Andrei Vasilevskiy Credits Entire Team For Winning The Conn Smythe Trophy

Watch as Lightning’s Andrei Vasilevskiy speaks to the media about how the whole team deserves credit for him winning the Conn Smythe Trophy.


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  1. Dan Wilkerson

    Big Cat awesome

  2. Average Josh

    It was basically him and Point

  3. Al14stroy Al14stroy

    Прекрасный спортсмен! При таких результатах, такая скромность…..не то что мохнатая, бородатая тёлка с голым торсом и пивком

  4. Dude just entered Hasek Roy Brodeur territory… and he's only 26!! Damn… and they've got Franchise players up front & on D with Hedman! Just Wow!!!

  5. This team could even 3 peat.

  6. DTodosMo2 con el Viejoocu

    Your the best Vasy!!!

  7. Lennox Lewis

    the big blue BLIMP

  8. Thomas Jackson

    Best goalie in the world hands down. Consistent beyond compare and his bounce back games are always brilliant. We are lucky to have this guy in town for the foreseeable future – always a great time at Amalie Arena.

  9. Конфетки от Судоплатова

    Куч лучший голеадор – Василевский лучший сэйвер!♠️🤬🤣💸😹🤑👻😜

  10. Sunny Sebastian

    Wow, he's a quarter of his size without his over sized equipment!

  11. antonio kofoed

    We love you vasi !!!!!! You're amazing ! Best goalie I've seen in two decades!

  12. Russians call him Big Cat Vasiliy. Cause he is catching pucks as a hungry cat is catching mice. Congrats Andrei! You deserve it!

  13. Oh I got the Conn Smythe?

  14. This dude is going to the HOF and will be top 5 greatest net-minders in history when he’s done. Truly remarkable! Coming from a wings fan too. I picked Tampa to repeat 90% because of him, and 10% because of depth!

  15. MrJohnnyDistortion

    This English has improved.

  16. Farhad Ahmed

    Gg man

  17. Legends has it, Fleurys parents called their son Andrew based on the name of the best goalie ever – Andrei

  18. javier book shadows contributor du

    160th comment

  19. Конрад Михельсон

    Не пьёт. Терпит.

  20. Сергей

    не че не понял!

  21. Рафик Бикбаев

    Шо говорит нечерта не понятно.

  22. He's already unbelievably good, the best in the world; yet with all that humility, he'll get even better. His next level is just scary!
    And…. Football's coming home, it's coming!!!

  23. Агафон Хабибуллин

    Вратарь в хоккее 50% команды, Андрей ты 80% 👍👍👍, этот кубок благодаря тебе игроки Тампы выиграли👏👏👏👏👏👏

  24. He sounds like he’s about to cry every sentence. But I love the man, so humble.

  25. My Indigo Blues

    What a sweet guy. Congratulations!

  26. Trust The Process 369

    This is what makes hockey players so special to root for. This guy is so humble and an incredible human being. Go bolts!

  27. Vasy is polite

  28. Joel El Rican #ChampaBay

    The Big Cat!!!

  29. Bass 'n Kitties

    Best goalie since Hasek.

  30. Alex Arsenault

    why this guy doesnt won the vezina this year i dont get it help me someone

  31. Forget about being one of the best goalies in the league. He is one of the greatest goalies ever

  32. Best in the world

  33. Michael Plummer

    As a Habs fan and Price fan…I love Vasy! The humility!!! Class! Much deserved !

  34. Evan Shirley

    He is such a great and humble guy

  35. I feel like Vasi doesn’t like to be complimented, which has to be awkward considering that, being the best goalie in the world, he’s gonna get complimented a lot! But every time he gets complimented, his posture changes. He lowers his head, tightens his crossed arms, grits his teeth, it’s gotta be rough being that good while being so meek and humble.

  36. So he's not a 400lb guy? Wow, he looks like a sumo wrestler on the ice…

  37. Mark Stamatovski

    Drafted bye Stevie Y

  38. Love me a Scotsman

    Love you Russian boys. Stay in Tampa.

  39. Xavier Dubé

    The complete opposite of Kucherov's interview ffs

  40. The Crazy Canadian


  41. Τhank the NHL also for supporting you with ref calling shots.

  42. Сергей Новиков

    Андрюха лучший!!!!Мы тобой гордимся!!!

  43. Florida Girl R


  44. Rhonda Schneider

    Well, at least he is wearing a shirt!! Not like that idiot Nikita. And he has CLASS – not like that IDIOT Nikita!

  45. As a habs fan, I respect him so much! I like him as much as Price. Well done!

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