Amazon Denies Crypto Rumors And Bitcoin Falls! Why I'm Not Worried.

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  1. My Financial Friend

    Thanks for watching!
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  4. Tantri Listiana

    Warning,,, BTC Will be SHORT SQUEEZE part 2.
    (Pump to 42-45k).
    Don't SHORT SELL.

  5. The Bear Geek

    It is a question of If. Crypto has received a bad reputation as being the thing that allows ransomware attacks, because is untraceable, also Crypto and NFT have been under fires for wasting electricity and generating CO2, particularly have been hard for wasting GPUs in the middle of a chip shortage.

  6. David Jimenez

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  7. Alexandru Chirpac


    6 Days since launch! Already 25M market cap.

  8. Of course theyre going to deny it lol

  9. Alexandru Chirpac

    BIRB DEFI 1 week old 400% up + whitepaper !!

  10. Daniel Moore

    anyone solved crypto-nation enigma on opensea ?

  11. Marcin Hibner

    💙💚💙💚The only fit for 💙💚Amazon💚💙is

  12. I'm most excited about the underlying blockchain technology, which could be used to verify all kinds of transactions and do all kinds of other stuff that I don't even know about cause I'm just a nobody lol

  13. Lara Aniston

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  22. zaZBat Official

    The wise man put all his eggs in one basket and watches the basket.
    I am all in $DEXA and watching it to grow
    Buy the dip

  23. Harley Giles-Stubna

    do a vid on social tokens!! great work and analysis

  24. Lou Pasternak

    even if rumors were true, a stupid reason to rip crapto up 25%

  25. Michael Russo

    Someone bought 1 billion Bitcoin today.

  26. Shannon Barr

    it went up because of fake news…

  27. Grrr why couldn't Amazon just keep their mouth shut? It was nice to have a run up after a whole month of being down 🤷‍♂️

  28. Marcin Hibner

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  29. alvaro gonzalez

    So many scammers always commenting on this crypto videos!.
    Anyway, great video man!.


  31. Daniel Jenkins

    Literally every top 5 coin follows the exact same path just follows bitcoin

  32. Crypterium TV

    The price of Bitcoin briefly surpassed $39,000 for the first time since June 26, showing an increase of more than 12% over the past day. The price reaction could be sparked by rumors of Amazon’s plans to add cryptocurrency payments.  Amazon has confirmed that the company will accept cryptocurrencies but did not reveal when exactly this should happen. Business Insider has found an Amazon job listing that seeks a leader who will develop the retailer’s Digital Currency and Blockchain strategy as well as a product roadmap.

    What are your thoughts on that? Buying? 😏

  33. BillionairebehindMask

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  34. XRP 💎🤲🏿🚀🌌2022

  35. I just heard mcdonalds and 7-11 stopped excepting ebt and now except crypto. LOL whos starting these rumors if not true

  36. mello in da 334

    Sold sum green and bought sum red today. Love that volatility

  37. George Rivas

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  38. Ronald Cordova

    If Amazon intends to do business in El Salvador, they MUST accept Bitcoin by end Sept 2021.

  39. house machine

    Of course they will accept crypto do the opposite of news

  40. Garrett Furler

    How can I make money from crypto

  41. Jackie Janssen

    Apparently,this is a great video . However,Bit|coin is on quite the run, with little sign of stopping. I know people hate saying "this time is different" but the amount of banks, institutions, and companies who have invested hundreds of miIIions of doIIars with the intent to hold long term: how can we refute that this may be the "super cycle" everyone is talking about? The conditions of this buII market are unIike anything we have ever seen. βͲ↻ still has a ways to go in terms of gro wth, I have been in the crypt0 world for just over a year now and I have been able to make 31βͲ↻ foIIowing the reasonable adv!se and tradin s!gnals from Eric Clark, a pro anaIyst that is always one step ahead of other tradrs, he runs a program for serious minded investor/newbies who are curious to e arn from bit coin regardless of the current price chart. You can easily get_to Eric on ᴛєIєɠram (@ericclark01) for all crypto related inquiries…

  42. Maarten Van Eck

    I feel there are more to this market than we know. Ask for a proper guidance before
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  43. Jacques Ghost

    Would you do a video on XLM?

  44. Be careful, bitcoin isn't for the weak hearted. I started great and look at me, almost lost it all until I met Mrs. Barbara Booth… I'm gonna tell a detailed story of my folly😂

  45. I know many crypto enthusiasts don't want to hear it, but I'm excited about SafeMoon. Good stuff coming down the pipeline. The exchange will be revolutionary.

  46. This is good

  47. Good, it gives me more time to save and buy BTC at lower price.

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