Analisa Harga XRP & BCD Apakah Akan Dump di 2021? – Investasi Cryptocurrency 2021

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cryptoiz tidak pernah meminta biaya apapun untuk edukasi. hati hati penipuan yang mengatasnamakan cryptoiz dan cryptoiz tidak pernah melakukan penggalangan dana atau penitipan investasi dalam bentuk apapun. cryptoiz tidak bertanggung jawab atas penipuan yang mengatasnamakan cryptoiz.

Bitcoin adalah sebuah mata uang baru atau uang elektronik yang diciptakan tahun 2009 lalu oleh seseorang yang menggunakan nama samaran Satoshi Nakamoto.

Bitcoin utamanya digunakan dalam transaksi di internet tanpa menggunakan perantara alias tidak menggunakan jasa bank.

Blockchain adalah sistem penyimpanan data digital berisikan catatan yang terhubung melalui kriptografi. Teknologi blockchain kini telah dimanfaatkan oleh berbagai sektor, salah satunya untuk transaksi mata uang kripto seperti Bitcoin.


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  1. mantap jadi nambah pengetahuan trus tentang bitcoin trimakasih bang

  2. Sekarang sudah tembus hampir 16rb Xrp mantap bngt lah yang hold dr januari

  3. Xrp bsa jd berbalik nanti mana tau mlah dia yg direstui jd mata uang baru dimana bank udh byk yg kerja sama negara" skrg udh adopsi blockchain, klo gt nanti gimana dong ktinggalan kereta…

  4. Lo mah gak tau teknologi xrp. Kenapa sentralisasi. Kalau gak di atur lo mau donatur ke teroris. Bitcoin pun akan
    menuju sentralisasi.

  5. Bisa naik bisa turun..
    Crypto tidak bisa diprediksi
    Kalau rezeky bisa kaya mendadak

  6. Wkwkwk ts nya ga ngerti2 bgt xrp rupanya, mending gw baca2 berita aja walau inggris gw pas pas an, pake analisa teknikal ngasal lagi, wkwkwk ga berlaku teknikal pak

  7. Saya mau trading banyak cuma takut sama appnya takut nakal….untuk agan"berani deposit berapa ya paling banyak…..

  8. Bang req dong jika ada token masuk defi bagaimana kedepannya?, Seperti sekarang da token RLE, mohon penjelasannya bang

  9. Wah gua kejedot dong beli xrp harga 5 ribu😭. Sekarang masih turun malah belinya bnayak pula 😭😭. Hold g ni

  10. njiiirrr emang,.. gw buy trus matiin komputer beres2in kabel2 komputer 10menit tiba2 minus 17jta gara2 Bistamp tiba2 update news nyetop xrp,.. semvak emang wkwkwkkw

  11. Bang knp xrp baru dgugat skrg? Projectnya kan dah 8 taun? Terus knap stlah menggugat s jay malah resign?

  12. Bitcoin isn't volatile…. the dollar is. 1 BTC is still worth 1 BTC
    since its inception. Can we say that about the dollar? $1 from 1913 to
    2020 is worth ~$20 according to an inflation calculator. So, which one
    is really volatile? People need to stop looking at the price through
    the lens of the dollar. Everyone sees the dollar value of Bitcoin but
    don't realize that it's the dollar that is weak against BTC….that's
    why there are huge price swings. People also don't realize that every
    time they sell or buy crypto, they are expanding the current monetary
    money supply. If you know how the current monetary system works, that
    last statement will make perfect sense. If not, it will go over
    heads.I take the risk of lower prices on the short term for granted,
    knowing that the prices will be much higher on the long term. I am not
    taking the risk of not having invested what I could (because I was
    waiting for lower prices) and than not take full advantage of the bull
    run.There is a significant difference between stocks which can be
    based on professional advice held and currencies (cryptocurrency), and
    this is because most of them are hypes and highly speculative. I have
    made over $80,000 in the last two months day trading my BTC which I am
    sure would be a fantasy if I where hodling. I trade with a platform
    that is highly skilled in the cryptocurrency business, I was
    introduced by Mr Eric bishop, I am aiming for higher highs. If you
    have any inquiries, you can reach him on Gmail([email protected]) I am spreading this for those who
    are unable to turn in consitent profit in the crypto market

    I started investing in Cryptocurrency fairly recently. Coming from a
    non-technical background, understanding blockchain and crypto currency
    is a little tricky. So to understand it better I invested USD 1000 and
    started to pay attention to everything related to Cryptocurrency. i
    made 2 BTC real quick in 2018, later lost 1BTC early 2019, i was still
    trying hard to understand the market but everything was new to me
    again (nightmare). I began to read several blog post and following
    YouTube video tutorials to understand how I can make profit but the
    more I try, the more I loose more of my Bitcoin. So not until I found
    a beginners trading post talking about a strategy on how to trade and
    make profit and I contacted the person in charge, Mr bishop he
    explained to me the different ways to make profit in this bearish
    market. I decided to give it a try and I invested 2 BTC of my coin,
    and it quickly rose to 8 BTC towards the end of December 2019,and I
    was convinced it is the best way to make a good profit from Bitcoin.
    If you're still confused about the steps to take this year I urge you
    to contact [email protected] all
    your cryptocurrency questions, strategy and beginners coaching.?

    My best guess is that money pours into crypto during the first 2
    quarters of the year as people get their tax returns and invest in
    projects they like. During this time I expect a significantly rising
    overall "market cap". I think it will cool off some during the summer
    and pick back up around the holidays as families and friends get
    together and reflect on 2020. During this time I believe we'll see
    periods with bitcoin gaining faster than alts, followed by times where
    alts are more profitable. The smart, stress free investor is hedged
    into several crypto projects as opposed to "all in" on one or
    frequently switching back and forth between alts and bitcoin. The
    market will likely remain volatile but I believe with QUALITY cryptos,
    highs will be higher and lows will be higher.Those with patience
    who've only invested money they can afford to lose will likely
    outperform most "traders". I think changing tax laws in first world
    countries will further embolden the HOLD mindset, as (in the US) there
    is a huge benefit to investors holding assets over a year, much higher
    taxes for assets held under a year. I think these changing tax laws
    will also encourage investors to look harder at projects they are
    comfortable Holding for over a year, so some of the pump and dump
    energy will fade. feel free to get in touch with my trusted broker
    [email protected] and he will be sure to provide you every
    necessary info you may need to invest wisely in bitcoin and alt coins

    When I first heard about cryptocurrency I was not interested because
    my mindset was what changes will it bring to the world but when I
    began to carry out some deep research of what it is about I was more
    than interested because the opportunities it presents is very wide and
    can equally make someone wealthy. I read several posts and equally got
    to know about trading and some exchanges that I can equally get this
    done. I started to buy some bitcoin in early 2020 because the market
    outburst in December 2019 was more than enough for me to have a belief
    that yes cryptocurrency is here to stay. I decided to carry out some
    trading without proper knowledge of how to trade or what trading about
    and also I lack proper knowledge of how the market trends go because I
    was thinking that there will always be an upward trend in the market.
    I invested in some coin that eventually ran out of the market in 2019
    it didn't work out the  way I thought it will be, I was so sad i
    wanted to give up on bitcoin I stop trading for some months because of
    the fear of loss, I came across a youtube video May this year where I
    saw some individuals showering praises on this trader Davis Lingard,
    so I contacted him his trading signals are really accurate unlike any
    signals I ever have seen, he ask me some few questions at first making
    sure if I was making profit not losing, I put confident on him I bet
    you his signals are unlike others, he helped me generate my 1BTC into
    5BTC in two weeks and three days I was so amazing because I was tired
    of constant losing of my coins here is his contact via Email
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    inquiries and other insights into trading.

  13. Digibyte boleh di analisa mas.,coin sangat desentralisasi dengan 5 algoritma mining dan fee transfer murah dan cepat

  14. Kang buat true story lu dari lu mulai dari bawah, terus cerita gimana kok lu bisa padai trade😎

  15. Gimana dgn ETH dan LTC …tangapin dong ….kok bad news XRP.👌 Salam profit.