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Daily News Report – Wednesday July 7th, 2021

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Important news items in recents news:
– child tax credit 2021
– IRS tax refunds
– IRS stimulus checks
– 4th stimulus check update
– Unemployment tax situation
– Infrastructure Bill (President Biden and the Build Back Better Campaing)

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  1. You Got Purpose

    Yes I ordered a table waited a whole month

  2. emily lavoie

    Your English speaking is great

  3. emily lavoie

    Ordered a fridge around Christmas time last year and still haven’t received

  4. Jimmy Parker

    Most aftermarket car/truck parts are behind 2-6 weeks on most stuff. Almost all construction/electrical raw materials are on back order.

  5. Can I hop on a boat to japan and get free citizenship? no? just america huh? interesting.

  6. teddy two guns

    Ps5 and Xbox x are impossible to find due to the mirochip shortage

  7. Rachael Mathes

    Purchased a new bedroom set Jan 3, first they said I’d get it by Spring, then it was May, then July, now September ☹️ They said most people are just waiting, bc prices are up now plus starting the whole process over will most likely have longer delays. Meanwhile the set is paid for and I’m without the product.

  8. Christopher Ciciarelli

    Guess what. … what gona happen wen the Afghan security forces surrenders and Isis or some other godless heathen gets a hold of an Abrams tank . Or some other Tech. This is a bad idea Mr President

  9. rage and let rage

    So let me get this straight the irs has enough paper ink printers to receive faxes but not to make checks??

  10. cathy dupont

    Welcome to the devil's world and it's going to get worse…

  11. Preschool right you sure its not communist endocrinology training!!

  12. Charlene Nguyen

    Tesla Model Y…been waiting for three months!

  13. Darrick Jennings

    All whom sees this praise Jesus hallelujah

  14. My living furniture would take 3-6 weeks

  15. Who the hell are we supposed to call about the 3rd stimulus check if not the IRS!!?? I'm about to go on an IRS employee hunt if one of their dimwits don't tell me where mine is! This is beyond ridiculous! Get My Payment is a joke!

  16. Matt Stevens

    Kind of ironic companies are going to robots but a lack of worked

  17. Winter Topaz

    Withdrawing from Afghanistan bc there's about to be a war somewhere where we need those soldiers.

  18. rochelle gassaway

    Get information about third stimulus not processed yet!..thanks for all you do.

  19. 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

  20. My sister applied for a job and they didn’t select her because she is over qualified

  21. Roberto Martinez

    Longer wait times to get checked out at the Kroger'/Fry's. Waited 20 minutes for one item. 2 people working the registers.

  22. Been waiting MONTHS for parts to fix my Truck engine.. Lifters & Cams… Nobody can get the parts even the dealership!!!

  23. 🙄

  24. Car parts! More people are keeping their cars and repairing. My mechanic is going nuts – and so are his customers, because it's taking a week or more to get parts delivered!

  25. That Hippie Lady

    My 15 yr old son got his 1st job now and hes such a good worker… Hes excited to save up for a car and I'm so happy for him… I wish I didn't have to be literally afraid for his future in ways that are out of his control

  26. The monotone is annoying as hell


    grubhub using robots is a smart move i am tired of half of my meals being eaten by these drivers


    well yea? these teen aint collecting money from unemployment like adult are lol

  29. Its True i wait 2 month for my furniture

  30. Wow an American congressman representing folks from other nations over American
    Citizens. Now I seen it all.

  31. Jennifer Avila

    Appliances have ETA'S pushing passed 11weeks

  32. Most people are making more money on unemployment so why work. Stop the extra unemployment and I bet people get jobs..

  33. Bitcoin is the future invest in Bitcoin now with a professional broker and see your life change financially

  34. That 10k is to push the state will teach your kids and not the parents agenda.

  35. Taran Garrett

    I haven’t received my 3rd stimulus the irs site just says your eligible for a stimulus duh

  36. Torrez_ Tales

    Long wait time on unemployment tax refund

  37. Sylvie Gamboa

    We need a stimulus for hard working people who work and give a effort. Its not fair.

  38. Restaurant workers here in central Ca only receive minimum wage or $2 over max …smh !

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