AMP, Cardano (ADA), & Bitcoin (BTC) Technical Analysis & Price Predictions for 2021!

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0:00 Intro to ADA, AMP, & BTC TA
1:16 Fundamental Bullish News
7:33 ADA Charting Analysis (Entry & Exit Point w/ Price Prediction)
11:02 AMP Technical Indicators (Entry Point)
13:26 AMP Charting Analysis (Exit Point/Price Prediction)
14:31 BTC Technical Indicators (Entry Point)
15:16 BTC Charting Analysis

Cardano Video from July 19th, 2021:

Professor Blockchain is not a licensed financial advisor and is here for entertainment purposes only. Please do not take anything you see or hear on this channel ever as financial advice. Investing in cryptocurrencies at the wrong time can come with serious losses so please always consult your financial advisor before making any new investments.

All of the information found in this video is found publicly available to all on the internet. This information might have been doctored or misrepresented from its original form. This information is not intended to slander harm or defame any of the persons that are ever discussed in our “class”. We’re merely showing what you could find through a Google or DuckDuckGo search of your own of what was said through their social media accounts. We on occasion make errors of our own so please make sure to always verify what Professor Blockchain covers in class for yourself.

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  1. Keystone Crypto University

    Please be aware of the scammer-scum in the comment section below some of whom are going as far as to take our logo. We will never promote any Telegram group chats in the comment section and there are NO guarantees in trading so anyone telling you they have a guaranteed anything is full of BS. Thank you as always to the KCU alum for your loyal and continued support of the channel! 🙏 ✌️

    Edit: Please forgive my dyslexia. I keep it well hidden, but it showed up today in this video when I kept calling ETF's < EFT's, which I'm sure had some of you confused for one reason or another 😆 haha

  2. You have the best hoodies! And combining coins in your videos?! This is so action packed!!! These are 3 of my favorite holdings! Love getting analysis on all 3 in one video! Thank You, Professor!

  3. Chris Rhoads

    Thank you for broadcasting some reality on price perception and what is possible. As always thanks so much for the top notch chart analysis. You are an absolute rock star.

  4. Outstanding as always! I appreciate your time and knowledge. A real voice of reason. KCU rocks.

  5. great stuff cheers bro

  6. Chibueze Ekeh

    Always love seeing you post new videos . Learning so much about technical analysis thank you 🙏🏽

  7. Tony Hawk Pro Staker

    Thank you Professor!

  8. Thanks for clearing up all the fud!

  9. Nicole Jones

    remember the EOS price action leading up to release? ADA reminds me of EOS.

  10. Mark Preston

    Thanks again and I appreciate you talking about the over all picture. I got in crypto in March so I never saw BTC at 10k but I can appreciate how well it is doing even this "low". I am and will continue to buy no matter how low it goes. Thanks man.

  11. Would love to see a chat of you & benjamin cowen .)

  12. Thanks I have investments in all three. Great job.👍👍

  13. Technical analysis and data support does work, while people were selling I was accumulating. I told people the sell off is a coordination from the institution to scare off retail investors and I guess it did work and now their buddies picked up some crypto at a discount.
    So added some while others were selling 😁
    ADA, ALGO, XLM and AMP all added to the portfolio 😁

  14. Patreon idea: show us how to access and use total market charts like I see others use that shows total money moving in and out of the space like the glass node charts and such.

  15. I’d like to be a fly on the wall in one of these banker’s board meetings.

  16. I know it’s not a popular opinion but I’m kinda looking forward to getting a discount

  17. Nice Amp sweatshirt 🔥

  18. Nothing but the Best…..

  19. youre right bro, the crypto space is getting really salty atm. a good bottom indicator 😂

  20. Miami Italiano

    The stock market seems to be recovering today, we'll see how the week closes. I think there is way too much liquidity pumped out by the federal reserve to just remain in people's bank accounts, they will want to invest when prices are low. Also, all these different institutions getting involved in the crypto market while prices are low is a bullish sign. Probably next summer is the peak or late 2022.

  21. Another good video man. It’s been ugly out there, but I’m buying.

  22. João Cardoso

    Wow very nice 🏆.
    Hopefully some developments and news can help crypto make it's reversal. But no pain no gain.

  23. shadowgrapez

    $500 gift cards wow you are very generous! And I heard of Bitcoin ETFs but not and EFT 🤔

  24. Great, informative, no BS to the point content as always. Thank you

  25. What an EFT? Lol

  26. OpenSource Dev

    Panicking ? No.
    Re-buying lower,- Yes.

  27. MustangTown's Muscle Car Time Machine

    Down to earth dude.

  28. Victor Villegas

    that hoodie is fire lol

  29. Thomas Kassner

    Good content…! Thank you and keep up the great job..!

  30. It’s time for cardano blockchain to do something about the stable coin stuff

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