Australia cruise to victory in season-opening ODI | Australia v India 2021

Darcie Brown set the tone with 4-33 before Australia’s top three ensured it would be the perfect start to the 2021-22 summer, recording a nine-wicket win over India in the first ODI.

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  1. Shame on newzeland England and Australia 😡😡😡😡😡😡

  2. Healy's shot is very beautiful 😍❤and sad to miss haynes's century.😪💔

  3. No way India could win after scoring at snail's pace in middle overs… Besides, the bowling lacked venom, as one of the commentators mentioned. Many freebies were also offered.

  4. SUYASH Patil

    When was indian womens team won an seires they have not won a single series in home and away since 1 and half year
    Some of women's team players very good in leagues like hundred and big bash but not in international cricket

  5. SUYASH Patil

    Indian women's team will get whitewashed by this aussies if they play test in odis and t20s

  6. Hahaha 😂😂😂 maja a gya mara kam ghasita zyada well-done aus women

  7. rrinterwin broadband pvt co.

    bad perfomance by india.

  8. sumit mishra

    Pathetic bowling…lot of improvement required

  9. Did the Aussies invest in its Women Cricket quite early or what? Because oh boy, those ladies in yellow appeared to be in a different league of their own. But then even Ind's batting depth was seen here.
    Hopefully our side puts more performance as openers, fielders & pace bowlers. I felt like more shortballs & juicy half volleys were given away.

  10. Indian women team have declined over years. Lost to southafrica England and now australia

  11. It's MEE!🕴️

    Ind (w)always a loosing side…evrytime I watch thm playing.😁

  12. Kashinath Pokhrel

    U can't make any difference between men and women skill and batting in australian team!!
    They are level ahead in batting that class shot ..

  13. Indian cricket players Not fit

  14. shiv kishore

    Looks like Starc and Healy will be at the nets all day 😂

  15. Nice good

  16. ✌😷☕

  17. Love u from India 🇮🇳❤️

  18. Mithali playing Red ball cricket here.

  19. You would have thought somewhere in her first 30 runs the Indian women would have realised they need to stop bowling on Healey's pads. Every shot was to the exact same ball and served up the same result.

  20. Indian women team need a excellent bowling coach..

  21. I have one question, if anyone knows pls answer, why cricket isn’t played in winter in Aus?

  22. Ashish Kumar

    Since one year, this team has not been able to set score of 250+.. This is the reason they lost home series to SA. Now, they are struggling here..

  23. veerasuthen Thangarajah

    Imagine mithali playing for aus

  24. Royal challenger banglore

    Women cricket. What a fun🤣😝😜.

  25. Umer Bin shabir

    Healy playing like watson

  26. Ok

  27. AMTR

  28. Trains and Sports Australia

    Richa Ghosh and Jhulan Goswami should be a little higher up in the order with that batting performance.

  29. Gaming TV By Senshi

    India women team is playing like the men's team team these days 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  30. Two8 Motivation { Krish Bhreegu }

    I always try to copy virat kohli batting technique.. Just look at once.. 😎 Duplicate Virat kohli..

  31. Mithali just played like Dhoni with out rotating strike, not able to take singles and eating up all deliveries which made other batsman to take risk eventually got out

  32. Congratulations 👏

  33. noor mohammad

    One sided match

  34. Balle Gujjar

    Enko bolo khana banaye time se mardo ke liye kiya cricket khelngi

  35. siddharth khanduri

    Need to give youngsters a chance ! Scoring 60 of 100 balls will barely win u match in todays time! Its high time that smbdy like smriti shud lead team!
    Shefali Verma
    Richa ghosh shud bat at top 5 for Indians ! Jai Hind

  36. It's Babar's Era

    Healy is Like Aaron Finch in Female Version ♥

  37. Tushar Kumar

    I think Indian women's team had to show more temprament at the field.

  38. Watch from 4:30

  39. 11 odi world cups aise hi nahi pada hai Australia main …ab excuses mat dena koi ….best is best …no one is close to sir don bradman no one is close to 11 odi world cups …men or women both are lethal

  40. Satyapriya Swain

    Jay Jagannath❤️🙏

  41. Prafulla Tapas

    Australia women's 2-1 win

  42. Ankit Sharma


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