B. Simone Justifies "Stealing Content" & Not Giving Credit – Summer Walker Exposes BF London Again!

B. Simone Justifies “Stealing Content” & Not Giving Credit – Summer Walker Exposes BF London Again! B. Simone took to her Instagram saying people need to be more humble and stop asking for credit all the time.

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  1. BlackTeaBlog

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  2. That girl is trash!!!!

  3. Royals Dynasty

    She has no talent but stealing. How is she relevant and why?

  4. Kennedy Dandridge

    AGAIN !!!?????

  5. Mysstical Goddess

    Hes her handler thats why she keeps going back

  6. Tayvion Ahmad

    YES I WANT MY CREDIT IF U GETTING ALL THE MONETARY VALUE FOR SOMETHING I MADE (that’s what she doesn’t want to address tho)

  7. It’s giving NARCISSIST.

  8. Judione Marshall

    First and foremost b Simone leave God out of your stealing mess, bible says thou shalt not steal, he does not agree with you on this.

  9. As for B Samone I agree & disagree( inspired by a word is one thing but taking a book is another thing💯 . As for Summer Walker I wish the best for her baby,her & all of her loved ones🙏🏼🌺🙏🏼

  10. This is what happens when the people make the wrong chick A MILLIONAIRE! Its the entitlement for me.

  11. Corinne Cunningham

    B. Simone is disgusting period. She's just a thief…we just want her to go awaaaaaaayyyyyy!!!!!!

  12. Don't blame your THEFT on God… He doesn't play that…

  13. “Allegedly” 😂😂 I love when she squeeze that in

  14. Estrellitawilliams

    So God is using others as a vessel so she can get paid? Bitch bye

  15. So we all know B Simone’s role during the group Projects 😂

  16. I'd like to see Bobblehead Simone try to say the same shit for university 😂

  17. And to think I was rooting for her. She’s losing it at this point. I hope she gets checked

  18. If she said credit one more time. She’s a vessel for nonsense. If she really did that, then she’s a thief. Did she really bring up God? She funny…👀

  19. I hate it when she drags God into her mess ! She seemingly forget that "Thou shall not steal " .She is a huge narcissist .She so annoying 🥴

  20. LMAO B Simome made that manifestation book right?

  21. Meice Always

    Don try to throw god in there girl! God would want u to credit them people for THEIR WORK!!

  22. Aliece Turner

    You could have kept the Summer Walker comments

  23. Pamela Marcelin

    B Simone is crazy! She acts like she can't get sued for stealing ppl content

  24. Taylor Darden

    Learn to be original and credit will be an issue

  25. London Carris

    if someone started saying ✨babygurl✨ she would ask for credit

  26. Toya Alta Abstract

    Why do folks use God as a excuse?? This is why I’m not religious but, spiritual! The most evil use God as a excuse or for control, all the wrong reasons! I’ve never been a fan or this B Simone, why is she here??😮💁🏽‍♀️💁🏽‍♀️💁🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  27. Taylor Darden

    Imma have to smack Miss B. Simone….using u as a vessel??? Karma gon get u babygirl😘

  28. Tina Bina Southwest

    Imitation is not the best form of flattery.. ya just a thief🤦🏾‍♀️

  29. Snoww Stormz

    B act like she 26 but talk like she grandma of 8 who been through it all lol

  30. Aliece Turner

    If someone used her name on some lip gloss or said baby girl in everything she would want that credit and her voice is so annoying she sounds great on mute

  31. Smh I give up on B Simone. This girl really forgot where she came from. The AUDACITY for a “creator” to tell other creators that they shouldn’t be asking for credit. Like they should just be glad someone else is profiting off of their hard work. A “good person” would WANT to give others their credit. They shouldn’t have to be asked to give someone credit. That should be automatic. It’s 2021, it’s so easy to find the original content creator if people bother to look. If you can’t or don’t want to look, it’s so easy to post something with a caption “tag the creator if you know them”. If someone stole her stuff I guarantee you she won’t say “well I’m a vessel” 🙄 she would be on the phone with her lawyers ready to sue. She needs to stop using God as an excuse and start talking to God so she can get herself together.

  32. This potato headed bird raises my blood pressure every time she opens her mouth.

  33. Ashley The Rare Gem

    I believe the point B was making is that being a good person and having the inner-standing that you are not going to receive credit for all of your works that's why gratitude is important, and this is true. And another thing that is true that she said, We are not the creators of nothing new, everything has been thought of and about. your human vessel is just receiving the spiritual download from GOD.

  34. Joi Williams

    B.Simone has always not been funny and now just annoying

  35. Marlene Glam world

    You do you and stop trying too use people and I really like her

  36. What is wrong with b Simone why does she keep doing this shit??

  37. B them eyebrows its crazy how make up turn you to a whole different person lol . i love my beautiful face only make up i need is eyeliner lol

  38. Eric Fernandez

    Bird Simone just needs to log off

  39. WoW!!!! This is sad!!! B Simone would have a different attitude if someone was making money off of her!!! 😂😂😂 disgraceful!!!

  40. Bum-Simone

  41. citygurl0105

    That was a form of gaslighting but ok…

  42. Amarachi Umanah

    I never liked her

  43. Darlene Nicholson

    B should not had used GOD AS THE EXAMPLE
    Plagiarism is scanned and okay citing. I was typing when you spoke. See the other day I could not hear it

  44. Kenan Canton

    Good story black tea much love from the moon & back.

  45. Kenan Canton

    As for summer she needed get herself in check cuz the way she carrying herself and raising her child she's going to fall this is not the way of lifting up black women

  46. B Simone needs to do some inner work for this

  47. tothosethatwander

    B simone BUGGIN lol

  48. Bye B Simone . I’m screaming lmao

  49. Kenan Canton

    Bsimone still running off her mouth and stealing content she need to take a backseat and keep it hushed.

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