Announcing Tutorial Series: Deploy an Opensource Crypto Exchange for Trading BTC | ETH | ERC20

Welcome to MobiDAX step by step tutorial series teaching you how to:

►Deploy a Centralized Cryptocurrency Trading Exchange Using Opensource Software in Mainnet for Trading BTC | ETH | ERC20◄

IMPORTANT: We use GitLab Community Edition. To gain access to the repos we show during the tutorial, request access to public project here:

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In this video series we show you how to deploy such an ‘Exchange’ and cover the following topics:

Video 1: Change Baseapp Logo and Colors
Video 2: Provision Vault KMS + Cloud SQL
Video 3: Provisioning VM’s with Docker Swarm
Video 4: Clone OpenDAX
Video 5: Mainnet node deployment for BTC & ETH
Video 6: Sendgrid and Twillio configuration
Video 7: Deploy all components
Video 8: Hide Admin Panel behind VPN
Video 9: Hummingbot install and config + Outro

With this deployment, you can expect to have a B2C, commercially capable software deployed on your AWS account. Dual layer accounting and microservice infrastructure coupled with cloud providers’ and blockchain native security features, you get started with a comprehensive set of software ready to support real user trading activity, deposit and withdrawals.

Complete Admin Suite to administer the platform, perform KYC, add new currencies, tokens, create new market pairs, set fees, control deposits, withdrawals and a lot more.

Email confirmation, phone number verification, 2 factor authentication (2FA) and your end user has access to their wallet(s) with access to an advanced trading panel with your company logo.

Just a few years ago, you were looking at a hefty budget to deploy a similar crypto trading platform. Thanks to the advancement of opensource software and teams dedicated to the advancement of such projects, today you can deploy a junior-Binance-like trading platform by investing a weekend of your time and we show you how. With LOVE for Opensource!

Stay tuned for our weekly videos and live webinars discussing Trading/Brokerage Platform Software, FinTech, Blockchain, Opensource, Peatio, Barong, OpenDAX and other relevant topics.

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