where life is cheap. Where you can organize a lot with the dollar as a currency. For example, with a million $ in India or Uzbakstan you can organize many projects for refugees than in USA or Germany. As an Afghan, I find this type of evacuation simply efficient enough. This means that USA can evacuate many people from my country, Afghanistan, with little money. What has to be done during this time. It is not a solution that few people get out of the country. And the other people in Afghanistan will be handed over to the Taliban as worthless . This type of evacution is just degrading of millions afghans plus superior a few hundreds . Shame on the this type of human rights .

  7. Walter Black

    I really don't think all of Biden's marbles are in one place.

  8. Dat Wang Hosai Vlog

    Joi is a coward president to be honest, bloodshed has been from 15/20 years… honestly salute to the us Marines but withdrawal troops frm afgan will be the biggest mistakes for the us and world.

  9. Poverty Spec

    Biden abandons Americans in Afghanistan while leaving the southern border wide open.

  10. Who's running the show??? President in cognitive decline, woke General Miley worried about white rage and affirmative action pick General Loyd Austin!

  11. Biden is a sad joke

  12. so your saying you did all vote for an elderly man with dementia right?

  13. "Americans will have to set up a new base!"

  14. This news is a JOKE.

  15. This news is a joke. This president is a joke. His entire administration is a joke. Creep child sniffing uncle Joe said in the Stephanopoulos interview, "no one is getting killed right now" while people are falling off planes. Lying manipulative disgraceful idiots are in positions in this country that they were NEVER QUALIFIED FOR!

  16. David M. Evans

    Joke Biden is personally responsible for crimes against humanity to the tune of hundreds of thousands of people from Afghanistan to the US border and Central Americans 🧐 Biden is criminally negligent and should be tried for his crimes 🧐

  17. anybody nobody

    sure, biden has decades of experience in foreign policy, but nobody said the experience was good 🤭

  18. anybody nobody

    if you know the taliban would take over, as professionals and top tier military personnel, you SHOULD have had a set of decisions set up JUST for the possibility of quick take over. Because an eventual take over can only be either quick, or gradual. Seems like only one of those possibilities was planned for. What a horrendous oversight by such highly esteemed people with great power. Trash

  19. anybody nobody

    i cant believe that biden couldnt tell that the afghan military didnt have the spine to fight BEFORE he decided to pull out. From what I hear, its not the afghans being weak, its their leaders. could our government not have seen that weakness in them, to know to evacuate efficiently?? why did the US take on such a protective role to begin with???? isnt it obvious it wouldve ended this way, if the US took over BECAUSE afghans couldnt take care of themselves??? come on…

  20. Sturdy Thorpe

    Biden says he's going to rescue every American. Never mind the fact that he has no clue how many Americans are in Afghanistan.

  21. ABC fake news helped Sniffy Joe steal the election. Are you proud of you selves now? ABC, Always Broadcasting Crap.

  22. Froggy Gastarbeiter

    There may be many good solid Americans and Canadians who pray for a consumately professional and successful 20 July Rastenburg salvation — only not with 1944 results 🇺🇸🇨🇦🇬🇧🇦🇺🇳🇿🇮🇪

  23. Chad Midgley

    Biden voters should apologize to the rest of us.

  24. Vlad Tschill

    Absolutely love how you guys only posted the stream of the interview split up into pieces rather than just posting the damn interview

  25. Vlad Tschill

    Literally cut out half of biden's responses

  26. Daniel Toomey

    What a boob that Biden character is,He’s got enough bucks in his pocket ,what a liar that was installed to try to direct us ,he is a mask wearing fool that shows he is truly sick.

  27. Angela Baiers

    Biased panels. No real journalists present. You don't know Biden after 47 yrs of lies, plagerizing, warmongering, pay2play & corruption? He had options! Corp SJW Activists & Liberal Corp Media & Big Tech Marxists coordinated with the DNC to install Biden a man with brain aneurysms/Brain surgeries/falls & this horribly dishonest, weak, reckless Admin! You hold responsibility for the horrible policies & actions of the last 7 months by this Admin. Biden is in rapid mental decline per Obama/Trump WH doctor since Biden was campaigning & you all have covered it up

  28. Miyoko Migliozzi

    the installed dimwit will ruin this country

  29. coRAZón Light Life

    Response to Security Breech:
    TMobile: Don’t worry – if your personal data was stolen,
    we’ll give you 2 years of free identity theft protection 😄

  30. Embarrassed to be an American for the first time.

  31. Homie really just knocked on wood about people dying

  32. Bob Richards

    I'm not the biggest fan of George Stephanopoulos and I've got my reasons for that. But I'll thank him for a good job on trying to hold Biden's feet to the fire in that interview. It's probably one of the toughest interviews he's ever had to face coming from a democrat news outfit and I'm sure he wasn't expecting it.

    I only wish George would've followed-up on some of those absolutely insane responses to the major talking-points.

    Maybe ABC is starting to get it?

  33. Lisa The Beautician

    They need to perform a mental competency test on Biden and use the results to impeach him. He is senile.

  34. America you literally voted for an Alzheimer's patient and now we see debacle after debacle. The border. Inflation. Rising crime. If you vote fot somebody who has dementia or Alzheimer's disease what do you expect? It will knock it better it'll get a lot worse as I've seen my family and people in my family who have had dementia. This is going to get a lot worse

  35. Hang’em all

  36. Welcome to bidens greatest hits… 🤮😵‍💫🤮🥴🤮

  37. Potato 🥔 president… 🥔🤡🥔🤡🥔🤡🥔🤡🥔🤡🥔🤡🥔🤡🥔🤡🥔

  38. “False claims” 🤔🤔🤔🤔

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