ADA I Owning 500 Cardano Is Way More Than You Think! | CARDANO NEWS TODAY

ADA I Owning 500 Cardano Is Way More Than You Think! | CARDANO NEWS TODAY

Today in this video we’re gonna talk about everything Cardano ADA, Cardano Price Prediction 2021, Cardano News today and ADA Cardano price. The crypto space is always surprising us, so try to keep up with the cryptocurrency news!

The crypto street has risen from its shadows, digital coins from the crypto market are rising towards reclaiming the lost profits. The rebound of the market has filled the space with enthusiasm, which traders and investors have been waiting for.

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Hope you guys enjoy this!
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  3. Cardano is just a waste of money and time.

  4. It’s really hard to make clickbait content for views when there is nothing to report. So most of this vid is a walk down memory lane of how the price has moved this year. Can’t sugar coat the fact that ADA has languished and underperformed in comparison to the rest of the crypto market, actually trending down whilst everything else has achieved significant gains. It’s hilarious how you try to put a positive spin that ADA is up 5 percent in one day as compared to several others blue chips which are only up 3%. What you gloss over is that ADA has been dropping precipitously in the last month from mid $2 ranges and will now test support in the sub $2 range with prospects of maybe doing 2x in a few years time – basically climbing back to where it was 3 months ago. The rest of the market will most likely achieve greater gains in the same amount of time. Ask yourself, is ADA dead in the water with a large market cap. How much will it really gain in 3 – 5 years and would you rather have your money in another coin that has greater upside? I am really disappointed in ADA and am selling for a loss.(please disregard typos as I am typing from my phone)

  5. มะอ้อย ชิวชิว


  6. Cardano is a solid coin. Don't let the price fool you. It's a long hold. What they are doing around the world is revolutionary. They are changing the way information and finance is traditionally traded.

  7. J Michael1837

    No idea what your talkin about- this coin is just dogging along lately

  8. Bader Kooheji

    to 3$ in 2040 🚀🚀🚀

  9. Valeriy Music

    How ??? Again??? to the moon ??? Oh no way !!!🤣 Likely this shit-ADA go down to the $ 0.70 … It’ s a true !!!
    Cardano never be grown and will not be huge, maximum $5-6 in 10 years. Because the coin a real weak no power. Cardano has a hype only and no more!!! Bla-bla-bla !
    And also ADA is not ecosystem, so , because the Ethereum is a ecosystem a 100% !!!
    Cardano ADA is a trash project !!!
    That’s it……………..!!!!!!!!!

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  11. His Telegram name is @John_Adams0

    I view technical analysis as a way to remove my emotion from the trade. I invest based off of fundamentals. I use TA to set targets, and when I'm getting FOMO or feel like the sky is falling, I fall back on the TA and this return to an analytical frame of mind helps me avoid following the herd during these times. I learnt all this from John Adam's he's a great teacher.☝☝✔✔

  12. Buying cardano is waste of money and waste of time.

  13. Owning some cryptocurrency can increase your portfolio's diversification since cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have historically shown almost no price correlation with the US stock market If you believe that cryptocurrency usage will become increasingly widespread over time, then it probably makes sense for you to buy some crypto directly as part of a diversified portfolio and trade them to make more profits

  14. Barry. White

    what is the best way to make money from crypto trading ?

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