Australia v Brazil – Women's International Friendly – Extended Highlights

The Matildas took on Brazil in their second of two international friendlies against them. The match took place at McDonald Jones Stadium in Newcastle, Australia …


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  1. I love s kerr

  2. Wow

  3. Buring Bolgrim tv

    Wow how much beutyfull women's and experience player thank you so much for you watching video from Garo hills in Meghalaya

  4. 2ɓ ɠαɱε૨


  5. brazil bad losers ……mighty Matildas….

  6. Hy

  7. Hy

  8. Aishik Ghosh

    My. football is 🇧🇷 and 🇮🇹

  9. Jonty kalita


  10. Jonty kalita


  11. I love it Australia all the way

  12. viaductdreams

    And to think I was convinced that Canadian commentators were the very worst in football. Some good Aussie footie though.

  13. Luke collins

    I love sam kerr highlights but watching extended women's football does seem a bit like children playing

  14. Ahmed Hassan

    Sam Kerr 👍👍👍👍

  15. 9:28 that "air flip" explained her superiority…

  16. Australia v Brazil – Women's International Friendly,, Keer

  17. Torikul Torikul

    যেহেতু অস্ট্রেলিয়া বাংলাদেশের কাছে ড্র করে সেহেতু বাংলাদেশ বোর্ড এর উচিত ব্রাজিল আর্জেন্টিনার মত দলের সাথে বাংলাদেশ কে খেলানো।

  18. Leonardo Santos

    Hermosa tods la mujerez de australia

  19. WretchedDrummeR

    Wow, Brazil not shaking hands. Bad look.
    Great job Australia.

  20. Very very interesting

  21. mdibrahim sikder

    Absulately exciting match

  22. hoàng ngọc

    Australia đá hay phết

  23. ແສງ ຈັນ


  24. Ador Hossain

    They kill my heart!!

  25. Zulkiflie Bin Jaffar. ZulkiflieJaffar

    Australia Woman Soccer Team is Superb….From Singapore…

  26. Miss Legit_Tran

    Brazillian behaviour is so bad in the end

  27. بغداد.ارض.الجوادين.


  28. Zahangir Alom

    ব্রাজিল মেয়েদের কোন চেহেরার কাটিং নাই, যেন পুরুষমুখো দেখতে আর নিগ্রদের মত অথচ অস্ট্রেলিয়ার মেয়েরা চমৎকার


    Australian girl all cute

  30. anirban samanta

    No coordination in between the Brazilian defenders & goalkeeper. Pathetic to see Brazilian football in this stage. First Australian goal is just awesome. Congratulations to Australia.

  31. SB tv hafez Arafat

    Nice 👍🙂

  32. Rishan Pyngrope

    Nice ball brazil🇧🇷,, I'm to indian 🇮🇳,, meghalaya state

  33. Mudassar Ahmed

    They are playing better than Indian man's team

  34. Ubaid Ullah Afzaal

    Wow, what a match😍

  35. Legend marta love marta

  36. My … favourite …Brasil….

  37. Cesario Ximenes

    Tampilan terbaik

  38. We are like playing with little sisters,we can beat Brazil any time.

  39. Alfredo Bianco

    Kerr is the Best😍


    They play better than our national team.
    Rip Bangladeshi team

  41. puran sharma bhutan

    Brazil plz keep moving forward

  42. The brazilians refuse to even shake hands after the end of the game if u see it clearly…thats pretty sad and unsporting, OMG brazil female player behavior..

  43. Xavier Juvinal Ferreira

    Austrália forsa

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