About Me: First Video – Sarahs Day

Hi lovely people!

So some of you guys might know me from my health and fitness instagram sarahs_day.
This channel is pretty much an expansion of my instagram and an inside look into my life.
Here on my channel I will be posting a huge variety of videos ranging from health, beauty, makeup, fitness, fashion and more!
I’m so passionate about health and natural beauty remedies, and have gone through a lot in regards to body image and issues with my health.
Not only is this a great way for me to connect with my followers, I also want to help others who have been in my past situations, and share my experiences, knowledge and ideas.
Please comment what type of videos you would like to see/subscribe if you think you will enjoy my channel

Love Sarah x


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  1. Joelle Sutton

    wow, this was in my recs 2021
    so cool to watch this see how she started

  2. Rita Prokhor

    This is in my 2021 recommendations lol

  3. 2021: omg this is so cute, so long ago 🥺

  4. In my recommendations in 2021 and I couldn't love this more 🥲

  5. Congrats on your wedding, beautiful son and growing youtube career. If only you knew where this channel takes you ♡ God bleessss

  6. MissMarisa7Beauty

    2021 anyone?

  7. Maryam Nemati

    Ohh i whatch this in 2021
    Can't believe it😂❤

  8. Layla Campos

    Binge watching your channel since the beginning!💕🥺 so little!!

  9. Jonah Thacker

    Hi Sarah!
    My name is Jonah and my wife is the biggest fan of yours! She has been watching your videos for years! She talks about you like she’s talking about a friend! She’ll say, “Sarah said this” or “Sarah said that” and I know exactly who she’s talking about, you! A person she’s never met. At first I thought that was a little weird, but she’s been so encouraged by your videos that she has started her own full time photography business. I was wondering if you would send her a message of encouragement. It would seriously blow her away, and it’d give me some brownie points! I’ve messaged you on Facebook and Emailed you. If you could please message me back I would be forever grateful and blessed. I want to give her an amazing Christmas and I think the best gift she could get this year would be a video from her favourite YouTuber! Please let me know if you’d do this for her! Thank you in advance if you see this! I know you’re a busy woman!

  10. Sarah Huguet Calvo

    Sometimes I miss this Sarah, not in a bad way, just… I like to rewatch this first video I found it more than 6,5 years ago, I love it then, when you where more as my friend, hehehe now I have to share you with so many others ( that im súper HAPPY for you and that there is More girls like me) just missing you a bit❤️
    U are awesome 🤍 love from Barcelona!

  11. Happily a mama

    2020 anyone👌🌼
    I can't believe how much sarah has progressed over these years❤

  12. Wow the is the first time I'm seeing this video. I've been following since you got pregnant with Fox and you've grown and changed so much since this video. Love it 💙

  13. Dorean Heurtelou

    2020 – I went to the main page and scrolled ALLLLL the way down to the first video. LOL

  14. Kylee Watson

    Rewatching this in 2020 while wearing her whole speckle collection and drinking her cookie dough protein. Needless to say subscribing has changed my life 🤍

  15. Take Me To The Sea

    Oh how far you’ve come

  16. Nasreen Hansa

    I am a semi OG subscriber. I just thought I might as well follow the entire journey from scratch 😁

  17. Morgan Peerless

    Damn this is so old! But still being recommended in 2020

  18. Madison Bleick

    2020- anyone else here after her Kurt and Foxy are in the new house!?! 💛

  19. Virgeley Paulino

    watching in 2020 omgggggggggg haha

  20. Michela Vaghi

    I've already watched all of your videos, but since the new ones are not enough for me I've decided to rewatch them from the beginning lol

  21. This video is just too cute!😍 And it’s also crazy how much you have grown and achieved in 7 years!😍💗🥰

  22. Vicktory_mel

    Following her everywhere (on internet lol) for over four years. And I love her!!! Sarah you inspiring me so so much! Thank you 🙏🏾 🦋

  23. Angelica Sorensen

    Omg the audio is low key so bad

  24. test1234 test


  25. Tahlia De Maniel

    I don't know why this is in my suggestions but I'm also not mad about it.


    omg just stumbled upon this!! amazing how you have grown so much!

  27. Keep at it

  28. Dinia Santamaría

    Aww she's a baby girl here! She looks so shy and quiet. 💞💞

  29. Watching this in 2020 and believe Sara is an amazing woman now ♥️

  30. Lena Meiertoberens

    Mai 2020 😁😁

  31. Southern Grandma

    I thought she was so sweet and more real here… I know most disagree. May 24th, 2020

  32. Wowwww can't believe how you have grown!!!

  33. Anyone else have this in they recommendations? 2020? 💕

  34. Isabella Sampson

    omg rewatching your chanel!

  35. I just want to hug her. Hahahahah she is so nice and genuine. I have followed her since her breakup. 2020 still here.

  36. Margaux Leprévost

    Felt like watching sarah's first video even if i knew it, how cute how she looks up in the air when she's talking ! She is so confident now and grown up 🙂


    who else is watching this video in 2020? whole 7 years, also anyone here after fox?

  38. Watching this in 2020 after starting my own channel! So inspiring! This is one of my favorite channels and I love seeing how she started!

  39. April 2020!!!!!

  40. watching this in quarantine

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