Are you trading Bitcoin using your Forex brokerage? #tradingbitcoin

Are you trading Bitcoin using your Forex brokerage?

I have noticed the greater popularity for traders to trade Bitcoin using their forex accounts. This got me thinking and goodness there is some variance in the spreads between brokers. Here I share some of my analysis of the spreads.

You can find out more regarding the accounts mentioned on this site

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  1. Davinder Panesar

    Spreads are quite big! However it trends quite well and is volitile so makes up for the poor spread.

  2. Giggidygiggidy12

    I don't recognize any of these brokers??? Based on the US who is the cheapest?

  3. Gettem Rollin

    I use ByBit and trade BTC perpetual contracts which charges no fees, you get paid 0.075% for orders places from the book and charged 0.025% for market buys. so as long as all trades are placed on the book you get paid both ways.

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